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Raspberry Ketone Does it promote weight loss?

by Georgia Ede
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Nutritional supplements to lose weight Do they work?

Lose weight without effort, without starving, without practicing any type of physical exercise to burn the calories that we consume in excess; it is anyone’s dream. But we must recognize that the fact of losing weight does not happen like that, overnight, nor are there any miraculous products that do all this for you.

Losing weight properly is based on taking care of your diet , balancing caloric expenditure with calorie consumption, practicing sports regularly and feeling good about yourself.

The fact of achieving the objectives more quickly leads to the investigation of a multitude of  nutritional supplements that help us lose weight , and that is why the use of certain supplements to lose weight is more and more extended every day. In fact, we find them in supermarkets and department stores to make things even easier for us.

This is the case with raspberry ketone , a nutritional supplement that is used to lose weight quickly.

Below we offer you all the necessary information about this supplement that acts as a fat burner ( see here the best natural fat burners ).

What is raspberry ketone?

The raspberry ketone is a part that is found in raspberries, and other wild fruits like blueberries.

This aromatic compound is found naturally in raspberries, but no matter how much raspberries we eat, we would never achieve the daily dose required by our body to act as a fat burner. Since we need about 90 mg of raspberry ketone daily , which would correspond to about 40 kilos of raspberry, something impossible to ingest.

For this reason, and given the difficult extraction process, this molecule is chemically formulated and sold in tablets, since it would be impossible, in addition to being very expensive, to carry out the extraction process naturally.

The chemically synthesized molecule has the same properties as the extract, since the key is in the concentration of this compound so that it can act as a fat burner.

How does raspberry ketone work?

Raspberry ketone is used to thin because it increases levels of a hormone called noradrenaline getting a rise of body temperature , causing the body to burn more fat.

It also increases the levels of adiponectin , which helps lower glucose levels so that if less glucose circulates, less will accumulate in adipose tissue in the form of glucose to act as an energy reserve.

Its properties as a regulator of basal metabolism ( see here how basal metabolism works ) and fat burners are very similar to those of African mango, another chemical compound used to lose weight more quickly.

Raspberry ketone is a chemical compound that acts as a fat burner due to its thermogenic action. It also regulates the metabolism by accelerating it.

Raspberry ketone for weight loss

As we have discussed previously, raspberry ketone is used in cases of overweight and even obese patients to try to help burn more calories and cause rapid weight loss .

In addition, its stimulating action on metabolism contributes to a greater combustion of calories, which means that our body does not have surpluses and therefore energy reserves in the form of fat will not increase, which contributes to weight gain. For this reason, raspberry ketone helps you lose weight.

Other benefits of raspberry ketone

Among the uses and benefits attributed to this chemical compound, we can find that it helps to increase muscle mass and promotes hair growth after suffering periods of alopecia.

Given these two possible benefits, we must emphasize that there is no scientific consensus and that the effectiveness of these benefits attributed to it is not proven with solid bases, what is true is that some shampoos for hair loss and to increase the Capillary density include this compound in their formulation.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, it also acts as an antioxidant , which prevents us from premature aging of cells.

Can it have side effects?

Obviously yes, any pill, whether natural or chemically synthesized, can have side effects .

Raspberry ketone, despite having been studied, is a supplement that is safe, although there is no scientific consensus on its use in humans and on its properties.

Like any pill that helps you lose weight, many aspects that are sometimes difficult to separate from the scientific evidence must be assessed; as it is the case that it is possible to lose weight without modifying the diet, or modifying it.

All factors are involved in the results, so we must be cautious when consuming any supplement and be attentive to possible symptoms or side effects.

The side effects of this supplement are not severe, but we must keep an eye on them. One of the most common is that as it acts as a fat burner due to a thermogenic action , that is, increasing the temperature ; This fact can lead to us noticing some nervousness or hyperactivity .

So we can notice as if we had taken caffeine.

This can produce a certain level of anxiety in people if they do not move a lot; so you can take advantage of this excess activity and this stimulation of the metabolism, to do sports and make weight loss more effective.

We can also notice changes in blood pressure and heart rate ; as well as palpitations .

Another side effect, this more serious if consumed for a long time, is that the thyroid gland can be altered .

This gland deals with the regulation of metabolism and raspberry ketone alters the metabolism naturally, therefore a prolonged use of this supplement is not recommended.

The problem is that these side effects are reported by people who have tried the consumption of raspberry ketone, but there are not enough scientific studies to support all of them, both the benefits of it and the possible side effects.

Raspberry ketone contraindications

It is important to note that we must inform our doctor about the consumption of any supplement or nutritional supplement if we suffer from any disease. In addition, it is worth consulting our doctor about its consumption so that he can advise us personally.

Raspberry ketone is contraindicated because there are not enough solid studies to prove its safety in patients:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Elderly or children, as well as adolescents.
  • People with heart problems or diseases related to the central nervous system.
  • People with thyroid problems such as hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, in this second case it is more harmful and could aggravate the disease.
  • Interactions with some medications can be shown, such as those for hormonal regulation or cholesterol.

From TakeDiets.com we recommend that you carry out a healthy diet and exercise regularly, which will help you to lose weight in a healthy way, and that if you consider that you need extra help, try nutritional supplements always informing you of your doctor.

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