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The Red Carpet Diet

by Georgia Ede
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Nutritional guidelines for an important event

Do you have an event and your dress does not close? While it is true, there are no miracles , you should have started your diet about 6 weeks before the event. But, if you are not on time, the renowned motivator and nutritionist Alejandro Chabán , gives you some nutritional guidelines to carry out during the day of the event .

It is important to organize ourselves before an event, and not leave everything until last. If we want to lose some weight before the event, we must start a month before , or six weeks, to carry out a balanced diet , which is based on eating the three main types of food:   proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats .

We should not eliminate entire food groups . It is vitally important to eat all the types of food that we find in the nutritional pyramid and each one of them in its proper measure .

On the other hand, it is very important to stay active , exercise ; Well, the fact of losing weight is marked by the amount of calories ingested and those that we burn in daily activity. So if you have a margin of action of about 4-6 weeks, surely with a balanced diet and physical exercise you can achieve your goal and put on the desired dress, looking radiant.

If the event is coming soon and you don’t have time,  try to carry out a balanced diet the days before, making clashes with diuretic foods that, at least help you to reduce the swelling (pineapple, artichoke, asparagus, etc.).

And now, on the day of the event we will take some precautions to show off our figure.

It is very important to have a great breakfast , composed of   carbohydrates and proteins as well as healthy fats that fill us with energy to start the day .

It would be good, to have a whole wheat bread for breakfast accompanied by chicken, with tomato, cucumber, lettuce with olive oil. A fruit juice

In the middle of the morning we need a piece of fruit to have energy, without  excessive calories , but have good sugars such as fructose that will recharge our body.

At lunchtime , if we are stressed with the preparations for the event, we can eat a whole wheat sandwich with turkey and a dairy, either a smoothie, or a yogurt.

It is important not to add mayonnaise or sauces  to meals, as it is a source of fat for the body. It is better to add mustard, which has hardly any calories. Throughout the day we will  gradually reduce the amount of carbohydrates until eliminating them   and increasing proteins   and it is after noon when we will no longer eat carbohydrates.

In the afternoon , we will recharge with proteins such as slices of cold cuts of turkey or chicken, a piece of skimmed fresh cheese, a yogurt, a can of natural tuna, never in oil.

After noon we will reduce the amount of water to avoid swelling . We should never eliminate it , as this will make us retain more fluids. We should drink small sips throughout the day, not large amounts.

And to nibble on the spot and not be dazed or dizzy before dinner you can chew sugar-free gum to calm anxiety,  since they do not provide calories, you can also take some natural , not fried almonds , to  recharge your body with energy and face the event with charged batteries.

If dinner is at the event, try to eat small amounts and do not overindulge with cocktails,  or carbonated or alcoholic drinks as they will increase the swelling .

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