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Plum Shock Diet, version 1 and 3 days

by Georgia Ede
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The Plum, our friend to lose weight

Plum is beneficial and recommended for constipation problems as a laxative, for anemia, diarrhea, cough, bronchitis, skin, eyesight, teeth and bones. In addition, the plum is a good antioxidant fruit and facilitates good digestion, its properties are very beneficial for health, and they also provide us with few calories .

Next we are going to explain in detail the properties of this fruit and how it can help you lose weight . We will offer you different shock systems so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Remember that the consumption of fruit in the diet is very important and that it is vitally important to include at least 3 servings of fruit a day .

Also remember that it is better to consume it naturally, without peeling if possible, since it gives us more fiber. You can make juices and smoothies but it is recommended to consume them in full to benefit from all its nutrients.

  • The substitution of pieces of fruit for industrial juices is not recommended, since these provide us with a large amount of sugars.

What do plums bring us and what are their health benefits?

Plums mainly provide us with vitamin C , with a high antioxidant power and which also strengthens our immune system.

Its contribution of vitamin K ensures a full state of health of our bones, as well as proper blood clotting, helping to improve our cardiovascular health .

Its high fiber content improves digestion and helps to properly eliminate toxins and waste substances from the body. It has a high content of iron , which is why it is used to correct states of anemia. If this is your case, you may be interested in the diet for anemia .

Its high potassium content is very interesting for the proper functioning of the nervous system, as well as for muscle recovery. In addition, plum is used as a mild laxative due to its content of sorbitol , a sugar present in some fruits that helps promote regularity to go to the bathroom and reduces symptoms of constipation .

It also has cholesterol-lowering properties , and helps women retain estrogen during menopause, as well as reduces blood clotting and is used to treat high blood pressure .

It also provides us with few calories , which is why it is very interesting in diets and weight loss systems. If you want to check the calories that fruits provide us, here is a list with the main fruits and their caloric intake.

Recommendations for crash diet

  • Avoid eating processed, precooked, high-fat foods, sauces, and condiments that add calories to our diet.
  • Bet on consuming more fruits and vegetables.
  • The meat and fish that you consume that are always lean parts that do not provide us with large amounts of fat.
  • Bet on healthy products, low-fat skimmed dairy products.
  • Try to eat carbohydrates in the main daily meals, never in the evening.
  • The recommended oil for a day is 2 tablespoons.
  • It is very important to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day to achieve a correct water level that helps us drain the body and cleanse it of toxins, as well as ensure proper functioning of the body.

Remember that crash diets are ideal for those who get tired of dieting or do not have enough will to carry them out for a long time, since the combination with a more balanced diet helps us make a little effort during the day of shock.

How to go on a crash diet?

We must bear in mind that crash diets have a main function, which is to compensate for excess calories , hence their name.

They are fast, motivational diets, but they are not the most advisable to carry on a long-term basis, in fact it is totally contraindicated because it could cause damage to our body due to its low caloric intake.

That is why we offer you these three alternatives to carry out a crash diet:

  • Shock prior to an excess : When we know that we are going to exceed a specific day, the day before we can follow a shock day to compensate for the caloric excess that we are going to have the next day.
  • Post excess shock or weekly compensation : We can carry out the shock of a day to compensate weekly caloric intake.
  • 3 days of shock for a rapid loss : This system produces a rapid weight loss and that motivates us when it comes to having a more balanced diet to lose weight, we can use the shock system as a motivating element before doing a weight loss diet . We can also use this resource at a time when we stagnate in losing weight with a balanced diet, to again promote weight loss to help us move forward. It is not recommended to carry it out for more than 3 consecutive days , we must take a break of at least a few weeks; as they can cause damage to our body.

Crash diets work very well if they are used for what they are intended, but should not be used as a regular or long-term diet.

Plum crash menu

A coffee with skimmed milk and two biscuits with two skimmed cheeses.
An Apple.
To choose between chicken, turkey, rabbit or white fish. 3 or 4 plums. An infusion.
Mid afternoon
Macedonia of a plum, an apple and a skimmed yogurt.
French omelette with two whites and one yolk. 3 or 4 plums.


Approximate nutritional analysis :

1,161 Kcal; Carbohydrates: 49%, Proteins: 19%, Lipids: 32%, Fiber: 16.9 gr.

You can try other systems crash like the crash of watermelon , the clash of grapefruit or shock fish .

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