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by Georgia Ede
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The diet rich in beta-carotene, the diet to tan

If you want to show off a great tan this summer , and also show off your figure, read and take note of our tips to have a dreamy tan.

The foods rich in beta – carotene are those that interest us for broncearnos. Beta carotenes are present in vitamin A, it is a fat-soluble pigment (which dissolves in fat), it is also a precursor part of said vitamin; It is why also known as pro-vitamin . This pigment generally characterizes the foods that have it, as it gives them a reddish or orange color , even yellowish .

The star food  with the highest concentration of beta – carotene is ” Carrot “.

Here is a list of foods rich in beta-carotene and some useful tips to achieve a beautiful tan.

Foods that contain a high concentration of beta-carotene are :

Carrot, red pepper, tomato, broccoli, pumpkin, sweet potato, peach, apricot, melon, mango, papaya, lamb’s lettuce, chard, watercress and some types of seaweed.

It is very important to introduce these foods into the diet for at least 15 days before being exposed to the sun , because this is when beta-carotene levels reach the highest levels and produce the best results.

In the case of carrots, it is convenient to take it raw , as it has fewer calories and also, in this way, it has a higher concentration of beta-carotene .

These foods are indicated to improve the immune system as beta-carotene has been shown to improve it. On the other hand, they have a high antioxidant content so it protects us against aging and takes care of our body.

It is important that the skin is hydrated and exfoliated . Hydration is achieved by drinking at least two liters of water a day.

If you try to tan, numerous studies show that beta-carotene supplements do not have the same effects as natural ones present in food, which is why supplements are not as effective. In any case, all food supplements must be prescribed by a doctor.

On the other hand, it is not convenient to just eat these foods because high doses of beta-carotene in our body can harm us in the long term. First it damages the liver. On the other hand, it can make the skin orange or yellowish, which will give us a sickly appearance.

Smokers should not exceed their consumption either, since in high doses over a prolonged period it can increase the possibility of suffering from lung or prostate cancer.

The point is to act with common sense and introduce these foods more frequently but not to consume only these.

Take care of yourself, add beta carotene to your life and achieve the tan you always dreamed of!

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