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Glucomannan for Weight Loss What you should KNOW!

by Georgia Ede
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What is it and what is it for?

Glucomannan is one of the main components of Konjac root , nutritionally we can say that it is a type of soluble fiber , it is a polysaccharide formed by different molecules of glucose and mannose.

Also known as konjac gum, it is the fiber with the highest water retention capacity known. That is, it retains a lot of water, it has been shown that only one gram of glucomannan is capable of absorbing 200 ml of water, so it increases its volume considerably, more than 100 times its volume.

Glucomannan is present in multiple formulas for athletes and we find it in different commercial forms, one in powder, and another in capsules (also even in the form of pasta or noodles → see more here about konjac shirataki ). When glucomannan is hydrated it forms a viscous mass, and because it is a soluble fiber the body cannot digest it and therefore does not provide us with calories .

Its uses are very diverse, currently its main use is to exercise appetite control , this fiber that multiplies its size when hydrated, gives us a feeling of fullness for a long time because it also delays gastric emptying, which makes us feel satiated for longer .

Reduces the urge to binge eat. Therefore, its main use is as a food supplement in weight loss plans, since its effects are very noticeable.

Although it is also used to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides and thus help prevent cardiovascular diseases. It helps fight constipation since it also has a prebiotic effect, promoting the growth of healthy bacteria in the intestine, it also favors the formation of bulky and soft stools, which facilitates bowel movements.

It also has other uses as a thickening and gelling additive that is used in confectionery and confectionery products to provide viscosity and texture.

It is also usually added to skim dairy products, to which by adding glucomannan they achieve a similar texture in terms of creaminess. In addition, they satisfy us easily, which is an aid for weight loss.

Glucomannan properties

As we have indicated previously, it is a powerful satiating and appetite controller . It also helps to control blood glucose levels, since it delays gastric emptying and thus ingested carbohydrates are absorbed more slowly, thus allowing a correct metabolization of these nutrients.

If you suffer from diabetes, consult your specialist doctor before consuming this supplement, as it could affect your insulin or medication guidelines.

Numerous studies support its ability to lower cholesterol and triglycerides , as we have mentioned above. This capacity is achieved by glucomannan due to its viscous action that covers the intestinal mucosa when ingested, thus reducing the absorption of fats in the intestine; since this gel formed by glucomannan is capable of retaining part of the bile salts, thus preventing the absorption of cholesterol .

If you have cholesterol problems, we invite you to read the cholesterol diet .

As we have indicated previously, it is a powerful regenerator of the intestinal flora and thus contributes to improving constipation and preventing problems such as hemorrhoids or diverculitis , to achieve its effects it is essential that it be ingested with plenty of water.

The prebiotic power of glucomannan is due to the fact that the bacteria that live in the intestine feed on the gases produced by glucomannan as it passes through the intestines, therefore, they favor the reproduction of said benign bacteria. Helps prevent digestive diseases like Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis .

Glucomannan dosage and how to take it

We can find glucomannan in capsules or in powder and we must always heed the manufacturer’s dosage recommendations.

The recommended thing is between 500 and 1500 mg 30 minutes before the three main meals, always taking it with two glasses of water.

We remember that it is very important to maintain correct hydration of the body if we consume glucomannan and also that we must take it at least two hours apart between any medication.

Glucomannan for weight loss?

Due to the properties that we have mentioned above, it is a product that is widely marketed to lose weight , the fact of keeping us satiated for a long time causes us to ingest a lower amount of calories, which helps to balance the intake with the caloric expenditure.

In addition, that control that it exerts over our appetite allows us to avoid hunger attacks. If you want to see other tips on how to avoid hunger attacks  here we offer them. 

In addition, glucomannan has hardly any side effects, as you will see below and does not provide us with calories, so it is very interesting to lose weight.

We always recommend carrying out a balanced diet and combining it with regular physical exercise, in order to lose weight in a healthy way. Here we offer you some diets to achieve your goal in combination with the glucomannan supplement.

You may be interested in the zone diet , with which you can lose weight quickly, as well as the supermetabolism diet that helps accelerate metabolism and lose weight more quickly.

You may also be interested in short diets such as the Military diet or the 5-day diet  to lose a few kilos in record time.

Other diets that are very fashionable are the diet of detox juices to lose weight, followed by many celebrities, as well as the Montignac diet , which bases its operation on the glycemic index of food , if you still do not know how it works we encourage you to inform yourself retail.

Contraindications of glucomannan

As we have explained before, scientific studies have revealed that glucomannan increases the population of bacteria in the intestine that feed on the gases produced by this fiber, which is why certain people may experience after consumption episodes of gas, or flatulence and abdominal discomfort, if you want to know what other foods produce gas, here we leave you all the information.

It can also produce a malabsorption of certain nutrients , because it captures bile salts which causes a malabsorption of vitamins A, E, D and K, mainly. Although studies reveal that it does not affect the absorption of iron, calcium, copper and zinc.

There are cases of esophageal obstruction , that is, an obstruction occurs at the level of the esophagus due to the hydration of glucomannan. To avoid this problem, it is very important to ingest glucomannan with at least two glasses of water to facilitate the transit of the capsule to the stomach.

It can also interfere with different medications , so we recommend taking it away from medications, at least a couple of hours, to avoid interactions.

In addition, due to its hypoglycemic effect, glucomannan can cause alterations in blood glucose levels and should be taken into account in patients with diabetes or predisposition to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

It is contraindicated in pregnancy , as well as in the lactation period .

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