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3 Salads to lose weight in a healthy way

by Georgia Ede
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Salad, a healthy meal that cannot be missing from your diet

When you think about taking care of yourself, you always think of eating green, eating salads … but if we think about it, salads are not the only way to take care of yourself, although they can be very complete and fill us with nutrients, we must know how to combine them to make them a meal delicious, nutritious and complete; especially if we eat them as the only dish and not as a garnish or accompaniment to a main dish.

The salads are a source of healthy products full of nutrients , we provide everything needed for the organism; but they are so varied and complete that a salad may contain more calories than a plate of rice or a stew.

That is why we are going to try to explain which are the ingredients that interest us the most when making a salad in order to eat healthy, without exceeding calories but without giving up the pleasure of eating with flavor.

Ingredients of a healthy salad to lose weight

What ingredients are interesting for a salad to be healthy, nutritious and help us lose weight?

Although it is true, not only the ingredients are important in this case , but the combinations that we will make with them. But we do have to know what interests us and what is not.

As ingredients we can talk about fresh vegetables of any kind, tuna , chicken breast , low-fat cheeses , not very sweet fruits , cooked ham , etc. Without a doubt, the important thing is the flavor contrasts , which will make our salad a special dish.

For all the above we are going to collect all the information on three star salads where the combination of the ingredients, the contrasts of flavors and textures , the dressing and many more things will make you take a liking to the salads and you will also be able to reduce your weight .

If we do not like any ingredient, we can make variations in the recipes. In addition, combining the foods we can create an infinite number of different salads that we will love.

You can incorporate seeds to make your salad have a higher nutritional value, providing calcium, essential fatty acids, etc.

Try, mix, try, delicious salads are sure to come out .

Remember that there are a great variety of interesting ingredients that we can incorporate into salads, even to increase the consumption of legumes we can make fresh legume salads, which are very healthy and help those who do not like stews to consume protein from vegetable origin that are very healthy.

If you want to know which are the healthiest proteins of plant origin, we recommend that you read the link that we have left you.

These are three indicative examples but you can combine them, modify them and make new salads to your liking.

Salad with radishes and apple

First we have the Sprout Salad with radishes and apple .

This salad consists of the following ingredients: sprouts of spinach, watercress, arugula, lamb’s lettuce, etc., accompanied by diced cucumber and tomato, some thin slices of celery, radishes and apple .

At the top we will cut onion into thin half slices. The dressing is very simple, we will put a few tablespoons of skimmed yogurt with salt, pepper, a splash of lemon and a good splash of olive oil.

If we like, we can add a seasoning of fine herbs to the dressing, or any species that we like. Remember to make the dressings at home, because those that we buy already prepared are usually loaded with fats that do not benefit us at all. They increase the amount of calories in our plate, filling it with fats and sugars without providing the necessary nutrients for the body.

We can also add grated ginger which gives us multiple benefits for our health as you can see in this post ” Ginger , everything you need to know “. Ginger is a superfood, and although we must say that not everyone likes its touch, ginger brings a touch of different flavor that, in its fair measure, changes a dish in a delicious way. What you should know is what to combine it with so that too different flavors do not come together that can alter our taste.

To this salad we can add to taste diced natural tuna, roasted chicken breast tacos or striped ham. The combination is exquisite.

Tropical salad

In second place we find the varied salad with a tropical touch, this salad consists of a variety of lettuce to taste accompanied by cucumber, grated carrot, pineapple tacos, thin slices of kiwi and orange, red onion, and grated beet.  

To give it a touch we can accompany it with pomegranate, if we are in season (autumn) or any fruit that is to our liking, in this link we leave you an article about the best fruits to lose weight .

We can find this salad with two different dressings, well a berry vinaigrette; or a pink sauce that we will make with mayonnaise, ketchup, a little salt, pepper and a touch of pineapple or orange juice, to make it more liquid and with a perfect touch for tropical fruits.

There are other variants such as the combined fruit salad, in which the contrasts with the vegetables give us a unique touch. They perfectly combine strawberries, kiwi, apple or pear with goat cheese, seasoned with vinegar reductions, with chicken breast pieces, etc.

Complete salad of land and sea

Last but not least, Complete salad of the land  composed of various lettuces to taste, tomato, cucumber, onion, fresh cheese, ham cooked in thin strips or a can of tuna, grated carrot and boiled egg.

The dressing for this salad is basic, but delicious; olive oil with balsamic vinegar of modena although you can make a vinaigrette to your liking.


  • Remember not to overdo the fats in the dressings, although olive oil is a healthy fat, we should use a tablespoon as a dressing, no more. Always, as we have said homemade dressings, do not buy made salad sauces, which are full of sugars, fats that do not provide us with interesting nutrients for the body.

With these three salads you will reduce your weight significantly , just by replacing your dinners with salads .

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