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The Crudivegan Diet

by Georgia Ede
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The raw vegan diet , also known as live eating , raw food or raw vegan is one of the most common lifestyle movements today.

The raw veganism is a movement and philosophy of life , which is based on raw power and global awareness of the relationships between all living beings, involving humans as part of the total stock and proposes that to achieve and to keep the world healthy it is best to eat raw and vegetarian foods .

It is a lifestyle that combines being a strict vegetarian (vegan) , with raw food , whose meaning is to consume raw food, without exposing it to a temperature higher than that which the sun can produce naturally (approximately no more than 42 ° C).

The veganism is known as “vegan” as eliminate from your diet all foods of animal origin (except breastfeeding) as well as eggs, milk and dairy products . They do allow the consumption of foods of mineral origin such as salt, yeast, fungi and algae.

The benefits of raw veganism  are many. It is respectful with the planet , resources, animals, and ultimately with the human being and its existence, and cooking destroys enzymes and reduces the nutrients in food and the benefits they can bring us.

It is the most natural and simple way to eat. The food is alive , so it conserves the nutritional contribution to the maximum.

Cooking eliminates vitamins and nutrients , we also eliminate the toxins produced when cooking. The original properties of the food are also preserved as the molecular structure is not denatured. Our body does not have to eliminate the toxins produced by cooked food, so the liver and kidneys work less and keep the body cleaner. The digestion time is shortened. If the digestions are very long, the food spoils and rots. This can cause gastrointestinal illnesses.

The saturated fats disappear but not the essential ones, in fact, nuts are rich in essential fats.

It is very important to know that fruits and vegetables provide us with a lot of energy as well and many fewer calories, so we achieve a good energy level by taking all the nutrients from food , they are easily absorbed with many fewer calories and without our leather having to make large efforts to burn off surplus energy inputs.

The raw food and water give us oxygen to the body so our blood is oxygenated cleaner, and our body is more refined.

Fruits and vegetables provide us with all the necessary nutrients for our body to develop and work correctly (proteins, essential fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and sugars).

The raw vegan diet strengthens the immune system so colds, flu and pain are reduced. It is a form of preventive medicine for any type of ailment or disease. In addition, greater mental clarity is experienced.

The vegetarian food implies less impact environmental .

Numerous studies reveal that after a while following this diet, acne disappears, cellulite, you notice more hydrated skin, shiny hair and more quantity and stronger nails. All this after a long time, as the body has to detoxify.

You will also save time when cooking and money, kitchen utensils and food, because despite the toxicity of meat and fish and the fats they provide, they are still expensive foods.

Once the benefits are explained, if you are interested in changing your lifestyle for a healthier one , you should change the chip .

Here are some clear guidelines on how to do it:

First of all, the premises must be clear, you must know what you can eat and what not.

Raw vegan food, live food, raw food or raw vegan, consists of eating vegetables in their natural state , that is, without cooking and organic . Therefore, fruits, vegetables, vegetables, roots, nuts, seeds, algae and sprouts. You can also eat dehydrated food, since at less than 42 degrees the properties are preserved intact.

They will eliminate the foods of animal origin as well as cooked above 42 ° C, those having chemical substances or are transgenic, because they produce toxins harmful to our body. Neither can you consume packaged or processed foods , that is, neither refined such as sugars or flours.

The grains and legumes are also excluded unless they are germinated. The spirit also completely removed from the diet.

  • Try to consume organic products to avoid pesticides, chemicals and GMOs.
  • Eat 3 meals a day.
  • Chew your food well and eat slowly.
  • It is important to eat enough calories. At first the fruit can fill us up quickly, but you have to get used to the stomach. It is indicative, since it depends on our physical activity and metabolism, but a woman should take at least 2,000 calories and a man 2,500.
  • Get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day.
  • You can take soy, seed, quinoa or rice milk and add it to fruit smoothies. You can have cereals such as brown rice, quinoa, millet, buckwheat etc.

When consuming food there are some combinations to make your diet a balanced, healthy, natural and effective diet .

We can distinguish several types of food:

– Starches: carrots, beets, potatoes, pumpkin.
– Fats: avocados, nuts, seeds, coconut.
– Acids: acidic fruits, tomatoes, peppers.
– Sweets: sweet fruits, dried fruits.

Basic food combinations.

– Fruits are always taken alone or with neutral vegetables.
– Do not mix sour fruits with sweets.
– Do not mix fat with sweets.
– Do not mix different types of fat.
– Do not mix acid with starch.

The simpler we make it for our digestive system, the better we will assimilate the nutrients. So, let’s try to apply simplicity in ingredient combinations . At first it may be difficult, but with time and practice, it will become a very easy act that you will do without thinking.

It is very useful to have a blender for smoothies , as well as a chopping attachment and a blender. In raw vegan cuisine, a lot is played with the textures of the food.

Dried fruits are a very useful resource as a complement, both to eat them alone and to add to salads or prepare delicious sauces. You can spice up your dishes with spices or natural herbs.

Go ahead and eat your life alive, healthy and natural.

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