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Nitric Oxide Vasodilator supplement to increase muscles?

by Georgia Ede
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What is Nitric Oxide?

Also known as nitrogen oxide or nitrogen monoxide, it is a very important gaseous compound for our body due to the series of functions it performs and the benefits it provides.

And among its other proven benefits are the ability to lower cholesterol , improve the circulatory system ; preventing us from cardiovascular diseases. It also contributes to post-exercise recovery , helping the body to repair itself. In addition, it releases growth hormone and reduces levels of body fat, so it can help us lose weight.

After various studies motivated by the belief that a deficiency of nitric oxide was present with the appearance of different diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and ulcers, in addition to increasing the chances of suffering from myocardial infarction, it was discovered that nitric oxide was produced in our body through the synthesis of arginine , an essential amino acid consumed by many athletes and which is also used to increase immune function.

Once this is explained, we must know that when we purchase a nitric oxide supplement, in reality the active compound of the product is arginine , which will cause nitric oxide to be synthesized in our body, but it is not directly nitric oxide.

How does nitric oxide work?

To explain it in a simple way, we can say that nitric oxide is responsible for making the compartments larger or opening so that the blood circulates at a higher speed, increasing muscle vasodilation at the cellular level, achieving a greater volume of blood and greater oxygenation of the cells. That is why it is used as a treatment for different diseases of cardiovascular origin.

We can say that nitric oxide makes the blood flow faster through our bloodstream, making it renew and oxygenate better and provide more nutrients to our body.

What are its benefits?

Increases blood flow to all vital organs which contributes to better nutrient delivery and optimal health. It also prevents cardiovascular diseases due to the better blood supply. It improves brain function and prevents congenital diseases, also as we have indicated previously, it improves the distribution of nutrients and vitamins within the body.

It reduces cholesterol levels and arterial plaque, making our arteries healthier and dilated, thus helping to regulate blood pressure .

In addition, it  increases muscle performance during exercise, and helps clean muscle cavities of waste, which translates into greater and faster post-exercise muscle recovery , also favoring the expansion of muscle fiber .

And it encourages the capacity for muscle growth since it contributes to the transport of growth hormone, and also its effects and the muscle mass gained do not disappear when you stop consuming it, as happens with other supplements or hormones.

It also increases cardiovascular resistance , so it is not only indicated in strength athletes, but also in those who wish to increase their resistance.

Who is nitric oxide suitable for?

While it is true this product has been widely used in recent decades by high-performance athletes in various disciplines as a nutritional supplement aimed at performance during exercise, but in recent years it has become very popular due to the increase in people who decide to take carrying out a healthy lifestyle based on fitness that has established it as a great supplement for athletes due to its main benefits that we have highlighted above, so we can conclude that it can be consumed by anyone.

If you want to know other supplements that can help you in the performance of the body for exercise, we recommend that you read this entry about the types of protein shakes  to help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Side effects and contraindications

As we have indicated previously, the main compound that we will acquire as a supplement or food supplement to obtain a greater synthesis of nitric oxide is arginine , so the side effects are those that this compound can produce, and by extension those produced by the greater nitric oxide concentration in our body.

Therefore, it should be noted that its prolonged consumption can cause headaches, stomach upset, nausea, diarrhea, tachycardia, dizziness, insomnia, inflammation of the respiratory tract, etc.

If you suffer from low blood pressure, it is best not to ingest it, since various studies indicate, as we mentioned earlier, that its prolonged consumption induces a drop in blood pressure.

Side effects of both arginine and creatine have been attributed in patients with kidney disorders, but after numerous studies they have concluded that there is no scientific evidence that they can in the correct functioning of either the liver or the kidneys, so it should be noted that, if you do not suffer from previous diseases, the consumption of these supplements does not produce side effects.

Successful combinations of nitric oxide and creatine

Many bodybuilders consider creatine the ideal complement to nitric oxide, to improve sports performance since nitric oxide molecules increase the flow of oxygen as well as the speed at which the blood transports nutrients to the muscle cells; for its part, creatine increases the production of adenosine triphosphate , that is, the main source of energy used by muscles for physical activity, therefore the increase in the main source of energy and blood flow allows stronger workouts and prolonged , which also increases resistance.

How to take it and for how long?

Actually there is no correct dose, the best thing to do is to carry out tests with small doses to check the tolerance of the organism, until we notice some minor side effect, then we will lower the dose a little.

It is advisable not to prolong its consumption beyond 3 months , since it is not advisable to maintain vasodilation for long periods of time as it can cause problems related to low blood pressure.

Myths about nitric acid

In addition to all the known benefits, it had other qualities focused on virility , there were those who defended this benefit, such as those who were total detractors, however several studies have determined that it is a vital compound for male erection, but its presence does not alter or the size or predisposition to erection.

Our recommendation from TakeDiets.com is that when we consume any type of food supplement we must put ourselves in the hands of our doctor to perform control tests to avoid any significant alteration that may damage our health.

You can also help yourself with the best natural protein shakes to increase exercise performance.

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