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The vegetarian diet Why do it?

by Georgia Ede
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In life there are decisions that are difficult to make, we need reasons to decide; we lack security, etc. How to face a new lifestyle when we really don’t know how to channel the changes that will take place in our lives. This happens frequently when news comes out about new diets or lifestyles that become fashionable; But the fact of carrying out a vegetarian diet is not like starting a diet like any other; it is a matter of belief.

It is a way of life that characterizes you and also benefits you. Here are a series of reasons that can help you make the determination to change your way of life.

We will start with nutritional reasons , which are the ones that will benefit us the most since they have a direct impact on our body.

First of all, vegetable fats are healthier than those of animal origin. Polyunsaturated plant-based fats tend to lower blood pressure while animal-based fats raise it.

In numerous studies of people who did not eat meat and ate little animal fat, it has been found that the tendency to suffer from cardiovascular and coronary diseases is much lower. In other words, low-fat diets improve cardiovascular health.

The high fiber content present in the foods we eat in the vegetarian diet makes the incidence of digestive tract problems less likely.

The fiber facilitates the elimination of waste, and therefore they do not accumulate toxins in the body. What favors the correct hydration and purification of the body , preventing the dreaded swelling and reducing the risk of colon cancer.

In addition to providing us with fiber, many vegetables such as broccoli, cabbages, or wild and acidic fruits provide us with a large amount of antioxidants, which maintain our cells against cellular aging.

A properly balanced vegetarian diet helps us control diabetes, if we base our diet on vegetables, fruits, cereals.

The eastern diet , in which the consumption of cereals and vegetables predominates and that meat is consumed as a garnish, cases of diabetes are very rare, while in the western diet, in which the consumption of meat is more widespread, the cases of diabetes are much higher. cases.

Currently, meat is highly processed.

Animals are increasingly medicated, treated to grow quickly for consumption. The meat does not properly have the properties attributed to it, because it is adulterated.

Really, the consumption of meat, especially the red one; it is detrimental to health and is linked to a higher frequency of various types of cancer, especially colon cancer.

Increase your knowledge of nutrition when you become a vegetarian because you try to find the correct options so that your body has all the necessary nutrients.

The diet is cheaper since both meat and fish are products with a fairly high price while cereals and legumes are basic necessities available to anyone with average income, vegetables meanwhile have an affordable price although not as low as cereals and legumes.

If you are looking for other reasons, not essentially nutritional, we can refer to the fact that we do not harm the animals, or that we improve the environmental situation, etc.

If you still have doubts, you can start testing for a while, to see how you feel. Surely you do not miss meat and you go to a healthy and vegetarian life. You can also see in this article the vegetarian diet that Singer Adele did with which she managed to lose a lot of weight .

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