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Diet to gain weight fast and increase muscle mass

by Georgia Ede
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Gaining weight is sometimes not an easy task

This diet is designed for those people who look too thin and want to increase their weight , muscle mass, etc. The fact of gaining weight is related to the amount of calories that are ingested and those that are consumed with daily activity.

Taking into account that caloric expenditure takes into account any activity of the body, such as sleeping, not only the physical activity that we perform as such.

Generally people think that gaining weight is easy, but for those who need it, sometimes it is as difficult for them as those who want to lose weight.

In addition, we must aim for a weight gain that is healthy for our body, not putting our health at risk or consuming foods rich in calories devoid of
nutrients, such as sweets, fats, etc.

This diet is made with a medium calorie surplus , which you must adjust according to your caloric expenditure, related to the physical activity you do. But do not try to gain weight suddenly, it is better to do it progressively by adjusting the caloric intake little by little.

Get fat in a healthy way

If what you need is to gain weight, then we offer you the necessary guidelines to carry it out in the healthiest way. Since, you must consider that it is not interesting to gain weight eating junk food, or food that is not healthy.

The fact of gaining weight is better in a healthy way since you gain weight, muscle but not necessarily fat.

The idea is very clear, to gain weight you need to eat more calories than you consume. So you can start with a diet of approximately 2000 kcal and increase to a daily maximum of 2500 kcal.

If you are gaining 500 grams a week, it is enough, it is not necessary to do it faster, since it is not healthy. It is the same as when we lose weight, sudden changes are not healthy and therefore, it is better to do it in a staggered, gradual way, so that it does not have consequences on our health.

You must bear in mind that eating healthy food can gain weight in a healthy and balanced way. It is not advisable that you eat foods with a high fat content, or precooked foods rich in sugars, etc.

People who want to gain weight and are determined to do so quickly, without controlling the food they eat and the nutrients they provide; They tend to make the mistake of putting their health at risk, especially in the cardiovascular aspect.

Since the increase in fats and sugars cause cholesterol to accumulate in the arteries and we can have circulation problems.

Guidelines to gain weight in a healthy way

  • Eat 6 meals a day , with a snack if you feel like it between meals .
  • You should not eliminate any type of food, you can enjoy all of them in your measure, always taking into account those foods that provide you with the greatest amount of nutrients.
  • You should increase the consumption of carbohydrates in the afternoon and evening, so that your body reserves part of them, in the form of energy. You should also consume protein to help muscle development. We advise you to eat blue fish, which, in addition to its contribution of proteins of animal origin with a high nutritional level, provide you with healthy fats of the Omega 3 and 6 type, which are very beneficial for your health. It also incorporates proteins of plant origin, such as legumes, combined with carbohydrates for proper muscle development. You can see the best plant-based proteins and their benefits  here.
  • Between meals, you can eat nuts that contain healthy fats and increase the caloric load that you are contributing to your body.
  • A good idea is to have a snort or snack before going to sleep. Generally, by reducing physical activity in the afternoon and at night, this extra caloric that our body does not consume will be the one that makes us gain weight progressively and healthily.

Foods to eat to increase muscle mass

Here are some of the foods that will help you increase your muscle mass in a healthy way, remember that you should eat varied, correctly combining the food groups , without eliminating any type of food or abusing others, since we are interested in gaining weight healthy way to increase muscle mass, not increase body fat.

Among the most important foods we can find the following:

