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The Scandinavian Diet, an easy to follow and very healthy diet

by Georgia Ede
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Have you tried countless diets but can’t reach your ideal weight ? Losing weight is not an easy task, although some say it was effortless. Losing weight requires a change in habits, so some effort must be made to make it work.

Nothing related to diets is easy, it requires willpower , motivation, perseverance, sacrifice, discipline and physical exercise; as well as good nutritional habits and a suitable lifestyle.

A new way to lose weight has arrived, a healthy, easy diet that allows us to eat everything. You will not go hungry if you want to lose weight, you just have to know what to eat and when. Nutritional balance is vital to lose weight correctly, and the Scandinavian Diet is a balanced diet , in which we eat everything and also provides us with quality nutrients, it is simple and effective, what can we ask for more?

What is the Scandinavian diet?

The Scandinavian diet is a diet that starts from a simple principle and that is why it is known as the easiest diet in the world .

The basic principle of the diet is:

  • 1 handful of protein
  • 1 handful of carbohydrates
  • 2 handfuls of vegetables
  • 1 tablespoon of fat

With these measures we will compose our dishes, so it is quite simple, here we offer you this image that you must internalize to carry out the diet.

Scandinavian diet measures

How did the Scandinavian diet come about?

It comes from the hand of its author, a Danish nutritionist named Suzy Wengel who, having gained weight after motherhood, decided to start taking care of herself under this rule. Without the need to be counting calories, or calculating portions or weighing food.

Different studies from Scandinavian universities affirmed that the proposal of this nutritionist was an effective and simple bet , which is essential for people to do things well, without a doubt.

How much weight can you lose on the Scandinavian diet?

Well, it is estimated that you can lose 1 kilo per week , until reaching normal weight, then this figure progressively decreases until the maintenance of the ideal weight.

Someone after reading this figure will say, alone? Well, it is not a high number of the typical diets that promise to lose 3 kilos a week; but we must bear in mind that the weight lost is real weight, not liquids. It is the weight of fat stored unnecessarily in our body because as a result of dieting we are providing our body with just what it needs, so that if it needs more energy, it burns what it does not need stored.

What can I eat on the Scandinavian diet?

You can eat everything, no food is prohibited but we must bear in mind that this diet promotes a greater consumption of fruits and vegetables, seasonal products, complex slow-release carbohydrates and proteins of high biological value, from meat or lean fish without excessive fat or protein of vegetable origin, which you can see here .

Having made this brief explanation, we can deduce that processed , precooked foods , sweets, etc. are not allowed . So we must do without them by opting for natural, unprocessed, seasonal products.

How is this sensekost diet famous?

This diet becomes famous through social networks, they are technological diets, those in which it is not necessary to visit a dietician, but the personal experience of other people who we follow and with whom we verify that the diet is effective.

This diet under the hashtag #sensekost we find more than 60,000 posts on instagram with diet dishes , recipes and new ideas to carry out the Scandinavian diet. You can find menus on the sensekost diet, which is the name it receives from its origin.

The Scandinavian diet and exercise

The Scandinavian diet proposes an active exercise plan in which our body can burn calories quickly.

As you well know, exercise is the way to counteract the excess calories ingested. You can find here some exercises to lose weight that will come in handy.

The failure of restrictive diets

Surely you have tried thousands of restrictive diets to lose weight, we can say that most do not work and although at the beginning you lose a lot of weight, that weight is not maintained over time.

Generally, this type of diet encourages greater diuresis and fluid weight loss. Normally the nutritional guidelines include foods low in calories , diuretics and with little nutritional value, something that is interesting to lose weight, but it is not so much if we want to maintain that weight.

Diets with a lot of restrictions are those that involve a greater effort but do not obtain a lasting result as a general rule. In addition, this type of diet has an important rebound effect, as well as the type of diet that everyone usually abandons before finishing it because they get bored or because it generates a lot of anxiety.

The fact of eliminating foods from the diet is not correct since this can cause us high levels of anxiety that we will fight by eating compulsively, if you want to know how to avoid this type of situation click here . It is only recommended to eliminate certain foods when you suffer from certain pathologies or diseases whose symptoms may be related to eating.

Generally, food is closely linked to diseases, even if they are not of the digestive tract, for example skin or autoimmune diseases.

We have written a lot about it about low carbohydrate diets , an easy solution to lose weight but one that has many detractors because we can affirm through studies that when we remove carbohydrates from the diet, a state of ketosis is produced that is harmful to health and also at the time we are going to include carbohydrates in our diet, the body will store all of them after having spent time without providing them; so we will gain weight quickly.

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