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Chocolate diet is it useful to lose weight? Read to believe

by Georgia Ede
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Chocodieta, the diet of sin

For many people, chocolate is an indispensable part of the diet, and even if it is a piece, it is inevitable not to consume it. We like chocolate, it provides us with a state of happiness that captivates us, takes us out of small depressions, removes small annoyances, and is even an aphrodisiac. You can see here, aphrodisiac foods .

The fact of going on a diet makes us have to forget about consuming chocolate, which is why many of the people who start a diet end up abandoning it; And is it so serious to consume some chocolate even if we are on a diet? This question is always asked by all the people who think about robbing the pantry when we are on a diet. Well, the answer is clear, NO, it is not so serious; in fact, many nutritionists advise giving ourselves certain whims when we are on a diet, to avoid failure, abandoning the diet. An ounce of chocolate is not going to spoil all the effort achieved, so if we feel like it, we must allow ourselves that whim.

Things are beginning to change, chocolate can begin to enter the lives of those who take care of their diet, it is not the forbidden food and there are different ways in which it is part of them. Here we explain everything in detail.

What is the chocodieta?

The chocodieta , or the chocolate diet is a new trend when it comes to losing weight. The diet is based on the fact that you can ingest chocolate in a way that satisfies that urge to snack. Chocodieta takes care of your diet because it is a balanced diet, although low in calories , approximately 900 calories. This diet bases its operation on trying to adjust the consumption of carbohydrates as much as possible, turning it into a Low Carb Diet ,  that is, a diet low in carbohydrates, to be able to accommodate the chocolate.

It is a hypocaloric diet , as we have commented previously, but it is a healthy diet because it is committed to quality food, with a low caloric intake but full of useful nutrients for the body.

Can I lose weight by eating chocolate?

Well, eating chocolate all day is impossible to lose weight. You are not going to eat chocolate, also you would not provide the necessary nutrients for the body, which would lead to major health problems. With the chocodieta, you can lose weight by eating some chocolate as a snack that satisfies you. The diet is based on products with a low glycemic index that provide us with useful nutrients for the body.

With this nutritional plan you can lose up to 3 kg in 5 days . It is a fast low-carbohydrate hypocaloric diet that allows you to consume chocholate, pure or dietary chocholate snacks twice a day. Low glycemic index products are fish, meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables, except potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas, mangoes, grapes, etc.

Chocholate contributions cannot exceed 100 calories in the mid-morning meals and snack. If it is a dairy dessert it should not be more than 70 calories. To do this, we will choose diet chocolate bars or consume an ounce of pure chocolate , preferably without sugar or with stevia.

Who can do the chocolate diet?

This diet is designed for those healthy people , without previous diseases, who want to lose weight quickly and of course who love chocolate and are not able to give it up. It is a diet, not excessively difficult to comply with and to carry out because it allows you certain whims. But since it is a hypocaloric diet, we must accustom the organism to a lower caloric intake.

How long does the chocodieta last?

Time is limited, it lasts 3 days in which we can lose 5 kilos.  As it is a hypocaloric diet, we should not prolong it too long in order not to cause deficiencies in the body of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are necessary for our body to carry out daily activity. It can be repeated after two weeks, we can use this diet as a shock system while we do a balanced diet to lose weight more safely and gradually, which ensures an effective and sustained weight loss over time.

If you are interested in other fast diets, you can see the 3-day diet here .

Is The Chocolate Diet Safe?

If it is done during the established periods, it is a safe diet , if it is not extended in time and is carried out as explained. It has a positive effect, which other low-calorie diets do not have, that although few carbohydrates are consumed, the body does not enter a state of ketosis , since low glycemic index products are combined with cocoa; This prevents the body from producing excess insulin, keeping glucose levels stable , which facilitates rapid weight loss and also keeps us satiated, avoiding snacking. This combination of foods allows us to reduce the appetite , since the feeling of satiety is older and longer.

Chocolate diet menu

  • Breakfast: Coffee or infusion (without sugar, you can sweeten it with stevia) and half a glass of skim milk or soy milk. A piece of fruit, to choose between orange, apple, pear or plum.
  • Mid-morning: A dietary chocolate bar.
  • Food: Steamed fish with seasonal vegetables. Diet chocolate milk dessert of the mousse type.
  • Snack: A bar of diet chocolate or an ounce of pure chocolate.
  • Dinner: Sauteed chard and three crab sticks. A sweetened infusion.

If chocolate is your most precious pleasure and you feel the need to eat it even if you are on a diet, this is your diet; give it a try.

You may also be interested in other diets such as the banana diet , which allows you to lose weight by eating this delicious fruit.

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