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TLC diet, a change in lifestyle

by Georgia Ede
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The TLC diet responds to the acronym Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes , in English; translated into Spanish, it would be something like therapeutic lifestyle changes.

It is a balanced and healthy diet, whose main objective is to reduce blood cholesterol and drastically reduce the chances of suffering from cardiovascular disease, reducing the fat in the abdomen considerably, as well as localized fat.

It is based on three clear premises : (1) Food, (2) physical exercise and (3) weight control .

What does this method consist of?

It suggests a substantial change in the way you eat, not so much in the amounts of food but in the way you cook it.

  • The consumption of saturated fats from foods such as butter, non-skim dairy and high-fat animal products is eliminated . We can eat foods of animal origin, the lean parts or without fat.
  • We must limit the consumption of red meats, seafood, cheeses (especially highly cured ones), sauces and creams, etc. due to their high cholesterol content.
  • We will limit the intake of unsaturated fats, which should not exceed 30% of the total calories ingested daily.
  • It is not advisable to consume precooked or processed foods, due to their high content of fat, saturated fat and trans fat.
  • You should drink two liters of water a day . Infusions and sweetened teas are allowed but not already prepared.
  • The consumption of soft drinks, sugary drinks or packaged teas is not allowed due to their high sugar content.
  • We will have to practice physical exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, although it is distributed throughout the day although it is preferable that it be at once, since the body will begin to burn fat.
  • We should base our diet on fruits and vegetables , whole grains, low-fat dairy, foods high in fiber, fish, chicken and turkey without skin, and lean meats.
  • We will not consume anything with a high fat content , neither fried products, nor battered, precooked, nor frozen foods (except for raw foods, only deep-frozen, such as vegetables).
  • Although they do not limit calories, we must adapt the calories we eat according to the physical activity we perform daily.
  • We will have 3 strong meals a day and two snacks . Dinner will be lighter, but breakfast and lunch should be the main meals of the day.

Why is the TLC diet so good?

  • It is a balanced diet, which meets the needs of our body, from a nutritional point of view.
  • It is an especially good plan to treat heart diseases and also has very positive effects on a preventive level.
  • It is a safe diet , which although it does not produce rapid weight loss, it does produce an effective elimination of fats and a healthy weight loss maintained over time, without a rebound effect .
  • It is a type of diet that can become a permanent eating plan , you do not have any risk to maintain it over time.

Who is the TLC diet recommended for?

This diet is specially designed to reduce cholesterol , and to prevent possible heart disease caused by excess cholesterol in our arteries.

But, this does not mean that other types of people can carry out this diet, and given its benefits, anyone could carry it out.

It has also been proven that it helps us lose weight in a sustained way, with a healthy and balanced diet that provides us with the necessary nutrients for our body.

Below we offer you an indicative menu for one day with the TLC diet, which you can modify to your liking, meeting the criteria of the diet.

Orientative diet menu

Orange juice a coffee and whole wheat toast with a cold turkey or ham.
A piece of seasonal fruit.
Salad of lettuce, cucumber, radishes, tomato, onion, etc. dressed with a vinaigrette and grilled chicken fillet. For dessert a kiwi.
Mid afternoon
A 0% MG yogurt with apple.
Spinach or asparagus omelette and a piece of fruit.

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