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HEALTHY Low Calorie Breakfasts for Weight Loss

by Georgia Ede
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How should a healthy breakfast be?

First, breakfast should be one of the most important and highest calorie meals of the day .

For this reason, when we talk about healthy breakfasts, those that people usually make, motivated by the morning rush, are not worth it. Quick breakfasts, not even time to sit down, are a complete mistake. This attitude to breakfast must change.

We can have a leisurely breakfast in 15 minutes, without haste and eating properly. But another option is to have breakfast throughout the morning, slowly.

This change in attitude is vital to improve our lifestyle by making it healthier so that our state of health improves, as a consequence of this, if we lay a good nutritional foundation ; we will notice changes in the body and among them we can see how the body is more efficient, performs correctly and this leads us to lose weight and make correct use of the body’s energy sources.

A breakfast must be complete. It must consist of three well differentiated parts, three macronutrients that must be present in our breakfast to a greater or lesser extent. One is carbohydrates , another is proteins , and finally fats . Each one in its proper measure.

In addition, the choice of healthy foods will lead us to an optimal recharge of vitamins and minerals necessary for our body.

How many calories should breakfast provide us?

Depending on our caloric expenditure, we must adapt our calorie intake , balancing the balance between the calories we eat and those we burn with our daily exercise. Therefore, we must look at the total daily calories that we need, in order to determine the caloric weight of breakfast. We can establish the following values ​​as a general guideline:

  • If you are on a 1800 calorie diet, breakfast should be around 450 calories .
  • If you are on a 1500 calorie diet, breakfast should provide us with 375 calories .
  • If you consume 2000 calories in your daily diet , breakfast should be around 550 calories .

What foods should you have for breakfast?

The nutritional recommendations refer to the fact that a breakfast should contain a part of cereals, fruit and a dairy. To provide the necessary energy to the body.

A very common mistake we make at breakfast is consuming too much sugar. Cookies, pastries, cocoa powder, jams, etc., contain many sugars, which if we consume fruits and cereals, they already provide us with enough amounts. So try not to consume them, or balance the sugars in your diet, so that you do not consume them in excess.

We must bet on the fruit , whole or in natural juices or compote without adding sugar. They provide us with sugars, but not refined ones, vitamins and minerals. The fruit gives us fiber , which is so important for a good development of digestion, thus avoiding gastrointestinal or stomach problems such as constipation or gas.

We will also need the necessary energy to carry out daily activity, this will be provided by cereals . If possible we will opt for whole grains .

If possible we will eat unsweetened cereals, natural cereals such as oat flakes or unsweetened corn. Since industrial cereals provide us with more simple than complex carbohydrates, and above all more simple sugars that do not interest us because they provide us with a greater number of calories.

The management of complex carbohydrates is slower, which gives us a feeling of satiety for longer. This prevents snacking in the morning until lunchtime.

If we opt for natural whole grains we will benefit from their high fiber content that helps us to regulate the digestive tract, in addition to providing us with all the benefits of cereals, which if they are refined would not provide us with it, since part of the nutrients remain in the cereal refining process.

The milk is better be semi – skimmed, to reduce fat intake. They provide us with calcium and vitamins of group B.

We can choose to consume fats of vegetable origin , which provide us with energy and are healthy, as is the case with avocado or nuts.

If we consume plant-based milk, we must add some animal protein to our breakfast , such as eggs, or egg whites, a little cheese, salmon, ham or tuna to provide some animal protein.

Not always but from time to time, we must turn to proteins and try to balance the consumption of proteins of animal and vegetable origin so that it is as even as possible.

We know that protein of animal origin provides perhaps a little more fat, for this we will choose the lean parts of meat or fish.

We can also accompany breakfasts with other drinks such as herbal teas, coffees or natural fruit smoothies made with skimmed milk or mainly vegetable milks.

Here we leave you the best herbal teas to lose weight .

What are the best options for breakfast?

Here are some examples of the best options for breakfast with some of its most positive effects on our body.

