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What would the IDEAL DIET be like for a Runner?

by Georgia Ede
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If you are a runner, you must take care of your diet

As we have spoken in numerous posts, food is something essential that must be taken care of to guarantee a correct state of health, even more so when we carry out sports activities that require a correct administration of nutrients to our organism so that it develops functional activity in a way correct.

A correct diet guarantees us a better muscular preparation since our muscles need energy to exercise them, energy that we offer them through the food we eat.

To develop any type of activity our body needs energy and we mainly provide it with carbohydrates and fats, these two macronutrients are the main source of energy in our body, although we must not forget that proteins are an essential part of a correct and balanced diet, even more so when we talk about people who do physical exercise since they are involved in muscle development.  If you want more information about the food groups, click here . 

What should a runner eat?

The diet must be balanced, we must guarantee our body all the macronutrients by carrying out a diet rich in carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.

The body requires a correct balance between the macronutrients that for a runner must be distributed as follows:

Carbohydrates 40% , proteins 35% , healthy fats 25% of the caloric intake of our diet, guaranteeing the necessary vitamins and minerals and also taking care of the hydration of the organism. Much importance is given in the diet of a runner to the consumption of polyunsaturated fatty acids such as omega 3, which guarantee proper maintenance of cellular structures.

This type of diet is basically the structure of a balanced diet, but it is important to distribute the nutrients correctly before, during and after workouts. It is important that the diet is oriented towards exercise but that we also dose sports practice correctly to achieve a correct muscle recovery after exercise, respecting rest periods.

  • If you want to know what to eat before, during and after exercise, you can find out in depth here .

What should you eat to run better?

We must bear in mind that diet is an important aspect to take into account to improve athletic performance, but not only that will make you run better. Adapting diet to exercise is one more part of the recommendations.

Really, a balanced diet based on healthy foods will improve your sports performance, as well as benefit your health. You must bear in mind that your body needs nutrients to develop correctly in their proper proportion, so you must include in your diet foods such as fruits, vegetables, cereals (better if they are whole), rice, pasta, tubers, vegetables, meat, Fish and healthy fats of vegetable origin if possible, without forgetting legumes.

It is important that you take into account the following recommendations :

Consume foods rich in carbohydrates 1 to 2 hours before physical activity, make sure they are easy to digest foods, which provide us with fast-absorbing simple sugars so that the body has energy quickly.

Currently, there is a trend to train on an empty stomach to lose weight or there are even those who claim that it improves performance, you can learn in depth in this post about training on an empty stomach to lose weight . In any case, we must try to establish the objectives that lead us to do this type of test, that is, if what you want is to lose weight ; light or moderate exercise without breakfast will help you empty your fat stores, which will contribute to weight loss; But if this is not your goal, it is more advisable to train having ingested the nutrients that your body needs to perform the activity.

If the training is of high intensity, we advise you to avoid training in the mornings on an empty stomach: the ideal is to consume some fast-absorbing food such as bread, natural juices or cereals, some dairy or something that our body digests well, it fills us with energy and allow us quality training.

Within the first two hours after exercise you must replenish the nutritional needs of the body for it to be. Here you should consume around 1 to 1.5 g of carbohydrates per kg weight. You can include sports drinks, yogurt, fruits or a granola bar, cereals or accompany it with a piece of fruit.

Normally at the end of sports activity we do not feel hungry, rather the body needs to rehydrate, so the feeling is more of thirst. For this we recommend that you make use of remineralizing or isotonic drinks that recover your functional state.

The body rehydrates and achieves cell and muscle repair , which is very interesting to ensure a correct replacement of muscle glycogen, and also prevents us from possible injuries.

It is advisable that two to four hours after exercise you eat a strong meal, and rest to ensure proper nutritional replacement. This will allow everything to develop correctly. You should go testing what foods feel better after exercise.

You must plan your diet to give the body what it needs and is in full muscle shape to be able to do physical activity more comfortably without overexposing it to risks such as ketosis processes, or any nutritional deficit.

Sports supplements in running

It is very common, and the use of nutritional supplements for any athlete is spreading more and more quickly , although it is true, before only muscle-building athletes used this type of products, but more and more products designed for women are coming out. different nutritional needs of different sports specialties.

In other words, the research and study of the metabolic behavior of our body during the practice of exercise reveals data that helps us to improve physical performance during sports activity, and also ensures that the damage caused by physical activity recover more quickly.

There are many products that help us improve performance, and although we always recommend doing it through natural products, with food, it would be useless not to also take advantage of the development and study of this field to improve our performance and get better brands. For this reason, we are going to leave a link to the best products to improve sports performance , as well as those nutritional supplements that improve nutritional replacement.

Protein shakes to improve running performance

You can make use of protein shakes to repair the muscles and prepare them for exercise, here we offer you all the information you should know to choose the type of shake that best suits you .

We also offer you the possibility of making your own natural shakes to achieve the same effects in a healthy, healthy and economical way.

The best sports supplements for runners

There are many nutritional supplements for athletes but we must know how to choose which one best suits our needs. Although it seems incredible there are natural products such as coffee that can help us improve sports performance, we leave you here the information on the use of caffeine as a sports supplement .

Other products designed to improve athletic performance are:

  • Maltodextrin is a simple sugar that helps us improve sports performance that provides energy, widely used among cyclists and runners. Here you have all the information about it.
  • CLA is an essential fatty acid that is used to lose weight avoiding catabolism (loss of muscle mass). Athletes use it to increase muscle toning, but it is generally used as a fat burner to lose weight. If you want more information about this compound, here is everything you need to know.
  • L-glutamine ; It is a non-essential amino acid that helps increase muscle mass and also contributes to muscle recovery. In the sports world it is considered an essential complement for the correct development of intensity physical activities since it ensures rapid muscle recovery after sports practice, which avoids possible injuries and reduces weakness. If you want to know all its properties click here .
  • BCAA is a trio of branched chain amino acids widely used by athletes because it achieves an increase in muscle mass, as well as a quick muscle recovery, and a correct maintenance of muscle tissue. In this post you have all the information about its use in sport.
  • Nitric Oxide : This supplement makes us shorten muscle recovery times , in addition, as it is a vasodilator, it increases blood flow and therefore improves muscle capacity and performance because it increases cardiovascular endurance. If you want to know all its benefits, we advise you to read this post where you will have all the valuable information about this product.

If you are a super athlete and you also practice cycling, you may be interested …  how a cyclist’s diet should be .

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