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Pronocal Diet

by Georgia Ede
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The famous protein diet

The Pronokal weight loss system is a personalized program for weight loss under medical control that not only pursues weight loss, but another main objective is that this loss is maintained over time.

That is, it aims to lose weight without rebound effect through a nutritional re-education and new healthy lifestyle habits . It is a weight loss system, based on a protein diet in combination with products rich in proteins of high biological value , and exercise .

It is a system that combines three different stages and is also aimed at weight loss and nutritional re-education combined with exercise, that is, a change in lifestyle; towards healthy habits .

What are the bases of this diet?

The system is based on a correct diet with a protein diet combined with a comprehensive treatment based on the consumption of products from the Pronokal line and moderate physical activity .
The products Pronokal are many and varied, to find in them what you want most. They exist from drinks, desserts, breakfasts and even sweets that will make you live a quality gastronomic experience without giving up on keeping your line. In addition, being proteins of high biological value, they provide us with few calories and induce weight loss. You will find many different products, flavors adapted to all tastes, textures, etc.

What is your success based on?

Basically in a multidisciplinary team work in which medical control , nutritional advice by nutritionists is offered , as well as exercises by a technician in physical-sports activities and nutritional coaching classes in which they offer us techniques for modifying habits. nutrition facts, recipes, tricks, and even motivation or physical activity cards .In addition, the system has a virtual access space for patients with individualized attention at any time. For all this, and for the nutritional quality of the products they offer and the low caloric intake; The Pronokal system allows us to lose weight without giving up the pleasure of eating well and ensuring that the weight will not regain.

Phases of the Pronokal diet

  • Active Stage: The duration of this stage depends on the weight that you want to lose, since in this stage we will lose 80% of the desired weight . During this stage they consume a list of allowed foods combined with Pronokal products. The patient is intended to enter a state of Controlled Ketosis . This state occurs in the body when we significantly reduce carbohydrates and the body has to start burning stored fat to use it as energy. That is why the weight that is lost is maintained over time, since the fat accumulated in the body is lost. Muscle mass is not lost. After having lost 80% of the desired weight, we can start the next phase.
  • Physiological adaptation stage : During this stage our body begins to change and establish itself with the new guidelines that we have set with the diet that we are carrying out. The body needs time to adapt to changes so that a rebound effect does not occur. Our body needs an adaptation of the basal metabolism , the hormonal system and insulin levels. During this stage we will gradually incorporate food to make the diet more balanced and that there is no sudden change in diet. When we have reached the normal weight or desired weight, we will finish this stage, thus moving on to the maintenance stage.
  • Maintenance stage: It begins when we have reached the desired weight. The objective of this stage is to make a prolonged control over time , so as not to regain the lost weight . You can go up to two years after starting this phase. In that time, we make sure that the body has modified its shape, and we have also changed the lifestyle and nutritional habits necessary to maintain normal weight.

How is it different from a high protein diet? What about a hypocaloric diet?

The protein diet is a diet that reduces the consumption of carbohydrates and fats , always maintaining the amounts necessary for the proper functioning of the body. But differs from a diet high protein , when not abused protein intake . Just as the caloric consumption is reduced in similar amounts, but the abuse of the protein load produces an overload of the metabolism that leads to health problems. On the other hand, low- calorie diets seriously reduce the consumption of fats and carbohydrates and also limit the consumption of proteins, which makes it difficult for the body to carry out vital functions normally.

However, the pronokal diet is a protein diet, that is, it bases its diet on a balanced diet without noticeably restricting any food group, but protein consumption predominates . If we compare the consumption of protein with other diets, it is a normalized consumption, not excessive as is the case with high protein diets.

How many kilos can I lose with the Pronokal diet and in how long?

The Pronokal system will allow you to reach your ideal weight (normal weight), therefore, you can lose quite a few kilos, it all depends on how overweight you are. To get an idea of ​​the time in which you can achieve your goal, you can take as a reference the following statistical data that refer to the weight lost by patients in the first six months of treatment. It states that with the Pronokal diet, patients lose an average of 13.69 kg in two months, and 19.88 kg in six months. That is to say, a significant weight loss , since if we compare it with patients who carry out other diets such as hypocaloric diets, they lose an average of 4.88 kg in two months and 6.07 kg at six months.

 You may be interested in other diets of this type such as the Kot Diet whose operation is similar.  

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