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Water Kefir: Benefits and Properties

by Georgia Ede
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Kefir, a very effective natural probiotic

Kefir is a product resulting from fermentation, in the case of water kefir, it feeds on the sugar added to the kefir nodules, while in the case of milk kefir, the milk ferment feeds on lactose with which living microorganisms multiply that give it the characteristic of a probiotic food.

If you still do not know what probiotics are and how they benefit us, we invite you to read this article on the 10 natural probiotic foods , where we explain the benefits that probiotics provide to our body, and what a food has to have to be considered probiotic.

Summing up a bit, we can say that a probiotic is a food that contains live microorganisms (bacteria) that are beneficial for life .

These probiotics benefit us because they make us assimilate vitamins and minerals correctly, they also improve our health avoiding certain diseases, and strengthen the immune system , balancing microbiotic functions and trying to prevent the development of malignant bacteria ; being the probiotics innocuous for our health, that is to say without having secondary effects or producing any type of damage.

Water kefir, the ideal lactose-free probiotic

Water kefir is a probiotic drink resulting from the fermentation of different elements , it can be consumed as a soft drink and is ideal for those lactose intolerant, since this kefir does not contain milk, unlike milk kefir.

The ferment of water kefir feeds on sugar , while milk kefir feeds on lactose producing lactic acid, carbon dioxide and alcohol.

The ferment of water kefir, although it is produced with sugar, is ideal for diabetics as it reduces and stabilizes blood glucose levels .

It is important to note that it is a carbonated drink, a gas produced by ferments. Its flavor is similar to that of a lemonade, and although it seems paradoxical, it helps us eliminate gases.

Benefits and properties of water kefir

The benefits of water kefir are many, since it has digestive , diuretic and very detoxifying properties at the intestinal level.

It also favors the elimination of stomach gases , favoring faster digestions and with less toxicity for our body.

If we consume it regularly, it strengthens our immune system and acts as a regenerator of the intestinal flora , which can come in handy after diarrhea or gastroenteritis, etc.

It also regulates intestinal transit and improves occasional constipation . Helps to lower cholesterol , and stabilizes blood pressure.

Control your appetite by avoiding the urge to eat compulsively, here we offer you all the information on how to avoid hunger attacks .

It has a laxative effect , so we should control the amounts we consume without these effects occurring. Here you can see foods with laxative effects .

Contraindications of water kefir

Generally there have been no contraindications, only in the case of being allergic or intolerant to yeast or any of the ingredients, you should not consume water kefir. For the rest there are no side effects and there are no contraindications.

The only thing that we must watch is the conservation of the drink, since it can be altered if it is not preserved correctly; We will notice it in the taste, the texture and even the smell.

We must also abandon its consumption if extreme laxative effects occur , since it can cause damage to the body, such as dehydration.

How to make water kefir to lose weight?

Here we offer you how to make homemade water kefir , remember that the amounts are indicative and that you can modify them to find the flavor that you like best. We must ensure that the objects that we use for the elaboration are very clean.

We recommend that you keep it in sight to be able to observe the growth of the ferment , which is also an interesting and beautiful process to see.

For the elaboration we will need:

  • A glass jar with a totally hermetic closure.
  • 3 tablespoons of brown sugar, panela or fructose.
  • Half a lemon (only its juice).
  • One liter of mineral water.
  • 60 gr of water kefir nodules.
  • Two or three dried plums, dried figs, or dates or dried apricots. What we like the most.

The preparation is very simple, we must put everything in the pot and stir it, the nuts and the juice of half a lemon will add flavor to the drink.

Remember not to fill the pot completely, we must let it rest and ferment for at least two days, the more days we leave it, the more gas our kefir will have.

Remember to open the canister from time to time to allow the resulting gas to escape. After the ferment time, we must strain everything with a plastic strainer (never aluminum).

Kefir should be stored in the refrigerator. It is important to wash the kefir nodules with water to reuse them in your next preparation, as you may have seen they will have multiplied their volume.

How to take water kefir?

Actually, you can consume kefir water as you wish, although it is recommended to consume at least one glass on an empty stomach to enhance its effects; as well as a glass thirty minutes before meals to prepare our digestive system for future digestions.

It is highly recommended to drink it during the day to keep us satiated , if we are looking to lose weight and control appetite and maintain stable blood glucose levels.

As it is a carbonated drink, those people who have difficulty expelling gases should be cautious, being able to shake it to gradually eliminate the gas content, to prevent it from accumulating in the body.

Can you make water kefir without sugar?

The answer is yes, it can be made with rice molasses or any other type of molasses, which will act like sugar.

But it cannot be made without it since microorganisms feed on it.

To make it, we only have to replace the sugar with four tablespoons of rice molasses .

The rest of the procedure will be the same, so there are no major difficulties.

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