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8 thermogenic foods to lose fat

by Georgia Ede
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Do you know thermogenic foods?

The digestion, absorption, transport and storage of the nutrients that we eat generate energy expenditure, that is, an amount of calories that the body needs to carry out its normal activity. There are foods that have the property of generating greater energy expenditure for these processes and therefore can help us lose weight just by consuming them. These foods are known as thermogenic .

It is not a question of basing a diet solely and exclusively on thermogenic foods , since they are generally substances that accelerate metabolism but are poor in nutrients and calories that the body needs to nourish itself. But you can use them as food supplements to help burn fat .

What is thermogenesis ? Before explaining what thermogenic foods are, we should know what thermogenesis is specifically, this process by which our body has the ability to increase its temperature makes metabolism accelerate and helps us burn more calories .

When the body does not have enough energy available, it will begin to obtain energy from the accumulated fat reserves in the adipose tissue of our body, which we know as fat burning .

Thermogenic foods for weight loss

Among these foods we can find the following, classified as being the most thermogenic foods by action and concentration. These foods have the property of increasing our body temperature and generally accelerate metabolism.


Its consumption produces an increase in energy levels , reaction times and attention , as well as improves physical resistance.

Caffeine causes muscle cells to use proportionally greater amounts of fat than would be used under normal conditions. That is why it is common practice to consume coffee among athletes, about an hour before exercising. In addition to its thermogenic power, the caffeine makes you fatty acids mobilized to be used as energy for the body.

However, it should be noted that caffeine in high amounts can have multiple negative effects on the body such as high blood pressure, states of nervousness, insomnia, restlessness, etc. We must also say that it is preferable to consume caffeine from coffee than that from carbonated drinks, since the former is less altered and is healthier.


Yerba mate is a widely consumed infusion in Latin America, especially in Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay. It comes from a tree from which only the leaves are used.

The collection is done in the form of pruning which does not harm the tree, quite the contrary; Well, the tree heals and new leaves grow that make the tree always remain active, in relation to production. These leaves are dried and consumed as an infusion .

Numerous scientific investigations indicate that yerba mate is a very good antioxidant , diuretic , natural laxative and natural thermogenic .


Both red pepper for its piperine content, and Capsicum annuum (known as chili, hot, chili, cayenne …) for its capsaicin content , are both powerful natural thermogenics . Studies carried out in the United States revealed that red pepper increases 20% of metabolism and that it has the property of eliminating fat from the arteries , in addition to increasing body temperature we get our body to burn more calories and as a result there is greater combustion of the accumulated fat in adipose tissue, which is why it is highly recommended to consume it in weight loss diets.

In addition, capsicum has a multitude of interesting properties for our body since it is used to calm muscle aches , and is part of the basic ingredients of any cream for muscle pain because it offers us an analgesic action accompanied by a rise in temperature.

It is also used as an analgesic for migraines and headaches, as well as for rheumatic diseases. If you want to know more information about its main uses, benefits and contraindications, we recommend that you read the following post about capsaicin .


It is a stimulant of the central nervous system and autonomic nervous system and is considered a natural appetite reducer . Ginger improves blood flow thanks to its thermogenic effect, thus increasing body temperature and causing vasodilation. In addition, ginger is very complete nutritionally, it stimulates weight loss, accelerating metabolism and promoting the burning of calories.

It has infinite properties and it is a product that is increasingly being marketed for its properties. It helps us reduce stress levels, in addition to protecting us from cellular aging , it has anti-inflammatory properties , and it helps us maintain proper gastrointestinal health.

If you want more information about ginger you can find out in depth in the link.


It is a type of tea that has had minimal oxidation during its processing and is not fermented, unlike black tea. The catechins in green tea are an excellent thermogenic supplement, which is not only effective, but also does not affect the cardiovascular system. In addition, it is considered a   natural digestive that promotes laxative action, a natural laxative that helps us in cases of constipation and intestinal regulation. It has a multitude of interesting properties for our body, such as its antioxidant power . It is also considered a natural probiotic that favors the development of our defenses .

It is also an excellent dental protector, acts in a positive way fighting the development of certain diseases such as diabetes and arthritis and has a multitude of beneficial properties for our body that you can find out about in the post we have dedicated to green tea .


This orange called Citrus aurantium , also known by the names of sour orange, bigarade orange or Andalusian orange contains a composition of amines present in the orange peel (in the white part of the peel). It is difficult to consume the skin of the orange because it is very bitter, but teas or sweets are usually made with the skin and pulp.

Currently, and after having been studied in depth, the extract is marketed in powder and pills for its properties to lose weight and gain muscle mass. It makes us lose weight because it keeps the metabolism accelerated and thus we burn more calories.

It also offers us a high antioxidant power that prevents us from cell aging, if you want to know what foods provide you with antioxidants. It has healing properties for gastrointestinal diseases and muscle pain.

It is a widely used supplement among athletes since, in addition to increasing muscle mass , it reduces muscle recovery time after physical activity.


The cinnamon is another powerful thermogenic that help us lose weight and also has many valuable properties for our body. It keeps glucose levels stable and controls our appetite .

It helps us in respiratory diseases, in the face of colds, increasing our defenses ; lowers bad cholesterol levels, and is used in diseases of the digestive tract ; among other uses. You can find out in depth in the link, where we have indicated all its properties and how it can help you lose weight.


Oily fish and foods that contain omega 3 also have thermogenic properties, among them the one that stands out the most is salmon for its properties to accelerate the basal metabolism . So do sardines, walnuts, and foods rich in omega 3s.

With a balanced diet, accompanied by exercise and supplementing it with certain thermogenic foods, you will surely be able to burn the necessary calories to prevent them from remaining reserves and turning into fats.

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