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Raw cocoa and its properties What is raw chocolate?

by Georgia Ede
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What is chocolate?

Chocolate, that food that drives a large part of the population crazy, how healthy it is but has such a bad reputation. Is that all chocolates are not the same and you have to be careful when choosing a good chocolate if we want to benefit from all its properties.

The chocolate is a product that comes from cocoa that is very healthy but the refining processes usually make that much to lose some of its properties, so we must take into account when buying different data that we’ll reveal below.

Not all chocolate is the same, it largely depends on the percentage of cocoa it has, and the process of making it that preserves its benefits . Lately the use of pure cocoa has become widespread for its many benefits, but what is true in all this? Here we inform you about everything in depth, do not miss it.

Pure cocoa, what is it?

In recent years, the use of pure cocoa has spread since, as we know, it is a powerful antioxidant that protects us from premature cellular aging. It is also a stimulant and makes us feel good. Cocoa is rich in polyphenols that provide us with multiple benefits for our health.

In addition, pure cocoa lately is marketed already defatted so that the fact of benefiting from its multiple qualities is even easier and provides us with fewer calories, since pure cocoa contains a large amount of fat.

What is the difference between cocoa and raw cocoa?

The basic difference is the process to which it has been subjected. The commonly known cocoa that we buy in any supermarket is a cocoa that is refined and has gone through a long process to be obtained. Cocoa is mainly obtained from the fruit of the cocoa tree, a tree that produces some fruits from which the seeds are extracted, which when roasted and ground give us cocoa as a result. Cocoa normally undergoes a heating process above 80ºC, while raw cocoa is only roasted at 41ºC, which allows it to retain all its properties.

What happens when cocoa is subjected to high temperatures? Generally, most of the antioxidant agents that it possesses are destroyed, therefore, it loses a large part of its properties. This has been reported in numerous studies that have concluded that the temperature of 45ºC should never be exceeded in order not to alter the properties of cocoa. For this reason, it has been shown that raw cocoa is much healthier than that which has been subjected to high temperatures since antioxidants and flavonoids are partly lost.

Generally, all chocolates are subjected to high temperatures to form the tablets that we purchase, so raw cocoa is more commonly found in powder, although we can also find it in tablet form.

Properties of raw cocoa

Raw cocoa, by not being overheated, preserves all its properties , which is why it makes us feel good and increases our sense of well-being and in addition to improving our mood, it protects us from cellular aging; that is, it acts as an antioxidant.

  • Raw cocoa is energizing, that is, it recharges us with energy to carry out our daily activities.
  • Increases the production of endorphins , hormones that make us feel good.
  • It helps us regain strength after exercise.
  • Improves situations of physical and mental fatigue, helping us to stay more active.
  • Stimulates the digestive system .
  • Helps reduce cholesterol and triglycerides ; thus protecting us against various cardiovascular diseases .
  • It is remineralizing , prevents anemia, strengthens memory, strengthens muscles and bones as well as improves the immune system.
  • It is an aphrodisiac . Here we leave you more information about aphrodisiac foods .

El chocolate crudo o raw chocolate

It is the chocolate that is made with raw cocoa, without sugars and defatted , that is, it is the least adulterated chocolate, it is a bitter chocolate with lower fat content, so that it provides us with fewer calories and without sugar so that the flavor is not adulterated. pure cocoa. When roasted at low temperatures, it can be bitter, but it retains all its properties, which is why it is considered the healthiest and least refined cocoa.

We must bear in mind that not everything that is made with cocoa is chocolate, that in the first place, because there are a large number of chocolates whose main base is not even cocoa. Control the labeling of what you consume to be able to determine which products interest you the most. Remember that it is important that the chocolate has a percentage higher than 50% cocoa to be considered dark chocolate.

The raw chocolate is made from cacao seeds pure, without being subjected to high temperatures which could alter the composition of the chocolate and also maintain properties intact . The use of this chocolate has been reported thanks to vegans , since they do not subject food to high temperatures, therefore, if you want to buy quality raw chocolate you should take into account that it must be suitable for vegans; This will ensure that it has not been practically refined and that it retains its properties since it has not been subjected to temperatures above 40ºC.

How Much Raw Cocoa Should I Eat?

It is generally advisable to eat about 25 grams per day of pure raw cocoa with a percentage greater than 70% minimum cocoa. It is important that if it is fat-free and sugar-free, the better. We also find pure chocolates with sweeteners, but I have to remind you that the more bitter the chocolate, the healthier it will be, and the less refined it will be.

What are the contraindications for consuming raw cocoa?

In the first place, its consumption must be moderate, and we must emphasize that it is a very caloric product , so if you are following a weight loss plan, its consumption is not very advisable, unless you choose it defatted and without sugar, which It can help you control anxiety in moments of weakness.

It can produce states of nervousness and is not advisable if we suffer from hypertension . Its tannin content makes it astringent, so avoid it if you suffer from constipation . Its use among diabetics is not highly recommended either.

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