Breakfasts that you can adapt to your tastes and combine to your liking. We hope you like them, take note!

  • Oat flakes with yogurt accompanied by berries or pieces of fruit and a juice or infusion. It is an energizing breakfast that gives us everything we need to face the morning. Oats are very beneficial for health as you can see here .
  • Toasted rye bread with avocado and fresh cheese creaming, accompanied by coffee, tea or fresh juice. Avocado is a very healthy vegetable fat that protects us cardiovascularly and is also delicious.
  • Salmon rolls with low-fat spread cheese accompanied by a piece of fruit or juice and an infusion or coffee with milk. Salmon provides us with omega 3 and 6 that are very beneficial for the body.
  • Whole wheat bread sandwich with turkey , apple and cheese, an alternative that mixes sweet and salty flavors and gives us everything we need to face our day to day. Accompanied by an infusion or coffee.
  • Oat flakes with milk accompanied by a piece of fruit or a natural juice. They provide us with all the benefits of oats and whole grains.
  • Tuna sandwich made with whole wheat bread, cucumber, lettuce and tomato accompanied by coffee or smoothie.
  • Vegetable rolls to your liking, with wholemeal pancakes, accompanied by coffee, tea, juice or smoothie. They can contain crab, turkey or ham sticks, you can accompany them with a hard-boiled egg as well.
  • Oat pancakes accompanied by a piece of fruit and a coffee with milk or infusion. Oat pancakes are made with natural oatmeal, egg whites, and milk.
  • Avocado toast accompanied by a fruit smoothie, a hard-boiled egg and an infusion.
  • Yogurt with cereals and fruit accompanied by an infusion or a coffee with milk.
  • Salty oat pancakes , stuffed with whatever you like salty the most. They are a good combination together with an infusion or a natural juice.
  • Toasts with avocado and tomato accompanied by a natural juice.
  • Salmon sandwich , with seed bread and a natural juice.
  • If you are going to face a tough morning you can opt for a roll with chicken breast and a natural juice.
  • You can opt for an omelette with two egg whites and a yolk accompanied by ham or fresh cheese and a piece of fruit or some salad, if it is to your liking. A coffee or tea and a dairy.
  • Another option is to combine the best foods in the same shot and one of the alternatives is this, an omelette with oats and spinach , which gives us everything we need to face a day to day full of energy.
  • If you want to face a day with energy you can make healthy energy bars yourself , we do not advise you to make use of those that are sold prepared since they contain high amounts of sugar, but if you make them yourself you can make a healthy breakfast by combining it with a natural juice , a coffee, etc. To make them you can choose the best cereals, buckwheat, oats, spelled, or quinoa, for example.

You have many options to choose from and combine making a complete and healthy breakfast. You can always consume a piece of fruit or a healthy smoothie in the middle of the morning to keep the metabolism active and fill us up a bit before lunch.

Healthy cookies?

The subject of cookies is something that leaves much to be desired, as you have seen in none of these breakfasts, cookies appear, and that is that there are no healthy cookies on the market ; practically. The one that does not contain palm oil contains high levels of other unhealthy fats (butter, lard), the one that does not exceed the sugar content , etc.

For all these reasons we have not included any healthy breakfast with cookies, but we must emphasize that if the cookies are made yourself with quality natural ingredients, they can be a very healthy breakfast complement.

Breakfast with oatmeal to recharge energy and slim the abdomen

Making your own breakfast can be a very important change in your nutritional habits, dedicating time to relaxation and enjoying breakfast will make you perform more throughout the day.

For this reason we advise that breakfasts be as nutritious and natural as possible, since they will provide us with the necessary energy to face the day, for this you can choose to include oatmeal in your breakfasts.

If you are interested in slimming the abdomen, you can incorporate fruits such as papaya that help burn the fat stored in the abdomen. If you want more information about papaya, click here.

Eating a healthy and balanced breakfast translates into a good, complete functioning of the body.

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