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Diet to lower uric acid, known as “gout”

by Georgia Ede
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What diet to follow to control uric acid?

The uric acid is a waste product generated by the liver and which dissolves in the blood through the kidneys and excreted in the urine, but if too much is produced can accumulate and deposit in the joints.

If foods rich in purines are consumed , the body will produce excess uric acid and it will not be eliminated correctly. This alteration is called hyperuricemia although it is also known as “gout”, it owes its name to the accumulation of uric acid in the blood in the form of crystals (salts) that are deposited in the joints and surrounding tissues causing inflammation and intense pain (arthritis) . Pain and swelling usually appear in the big toe and continue up the leg.

To lower uric acid we must choose a diet low in purines . Purines are a substance present in all tissues of the body, they are also contained in certain foods such as meat, seafood, sausages, etc.

To make things easier for you, we are going to classify the food with the 3 colors of the traffic light .

In the red will be the prohibited foods , which we should not consume because they harm our state.

In amber we will find those restricted foods , which we must consume in a moderate way, we will restrict this type of food to the maximum, consuming them only between two and three times a week.

And in the green color we will put the allowed foods  that we must consume daily, being beneficial for our body and to lower uric acid levels.


  • Organ meats (liver, heart, kidneys, brains, gizzards, tongue).
  • Fatty meats such as lamb or pork.
  • Fatty sausages.
  • Seafood (prawns, prawns, crabs …) and fish roe, salted fish.
  • Fatty broths, butter or cream based sauces, meat extracts or concentrated broths.
  • Lard, bacon, cream, tallow.
  • Fatty cheeses.
  • The fatty parts of meat (chicken, beef, etc).
  • Alcoholic drinks.

RESTRICTED FOODS (max 2-3 times / week)

  • Serrano or York ham (fat free).
  • Blue Fish.
  • Mayonnaise, garlic oil.
  • Whole milk, custard, curd.
  • Asparagus, mushrooms, mushrooms, leeks, radish, cauliflower, peas, tomato, broad beans and legumes.
  • Cakes, desserts and industrial pastries.
  • White sugar (refined), honey, fructose.
  • Chocolate.
  • Peanuts, fried nuts.


  • Turkey, chicken, beef, and low-fat meats.
  • Eggs.
  • Turkey and chicken sausages.
  • White fish.
  • Vegetable broths or low-fat consommé.
  • Olive oil (preferably) although you can consume sunflower or seeds.
  • All kinds of vegetables, greens and fruits (except those described above).
  • Skim milk, yogurt, and non-fat cheeses.
  • Rice, semolina, pasta, wheat germ, bran, potatoes, bread, whole grain cookies, all kinds of flours from different cereals.
  • nuts (except peanuts) and never fried.
  • Tea, herbal teas, natural juices (not packaged), water, etc.

TOP 5 Foods to reduce uric acid naturally

Due to its draining and diuretic power , and its high content of vitamins and minerals and its antioxidant powers , the star foods to reduce uric acid naturally, mainly by preventing the accumulation of toxins, fluid retention and promoting diuresis highlight the artichoke , onion and pumpkin .

On the other hand, celery and carrots, due to their alkalizing properties, are very effective in eliminating purines and uric acid crystallizations.

In these cases, the alkaline diet can help you , to be able to eliminate the purines from your blood, and reduce the effects of uric acid crystallization, as well as drinks such as ginger water or eggplant water , which favor the urination and diuresis to remove toxins from your body as quickly as possible so that the dreaded symptoms of high uric acid disappear.

Another detoxifying food that can help you with your problem is lemon, so we recommend that you try lemon water to detoxify your body.

Below we offer you a daily menu, as an example for a healthy diet to combat excess uric acid.

Orientation menu

Half a grapefruit or grapefruit juice, a coffee and a slice of bread with a slice of cold turkey or ham.
A skimmed yogurt or a piece of fruit
Lettuce, tomato and cucumber salad. Grilled turkey with side vegetables. An Apple.
Mid afternoon
Celery, carrot and apple juice.
Cream of varied vegetables including onion, celery, artichoke, carrot and pumpkin with grilled sea bream. An infusion.

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