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Types of protein shakes, which one to choose?

by Georgia Ede
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Protein Shake Classes Which one to choose?

Probably if you are reading this post that we have lovingly prepared for you with the sole purpose of helping you, it is because you have decided to start taking a protein supplement in the form of a shake but you do not know which one to choose, you need information and want us to help you perform a wise choice. Don’t worry, keep reading, I also went through this phase so I have decided to help others.

In this article we are going to try to analyze the different types of protein shakes that the market offers us to determine their advantages and disadvantages and to be able to choose the one that best suits us or suits our situation. But before this analysis I would like to try to answer some questions that perhaps you would like to know or that you have already asked yourself along the way.

Let’s go there!

What is a protein shake good for?

Proteins are nutrients of great biological importance, they are the main nutrient for the formation of muscles and soft tissues in the body.

Protein supplements in the form of shakes are commonly used to achieve either of these two goals; (1) To lose weight and lose weight and  (2) To regain muscles and increase muscle tone.

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When should we have a protein shake?

The best time to take a protein shake will obviously depend on the objective we are pursuing, for example if we are interested in promoting weight loss , protein shakes are usually consumed at meal times as a replacement for the meal itself. These shakes contain a high protein content and are low in carbohydrates and fat, so we will surely lose weight.

Proteins have become fashionable as an essential nutrient in weight loss diets and for this reason protein diets such as the dukan diet , the protein diet , the new atkins diet ,  or the  pronokal diet , etc. have proliferated .

On the other hand, if the objective we intend is to improve our sports performance , protect, regenerate and recover our muscles or increase their size, the best time to take a protein shake will be, without any doubt, just immediately after exercise or training, Well, at that moment is when the body will make the most of these nutrients, since the absorption will be greater than at any other time of the day, thus fulfilling the maximum with the objective of recovering and regenerating the muscles that we have worked during exercise.

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If, on the other hand, you want to improve sports performance, keep reading because we are going to start analyzing what type of proteins are the most interesting.

The most common kinds of protein shakes

In principle, in the field of sports, we have to talk about whey proteins , also known by their term in English as ” WHEY ” proteins . This type of protein has the highest composition of essential amino acids and the highest biological quality. Within this class of whey proteins there are 3 important subtypes that we are going to differentiate:

HYDROLYZED : They contain a very pure amount of proteins around 90-95%, they are the most expensive on the market but also the highest quality available, in which lactose (milk sugar) and fat are eliminated . On the contrary, it provides us with less nutrients.

  • ISOLATED – ISOLATED : In this type of protein part of the decomposition chain is already broken, that is, it is pre-digested proteins , their assimilation and absorption is much faster than concentrated ones. It is a fairly pure type of protein, most of the concentrates on the market contain hardly any carbohydrates and sugars .
  • CONCENTRATED : It is a less pure variety of proteins than the previous ones, for this reason they are also cheaper , but they also contain more nutrients and are more tasty , and of course they are totally effective . It is perhaps the most marketed presentation due to its low cost as they are of good quality at a more affordable price. They usually contain lactose so people with lactose intolerance should take it into account.

At some point in this analysis, you may wonder if it is good to drink protein shakes or not? And we would like to inform you that protein shakes are an additional food supplement that seeks to supplement or supplement our diet, we should not be scared by taking these products because it is not doping, they are not anabolic and are not harmful to our health as many people may think, just keep in mind that EVERYTHING IN EXCESS IS BAD , even the best !

– At this point and evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of these types of protein shakes, we would choose to choose in the first place the concentrated ones or better a middle ground between concentrated and isolated because there are also quite pure concentrates on the market that come close To those of the isolated type and contain a very reduced amount of lactose and fat, if there are no other added problems such as lactose intolerance, the latter could be the best option.

Other types of protein shakes

In order to offer you as much information as possible and given that the nutrition market is constantly evolving, we are also going to analyze below other types of protein shakes that you can have:


Among the vegetarian proteins, although it is not very well accepted by all due to its lower biological value, is soy protein . This protein source can offer quite good results for some people, especially those who want to go on a vegan diet . In addition, soy can help some people lower triglycerides due to its isoflavone content.

There are also other vegetarian-type shakes that combine soy, pea and rice .


It is a type of specific protein whose function is that it is digested and metabolized more slowly , for this reason its most common use is at night , it does not seem to us the best option applied to the world of sports, but it is another option that we must have Take into account as some studies affirm that when taken at night the body remains in an anabolic state throughout the night, being able to use this protein to repair and nourish the muscles.


This is not a specific type of protein, but is based on a combination of moderate and fast-absorbing proteins with carbohydrates and also other supplements to promote rapid recovery such as glutamine (amino acid that helps to recover), arginine ( favors the dilation of blood vessels to facilitate a faster supply of nutrients to the muscles), creatine (increases performance during activity) or BCAA (3 amino acids that help repair and muscle growth).

These are the main presentations of protein shakes on the market, although not the only ones since new alternatives are constantly proliferating ( hemp , meat protein isolate , etc …).

From now on, it will come into play to assess whether the choice is made for the credibility of the brand, that is, to choose a brand of recognized prestige in the field of nutrition or to bet on a brand that is a little cheaper.

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