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Nectarine Shock Diet to lose weight fast

by Georgia Ede
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Nectarine shock, three options to lose weight fast

The Nectarine , a great ally to lose weight and maintain our line. The Nectarine, which is similar to the peach, comes from the crossing of the peach and the plum. Although it has more sugar than peaches, it also contains more water and fiber.

Nectarine is a very convenient fruit to consume, since it only needs to be washed, and we can eat the skin, where we find a large amount of fiber. It is a fruit with a delicious flavor and crunchy texture. Is a fancy eating fresh fruit either alone or cut into macedonia , as it provides a delicious contrast to other fruits.

It is a fruit that occurs in spring and summer and provides us with many benefits for our health and has very few calories , approximately 64 calories per 100 mg, depending on how ripe it is. If you want to know what else this fruit gives us and how it can help you lose weight. Keep reading because it will surprise you.

What does nectarine give us?

This fruit of the peach family, which is born as a result of the grafting of the peach with the plum, combines the best benefits of these two fruits.

  • Vitamins : Its high content in carotenes or precursors of vitamin A and vitamin C, both powerful antioxidants that take care of the good condition of our hair, nails, teeth and bones. As well as visual health. In addition, foods rich in vitamin A make us keep the immune system in good condition.
  • Minerals : Mainly potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron. Its high potassium content regulates our basal metabolism, thus helping weight loss. If you still do not know what basal metabolism is and how it affects our diet, we recommend that you read the link to be able to detect possible problems that contribute to slow weight loss. In addition, the high potassium content helps us control fluid retention .
  • Fiber : Its high fiber content helps us purify the body of toxins and get rid of waste substances.

How do you do a crash diet?

We must bear in mind that crash diets have a main function, which is to compensate for excess calories, hence their name. They are fast, motivational diets, but they are not the most advisable to carry on a long-term basis, in fact it is totally contraindicated because it could cause damage to our body due to its low caloric intake.

There are several ways to perform crash diets, below we are going to explain some of them so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs according to your characteristics. Well, crash diets work very well if they are used for what they are intended, but they should not be used as a regular or long-term diet.

We are going to present three options to carry out the nectarine crash diet, which you can do with the daily menu that we offer you later.

  • The first option is the following: After a caloric excess, such as events, days in which you eat more, excesses, vacations. We will carry out a shock day with the daily nectarine menu to compensate for the excesses. We will do this as long as we are within our ideal weight and there have not been many days of excesses or weight gain. This is what we call a caloric compensation shock.
  • The second option of the crash diet is to do it in combination with a 1500 calorie base diet  and do two alternate crashes , or even three. These types of crash diets are safer and more effective, since during the base diet we provide the optimal caloric amount to our body without putting it at risk and the shocks help us to offset the caloric intake and lose weight quickly.

In this case, crash diets serve us for example when we carry out a long-term diet and we stagnate and do not lose weight; something very common when you carry out balanced diets and you don’t have much weight left to lose. Since as time goes by it becomes more expensive to lose weight.

Therefore, it is highly advisable to change your diet to introduce a motivating change that helps us to continue losing weight, and this is a way to do it in a healthy way.

  • The third and last option is the strictest , and may be more harmful, in some cases to our health. This diet is designed as a motivating attack plan for a longer lasting diet. Those people who need to lose weight , and generally abandon diets for not achieving their goals, can rely on diets of this type that motivate them.

Motivation is carried out by following the daily crash diet menu for three consecutive days , never more than these three days because we can put our health at risk. Once these three days have elapsed, we will carry out a 1200 calorie or 1500 calorie diet doing two crashes a week , always on alternate days. This system allows us to lose weight quickly . We can repeat the system for a couple of weeks to achieve rapid weight loss.

Remember that crash diets are ideal for those who get tired of dieting or do not have enough will to carry them out for a long time, since the combination with a more balanced diet helps us make a little effort during the day of shock.

Recommendations for crash diet

  • Avoid eating processed, precooked, high-fat foods, sauces, and condiments that add calories to our diet.
  • Bet on consuming more fruits and vegetables.
  • The meat and fish that you consume that are always lean parts that do not provide us with large amounts of fat.
  • Bet on healthy products, low-fat skimmed dairy products.
  • Try to eat carbohydrates in the main daily meals, never in the evening.
  • The recommended oil for a day is 2 tablespoons.
  • It is very important to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day to achieve a correct water level that helps us drain the body and cleanse it of toxins, as well as ensure proper functioning of the body.

Nectarine shock diet menu

Coffee with skim milk and 2 wholemeal ham or turkey cold cuts.
 A bowl of strawberries.
 A grilled chicken breast + 2 nectarines + an infusion.
Mid afternoon
 A slice of watermelon + a skimmed bifidus yogurt.
 Grilled white fish, oven or steam + 2 nectarines.


Approximate nutritional analysis:

1300 Kcal. Carbohydrates: 52%, Proteins: 25%, Lipids: 24%, Fiber: 30 g.

  • With regard to white fish, you can choose the one you like the most. To find out which fish are considered white or blue, you can read the following article  Fish in the diet .

You can try other diets such as the grapefruit diet , which offers different options for you to choose the one that best suits you, or the asparagus crash diet that helps you purify your body.

If you want to lose weight by cleaning your body, we recommend the lemon diet, a fad diet with which you will benefit from all the properties of lemon.

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