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What is wheatgrass and what is it used for?

by Georgia Ede
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Its consumption has nothing to do with wheat as such, which we are used to consuming, wheat grass is harvested just at the time of greatest nutritional concentration , before gleaning, that is, it is like a sprout.

It is considered a superfood for its high mineral concentration and nutritional quality that provides the body with great properties.

It is used as an alkalizing agent , but it has also been proven to improve the condition of the skin by providing it with hydration and elasticity, helping to combat certain allergies and other health problems related to digestion and metabolism.

Below we explain all its health benefits, how to take it to take advantage of all its properties and what risks its consumption has.

Wheatgrass, a natural alkalizer

Known in English as wheatgrass, this herb is obtained from the wheat plant; it is a source of nutrients that are easily assimilated and digested. It mainly provides us with vitamins and minerals , given its high concentration it can be a nutritional solution for those who do not consume vegetables, thus achieving a more balanced nutritional contribution.

Just one tablespoon with about 3 grams of wheatgrass is said to contain more vitamins and minerals than 50 grams of spinach. So it can be a good nutritional supplement in these cases.

What does wheat grass give us?

Mainly vitamins and minerals, the most notable of which are calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium; all of them alkalizing , for this reason wheatgrass helps to restore the Ph , and to counteract the acids that are provided by processed products that do not benefit our bodily health at all. Wheat grass helps us to strengthen the immune system and protect us against different diseases.

Its high content of vitamins, mainly group B, vitamin C and E, make it have a detoxifying power that we will talk about in the health benefits, it also provides us with essential omega acids.

It provides us with a large amount of vitamin C and A mainly, so it has a very powerful antioxidant effect that prevents us from premature cell aging . Therefore, it improves the health of the skin, and also favors tanning.

It is an energizer of the most potenentes and also able to increase the resistance exercise training as it helps regenerate red blood cells, increasing muscle oxygenation, managing to reduce muscle fatigue.

Its high content of essential amino acids provides the body with an ability to synthesize proteins that helps us repair and build muscle tissue, this being highly valued by athletes as it reduces muscle recovery time after intense physical exercise. that has caused us muscle fatigue.

It also provides us with essential enzymes such as protease, amylase and lipase that help us to promote faster and less expensive digestions, as well as to break down fat, which can be of great help if we want to lose weight .

Nutritional compositionNutritional values
Energy per 100gr250 kcal
Fats7 gr
Of which saturated0,5 gr
Carbohydrates4,9 gr
. of which sugars4,6 gr
Protein33 gr
Dietary fiber34 gr
Vitamin A427 IU
Vitamin B56 mg
Football430 mg
Magnesium170 mg
Potassium3800 mg

Health benefits of consuming wheatgrass

As we have indicated, it is a powerful energizer and antioxidant , which gives us multiple benefits in our health; from a skin with a cared, hydrated, young, shiny and more elastic appearance to being used as a treatment for various diseases such as hyperuricemia (gout attacks), anemia, arthritis, etc.

It helps us to strengthen the immune system, reducing recovery times and preventing certain diseases. It also provides us with cytochrome oxidase , an enzyme that acts as an antioxidant.

It has detoxifying properties , due to its content in vitamins of group B, vitamin C and E that fight against the action of free radicals neutralizing their degenerative action, and helping the body to transport and eliminate toxins as soon as possible so that they do not generate no harm to the body.

It is known that it is able to cleanse and oxygenate the blood, as well as increase the amount of red blood cells, detoxify the liver and kidneys, as well as the gastrointestinal tract, fighting diseases related to it, such as constipation, etc.

Its contribution in chlorophyll is very high, which is why it stands out for being an intense green color, this gives it energizing properties, as well as oxygenating. It is said that it is capable of improving blood oxygenation , achieving greater muscle performance.

It has antibacterial properties that prevent the growth of certain bacteria such as candida.

It helps us against problems of halitosis (bad breath) and dental caries.

It helps to reduce blood sugar levels and blood pressure, improving blood circulation, preventing the appearance of varicose veins, etc.

It improves the condition of the skin and regulates the production of oil , fights acne and gives the skin a good appearance due to its hydration and antioxidant and repairing action.

Wheat grass for weight loss

As we have indicated previously, wheatgrass can help you lose weight , in the case of this herb, its high content in different enzymes capable of breaking down fats make wheatgrass one of the main supplements used for the loss of fat. weight .

It provides us with enzymes such as lipase , which plays an important role in the breakdown of fats , facilitating digestion; protease that deals with the digestion of proteins favoring less complicated digestions, in addition to its alkalizing action , it reduces stomach acids that can cause different digestive diseases.

It is always important to emphasize that a natural product that can help you lose weight does not work miracles, this must always be accompanied by proper nutrition and nutrition that favors a good development of the basic functions of the body.

Taking into account its properties we can combine it with another superfood rich in fiber to be able to nutritionally complete our body and facilitate the task of losing weight, taking advantage of its properties capable of breaking down fat to be eliminated more easily by our body.

How to take wheatgrass and in what dosage?

We found powdered wheatgrass , which provides us with the 17 essential amino acids , and all the nutrients, in this way it is very easy to incorporate into your diet since we find it in freeze-dried wheatgrass powder. Simply mix it in water, juice, tea or yogurt.

A tablespoon provides us with about 1 gr of protein and a multitude of vitamins and minerals as well as phytonutrients that we have indicated above.

It is important to note that it is convenient to consume it on an empty stomach , or wait about an hour after having eaten, since it does not combine well with certain foods and we may notice that it makes us feel worse; For this reason, we recommend taking it just before breakfast, thus avoiding problems.

There is also the possibility of buying wheat seeds and germinating them, that is, having our own wheat grass crop and consuming it fresh by adding it to a smoothie or juice.

The dose depends on the manufacturer’s instructions, but a tablespoon (between 3 and 4 grams daily approximately) in a single dose is usually enough, although we can consume more if we tolerate it well.

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