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Diet of the Tibetan monks, what does it consist of?

by Georgia Ede
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A great diet to lower cholesterol

This diet has its origin in the diet of the Tibetan monks , who base their diet on brown rice accompanied mainly by vegetables. They do not eat fatty or cholesterol-producing foods .

Brown rice is a slow-release carbohydrate that quickly satisfies us . Its high fiber content makes us improve intestinal transit . To flavor it they use spices and also soy sauce that is very low in calories and provides an exotic flavor.

With this diet there is a rapid weight loss, but it requires a change of mentality, since eating only brown rice with vegetables is not something we are very used to. It does not have the same effect if we change the brown rice for white , since if so, we would gain weight due to the high concentration of sugars and calories that we would eat.

You can lose 8 to 10 kilos in two weeks . It is vitally important to drink plenty of water, and consume around 8 servings of fruit a day.

Only citrus fruits , strawberries and apples are allowed .

To drink, they also recommend consuming Chinese tea or unsweetened green tea .

The most important guideline on this diet is to chew each bite a minimum of fifty times,  which we generally don’t do. With this we achieve that the digestions are shorter ; since we give the stomach everything more processed.

To the rice we can add any of the spices that we like the most, yes, no creamy sauces or cream.

We will not consume any product of animal origin ; so we can say that it is a vegetarian or vegan diet .

Brown rice accompanied by vegetables will be our daily dish, which we will consume; if possible, at breakfast, lunch and dinner. At mid-morning and mid-afternoon we will consume fruits. If we are hungry, between meals we can also eat fruit.

It is a very monotonous diet to carry out and therefore implies a change of mentality .

It is not indicated for people with low blood pressure, due to sodium deficiencies. It should not be prolonged beyond two weeks . Well, it can cause deficiencies in vitamins of group A and D, and minerals such as iron and calcium. It can cause anemia and scurvy problems due to the lack of protein in the diet.

The way of cooking is very simple, they boil the rice in isolation and the vegetables are simply sautéed . It is important that the fresher the vegetables, the higher the concentration of antioxidants and the better they preserve their properties that benefit us. That is why they advise a simple sauté and not cook them together with the rice .

If you are interested in doing this type of diet, you should be aware of its pros and cons and if you have any questions, contact a nutritionist before carrying it out.

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