  • Eggs : although before it was believed that their use in excess can increase cholesterol, we can say that eggs are very healthy and that by monitoring their consumption, they are ideal for increasing muscle mass and defining it since they provide us with proteins of high biological value and nutritional . If you have cholesterol problems, consume only the whites since the fat is in the yolk while the white is totally free of fats, being only proteins.
  • Spinach and other green leafy vegetables : due to their high glutamine content, they are essential for the development of lean muscles, this amino acid also helps maintain muscle tone and increases resistance, which is why it will be an essential food to improve your performance in training.
  • Dairy : although we must always choose low-fat dairy, dairy provides us with quality nutrients to build muscle mass.
  • Lean meat : It can be white or red meat, although we should always prefer lean meats, that is, the parts with less fat content.
  • The nuts : they are a great partner because we provide essential amino acids for proper muscle development and fat that we can provide is healthy. Remember that they are a main source of energy and also provide us with trace elements.
  • Tuna : it is also one of the foods most consumed to increase muscle mass because it is metabolized very well and its source is almost exclusively protein.
  • Legumes : Legumes in general, among which we highlight soybeans, lentils and chickpeas, are ideal for providing proteins of vegetable origin to our organism since they do not provide us with fats and thus we balance the consumption of proteins of vegetable and animal origin.
  • Carbohydrates : We must not forget about this very important group of nutrients since they provide us with the necessary energy for our body, and in fact a greater efficiency of the assimilation of proteins with a correct combination of carbohydrates has been demonstrated. In the following link we leave you more information about this nutritional group, carbohydrates .
  • Oats : it is one of the cereals most consumed by those who want to develop their muscles, if you want to know more about it click here .

To increase muscle mass, what type of exercise should I do?

  • We must eat a diet rich in carbohydrates , although they should always be medium chain, preferably, since they are healthier and do not produce glucose peaks.
  • The physical activity you do is also of considerable importance, preferably do not abandon your activity to gain weight, it is preferable that you continue doing sports and increase your caloric intake without reducing the level of physical activity. Of course, it is very important that the exercise you do is not aerobic as this leads to greater wear and tear and greater calorie burning.
  • It is preferable that you do sports with a higher load and few repetitions, exercises for bodybuilding, strength and resistance, rather than aerobic exercise. This will help you gain muscle mass.

For muscle development you can try the best natural protein shakes and add them to your diet, these shakes will help you develop your muscles in a healthy and natural way.

You can consult with your doctor a supplement such as creatine to help build muscle. You can also consume gels, or sports drinks with carbohydrates to help you.

If you are interested in other nutritional supplements that can help you develop muscles and improve your sports training, you can find out in the following post about nutritional supplements and sports .

Diet menu to gain weight

Below we offer you the indicative menu of the diet to gain weight .

You can vary it to your liking always including foods from all the nutritional groups, abundant carbohydrates and proteins above all, without neglecting carbohydrates or fats, everything in its proper measure is important.

Coffee with milk, natural orange juice, two toasts with butter and jam and fresh cheese with quince paste.
A bun with York ham and a piece of fruit.
A vegetable salad and a grilled chicken breast with mashed potatoes. A Greek yogurt.
Mid afternoon
Some cookies and a coffee with milk.
Dinner and puff
Sautéed rice with vegetables and grilled beef accompanied by a two-egg French omelette. A fruit salad. We’ll snort a cup of milk with some cookies.


A bowl of muesli or cereals with fruit accompanied by Greek yogurt, an orange juice, a few slices of turkey ham and gouda cheese. Infusion or coffee to accompany some cookies.
A dairy dessert (custard, flan, yogurt).
A complete salad accompanied by a plate of pasta carbonara or Bolognese. A piece of fruit.
Mid afternoon
A bowl of fruit with Greek yogurt.
Dinner and puff
Baked fish accompanied by vegetable cream with potato and carrot. Some toast of rye bread and cream cheese with raisins. A fruit salad. Snort a cup of milk with some cookies.


Coffee with milk, two toasts of bread with butter and York ham, a few pieces of semi-cured cheese. And a yogurt with fruit.
A bowl of seasonal fruit.
A pasta salad accompanied by a fillet of beef with French fries and steamed vegetables. A dairy dessert.
Mid afternoon
A sandwich with ham and cheese.
Dinner and puff
A spinach omelette accompanied by curried chicken served with white rice. A piece of fruit. Snort a bowl of fruit with Greek yogurt.


These menus of three different days are so that you can prepare different ones, adapting them and modifying them to your liking, they are a guiding idea so that you can see how a menu can be adapted to your needs.

You can also consult on our website the best shakes to gain weight in a healthy way , with numerous recipes that you will love. You cannot miss them.

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