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Hybrid diet for athletes, what does it consist of?

by Georgia Ede
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If you do not exercise at all, this is not your diet, but if you do sports, the hybrid diet can be your ally. It is an eating plan created for bodybuilding athletes that is based on cycles of definition and cycles of discharge; that is, periods of high carbohydrate consumption and periods based on protein and fat with little carbohydrate intake.

If you are looking for a fad diet in effective bodybuilding, keep reading because everything has its explanation.

It is not a restricted diet but rather a manual with which to learn to combine what we eat with the physical sports activity that we carry out throughout the day. Here we explain how it works and what is its name.

What is the hybrid diet?

The hybrid diet is an eating plan that emerged from the hands of different personal trainers in the US and although it did not have a defined name, they used the premises of the paleo diet for athletes or the low-carb diet , or intermittent fasting combining them with physical exercise adjusted to the premises of the diets; But if it is true that all of them have something in common, the restriction of carbohydrates prior to training and during it so that the body burns more calories from the fats accumulated in the body.

In Spain it began to be known as a hybrid diet by the hand of Raúl Carrasco, when he presented a book with the guidelines of this diet,  Hybrid Power .

After all, this diet is designed for those who want to lose weight or take care of their image, as well as for those who want to take care of their diet making it more effective for their training.

What is the hybrid diet?

Its author defines the diet as the best diet for bodybuilders, since he is and has great knowledge about training and the most effective diet to achieve a more productive training . It is a food system based on a game between a hypercaloric and hypocaloric diet in stages during the day.

As the author of Hybrid power explains , in other times bodybuilding athletes carried out an annual plan that played with two different plans: the definition plan and the volume plan , then this period was reduced to a month and then by weeks. For this they distinguish between periods of volume and discharge by cycles of carbohydrates on a weekly basis that creates less damage to health and is more bearable than in long periods.

According to him, he mistrusts the law of thermodynamics applied to nutrition and food since other factors intervene, especially hormonal ones applied to nutrition and the sport of bodybuilding.

Hybrid diet nutrition plan

His plan is as follows: in the morning we prepare the body for fat loss , using proteins and fats to feed ourselves and after training we eat proteins and carbohydrates without generating a caloric deficiency. This means that the caloric restriction period occurs in the morning before training only, which is quite bearable, since it is a short period.

If we distribute the carbohydrates throughout the day (approx 400 gr) and do not prepare the hormonal environment in the morning aimed at weight loss, we will not lose weight, while if we prepare the environment by not consuming more than 15 gr of carbohydrates in the tomorrow we will not be able to stimulate insulin production .

In this way, we will ensure that insulin sensitivity is very high and we will correctly assimilate the first carbohydrate shake that we will take after training.

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To follow the guidelines of the hybrid diet well, it is not necessary to eliminate carbohydrates in the morning, but to consume the minimum amount that does not awaken the production of insulin. We can have an avocado, or 30 grams of cooked rice, or two pancakes, etc.

What do we get by not consuming carbohydrates in the morning?

As we have already said, we do not stimulate insulin production , so we burn more fat for energy and we also get growth hormone to predominate throughout the morning. Because if when you wake up you have a high growth hormone peak and you consume carbohydrates, you will be able to cut that growth hormone peak and you become more resistant to insulin.

To achieve high growth hormone peaks, it is advisable to do cycles of intense cardio exercise, thus we will be able to increase the growth hormone peak and continue to burn calories for longer.

What do we do with the fats?

We should not consume more than 15 or 20 grams at each meal, always adjusting to the amount that our body requires to perform its physiological tasks normally, since it deals with muscle regeneration and many other functions.

Fat is necessary but in the right measure and always preferring healthy fats of vegetable origin. We must combine fats with proteins , if possible of high biological value.

When to consume carbohydrates in the hybrid diet?

After the training we will look for a fast carbohydrate to rebuild ourselves in the style of maltodextrin , (if you still do not know it, click on it to find out) or dextrose, etc. and after an hour we ingest 700 grams of raw potato, cooked, or another carbohydrate to our choice and two hours later 400 gr cooked rice or a piece of fruit to choose.

That is, we will have a definition diet . The 400 grams of carbohydrates that in another diet we would distribute throughout the day here we will do it in the post training.

The dinner always without carbohydrates . A light dinner mainly protein .

This pattern is typical of a definition diet that manages to create an anabolic environment that allows us to preserve the muscles. Consuming that amount of carbohydrates does not create fat, because there is a deficiency and a high sensitivity to insulin has been created since the morning.

Why is the hybrid diet for bodybuilding carried out?

First of all because of its incredible results , and secondly because it is more comfortable and bearable than other cycle systems, since even if you go hungry in the morning, it comforts you to think that after training you will be able to regain strength.

Because it has been shown that the law of thermodynamics is less important applied to nutrition than the hormonal factors involved in nutrition and that is why its effects are much better for sports nutrition.

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It is important that before doing any diet you choose the one that best suits the discipline or type of exercise you do.

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