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Tips for Quick Deflation

by Georgia Ede
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Tired of dieting and can’t get rid of the bloated feeling? Do you have a swollen belly?

The abdomen is one of the areas of the body where more fat accumulates , even in people with a slim constitution. Our belly, this part of the body that worries us so much, is very prone to swelling for various reasons, which we will explain below.

If you are tired of dieting and you feel that the bloating and heaviness does not go away, here we are going to offer you the best tips to be able to eliminate that heavy feeling of being bloated . Although it is true that it does not always depend on your diet since swelling can be a symptom of many diseases, you must also take care of your diet and your lifestyle; Well, this usually improves your physical condition a lot.

Normally we notice the swelling in areas such as the abdomen since at different times of the day we notice it much more bulky, we notice that the pants tighten us … etc.

If you notice that your feet or hands swell , before anything else you should go to the doctor since this may mean that you have edema , caused by some other alteration of the organism.

Causes of bloating:

  • The accumulation of gases  resulting from the intake of carbonated drinks or other  foods that produce gases .
  • The retention .
  • The constipation .
  • The menstrual period or the rule in women.

– There are also other less common external factors that cause swelling, such as: alcohol , and the intake of certain medications such as corticosteroids or contraceptives.

In both previous cases, there is excessive fluid retention in our body triggered by these substances, so in addition to following the advice that you can read below, it will be very important to eliminate or reduce the toxicity that these substances are producing  (you should consult with your doctor) .

Later we will explain what you can do to prevent swelling from occurring and what to do to deflate quickly and lose volume , but first we will explain its causes.

What are the main triggers for abdominal bloating?

  • The intake of carbonated beverages that produces an accumulation of gases and as a consequence bloating.
  • The retention : is produced by a metabolic error which causes the body of liquid accumulate that are necessary to remove toxins or by high fat intake or high sodium (salt) foods. This problem is very typical of women and especially in times of hormonal changes (period, premenstrual syndrome or menopause). The most typical symptoms of fluid retention are: heaviness in the legs and swelling of the ankles and feet (in these cases we advise keeping the legs elevated for at least 30 minutes, in the morning and at night).
  • The  constipation  is one of the causes that also produce this vexing problem because they do not evacuate properly makes the stool are in our body longer than necessary, producing toxins that takes body more to eliminate also the permanence of these stools usually produce accumulation of gases in the intestine ( See here More effective laxative foods ).

How to deflate and lose volume?

The swelling that worries us so much is generally very capricious, that is, it appears from one moment to another.

Usually we realize when the swelling we suffer is really important and traditional methods are generally preventive, that is, they directly pretend that swelling does not occur; but …

What can we do when we feel bloated to decrease abdominal bloating?

Here are some brief tips to prevent it from occurring and some guidelines to know what to do to deflate quickly in 24 hours :

To try to avoid abdominal bloating, we must follow the following guidelines:

  • We must eat slowly and chew well each food we eat and, above all, eat in moderation, that is, we must finish eating with a certain feeling of hunger, «since usually about 10 minutes pass between when we eat a food and it manages to satisfy us », And therefore it is not advisable to eat until we are satisfied.
  • We will have to walk 30 minutes , it is highly recommended to do some gentle exercise  to deflate after lunch or dinner, since this helps the intestine to mobilize and expel the air from its interior.
  • We should  drink a lot of water  (minimum 2 liters a day), as the best way to avoid fluid retention; is to drink, since this way the organism will stop retaining it and we will also eliminate toxins.
  • Avoid greasy foods:  sausages, red meat and organ meats.
  • Try to drink semi- skimmed or skimmed milk as this also reduces fat intake.
  • Incorporate fiber into your diet, you will find it in: vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, and cereals, so you will achieve a greater bowel movement and will also improve constipation problems.
  • If the cause of your swelling does not disappear, we advise you to consult the best natural diuretics , since you may be experiencing a process of edema or fluid retention.

You have to wear a dress and you just realized that you are swollen…  Do you need to deflate for a party? 

How to remove puffiness in one day?

Everything happens to us at the last minute, just when we have an event or we are getting ready to go to party, just at the precise moment we least want it, but don’t worry, everything has a solution. Next we are going to expose you the best tricks to deflate quickly in just 24 hours.

  1. First and foremost; You should drink water and infusion of horsetail ( see here how to prepare it ), you can also make a shock of some diuretic food such as pineapple ( see here the purifying pineapple diet ) that will help us lose the possible retention of liquids that we cause swelling. You should drink about two liters of liquid daily.
  2. Secondly, we will have to carry out a food shock with high fiber content , so we can also eliminate any problem of constipation or accumulation of feces. You should consume: whole grains, kiwis, prunes or raisins, pears, broccoli, legumes, corn, oats, avocado, and green leafy vegetables such as chard or spinach . You can combine it with wheat germ or bran added in yogurt, preferably soy, as it contains more fiber .
  3. And third  but not least, you should do the following exercises : Walk 45 minutes, do about 200 sit-ups and go up four flights of stairs.

Now you will say … yes of course! It’s very simple, I’ll show you below the daily schedule that has worked the most for me:

Daily menu to deflate in one day

– When you wake up, before having breakfast, drink a glass of water and two prunes, do five sets of ten sit-ups and go for a walk for at least 45 minutes, when you get home, do another 5 sets of sit-ups, (don’t worry, these don’t will take more than five minutes).

– Breakfast whole grains with skim milk, or some whole wheat toast with turkey ham. Take a shower, go to work or do your daily routine, and remember to go up four floors without using the elevator.

– At mealtime, a good option is to eat brown rice sautéed with vegetables and broccoli. Remember to drink the infusion of horsetail and for dessert some slices of natural pineapple. After a pause, do another 5 sets of sit-ups, (this time gently).

– For the snack you can opt for a pear and a couple of kiwis and a yogurt with wheat bran.

– Before dinner we will do the last series of sit-ups and for dinner a good option will be to make a stir-fry of chard or sautéed spinach, you can add some raisins and for dessert 2 slices of natural pineapple. If you can follow these guidelines, you will have met your goal!

All that remains is to rest well for about 8 hours and … the next morning say goodbye to swelling!

If you have the bad luck that you still feel very bloated the next day, it is likely that it will take 2 days to deflate and see the effects, so we can recommend that the next day you do a crash diet of pineapple or of the Artichoke as it is very effective in combating fluid retention ( Here you can see the artichoke diet ).

In addition to following this diet, it is advisable to continue applying the guidelines and tips that we have explained previously.

Swelling first thing in the morning, how to deflate in one night?

Normally you start to notice the swelling late at night or early in the morning, fine; Everything has a solution, although it is normal to feel more deflated in the morning after the first urination.

There are people who face the night is when this heaviness is most noticeable, after dinner, etc. To prevent this from happening and see us more deflated the next day, you can choose to have grilled pineapple for dinner, and before going to bed, have an infusion.

This will make the pineapple do its job and in the morning you will urinate more for its draining and purifying effect ; This way you will get more deflated the next morning.

How to deflate due to fluid retention?

I have fluid retention and I do not get rid of the bloating sensation, let’s see. First of all, all these tips will come in handy for you.

It is important that you hydrate the body, that you take care of your diet and that you do some exercise that motivates your body to develop normally, but it is essential to take some drainage and diuretic, you can also consult your doctor if it is convenient for you to take an adapted drug to you for your problem such as furosemide or torasemide for fluid retention.

Remember that it is not a product to lose weight , but to correct a problem of a malfunction of the body such as fluid retention.

If you prefer natural products, here you have the best natural drains , you can also accompany it with camilina , which helps to lose retained fluids.

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