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Salvia, all you need to know

by Georgia Ede
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What is it and what is it for?

Sage is a plant of Mediterranean origin that grows in the form of bushes. The leaves are green and the flowers are red, pink and white. It has a long history as a medicinal plant due to its many benefits and it is said that whoever consumes it acquires wisdom.

Sage has a peculiar flavor, and that has been incorporated little by little even in the gastronomy of certain cultures. It can be somewhat spicy if we exceed the quantities.

In ancient times, sage was used as a remedy for many diseases, and it was present in all the potions of yesteryear, but today, and after exhaustive studies, several of its benefits as a medicinal plant have been proven.

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It was also used as a natural antibiotic , generally for respiratory diseases due to its bactericidal action , and for this same reason it was used as a mouthwash to prevent and cure oropharyngeal infections .

It is used as a remedy for multiple diseases of inflammatory origin related to the joints. If you want to know more about foods that help fight joint diseases, here you have all the information at your fingertips.

Next we will talk about the benefits of sage that have been scientifically proven.

Benefits of Salvia for our health

As we mentioned before, it has anti-inflammatory properties that work very well to relieve pain and inflammation in arthritis, rheumatic pain, etc. It is also a natural antibiotic mainly indicated for those respiratory tract conditions and it is also used in oropharyngeal infections due to its antiseptic properties , as well as to heal wounds, ulcers and as a natural healing agent.

It is a powerful antispasmodic that helps with this type of stomach ailments. In addition, its high content of vitamin A and C confer benefits for the immune system that protects us from colds and viruses. It helps control blood glucose levels, which is why its consumption is recommended for diabetics.

It is astringent , calms headaches and belly pain , and is also indicated for menstrual problems.

It prevents fluid retention and helps us lose weight because it is a diuretic and is used to reduce abdominal swelling.

Sage for weight loss?

It is commonly used by those who diet to lose weight because among its properties it should be noted that it has a digestive regulatory function and helps combat fluid retention, which gives it certain powers to eliminate bloating and achieve a flat stomach.

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In addition, among its properties to lose weight, we must say that sage stimulates the gallbladder, making it a powerful drainer that helps us eliminate toxins from our body. It also helps fight constipation, if you need more information about laxative foods click here.

In relation to stomach problems, sage favors intestinal transit, eliminates flatulence, that is, it serves to expel accumulated gases, if you suffer from this problem I would advise you to read the information that we offer here to combat this problem.

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Recommendations for consumption

We recommend its consumption in tea or infusions, which is how it will be most effective for our body.

Preparing a sage tea is really very simple. You only have to put about 15 grams of the dry or fresh plant (leaves and flowers) per liter of boiling water.

It should rest for about three minutes. You can consume the sage infusion both hot and cold.

It is advisable to drink on an empty stomach in the morning to better stimulate the digestive system and to exert a more effective purifying function of toxins.

You can accompany it with a few drops of lemon and sweeten it since its flavor can be quite bitter. As a sweetener you can use stevia . (Here you can find all the information of interest about this healthy sweetener). You can also make it with sugar or honey. If you want to know which of them is healthier and fattening less, you cannot miss this information .

If you like more natural preparations, you can have a sage plant in your home as it is very easy to grow and is a very resistant plant. If you are interested in other herbal teas to lose weight, click here.

Does it have side effects or contraindications?

Sage is contraindicated in pregnancy and during lactation , as it contains Thuyone, which can be harmful in this state as it has abortive capacity. Patients with kidney failure should also not consume salvia due to its high amounts of this substance, which can be neurotoxic in high doses, and can generate seizures in patients with neurovegetative instability. 

As a general rule, if we consume a couple of cups a day it does not pose any risk to our health if we do not have previous illnesses, in which case, before consuming it you can consult with medical personnel who will advise you on its consumption in your particular case.

Go ahead and try it now!

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