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How to prepare oatmeal water to lose weight?

by Georgia Ede
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How to make homemade oatmeal water?

To make oatmeal water, you just have to follow a few very simple steps that we offer below. It is known both as oat water or oat milk , the difference between one and the other is that oat water is the result of soaking oatmeal and oat milk is water and beaten oats.

It is preferable to make it at home since those that we find in supermarkets have a large amount of added sugars that make it not have the same properties for use as a weight loss supplement.

We are going to make it daily , since its conservation is difficult since it is very prone to fermentation.

The preparation is very simple, we will take a container and fill it with hot water, a liter for a cup of oatmeal and we will soak it for about 3 hours together with a cinnamon stick or any flavoring that is to our liking.

Once the time has elapsed, we can strain it and simply consume the water, or beat everything except the cinnamon in the blender. The effect is greater if we consume it blended, since it has a higher fiber content , for this we will incorporate one more liter of water, and we will beat again, since this way we will achieve a total dissolution, this is what is known as oat milk , since everything is consumed, not just the water since the water does not receive all the nutrients from the oats.

We will keep the oatmeal water in the refrigerator since it is more comfortable and pleasant to consume cold daily, the one that you do not use during the day, discard it, since it can be fermented as we have indicated above.

What does oatmeal give us and what are its benefits?

Oats provide us with 350 calories per 100 grams, with a high fiber content that gives us a high satiating effect. Its fats are very healthy, it contains fiber, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fiber.

It is undoubtedly a super food, and it is becoming more and more widespread among people who decide to eat a healthy diet.

  • Purifying and controls cholesterol

It has amino acids that induce us to produce lecithin in the liver, a necessary component to purify our body .

Consuming oats will allow us to clean the walls of the arteries by dragging, thanks to the fiber, the fat deposits that form in them, which is why it is said that it reduces cholesterol and helps control it. Its omega 6 rich oils and linoleic acid constitute the so-called good fats, capable of reducing bad cholesterol and taking care of our heart.

  • Control blood glucose

Oatmeal is highly recommended for diabetics. Its soluble fiber improves the digestion of starch and keeps blood sugar levels stable. An ally to lose weight , since if it keeps our blood glucose levels stable, it will produce a feeling of satiety that will make us eat less and that glucose peaks do not occur, so that our body does not have to produce more insulin to control glucose spikes.

It is the ideal cereal for diabetics, if you want to know how to lose weight being diabetic, check the diet for diabetes .

  • Improves digestion and controls appetite

Oats reduce our bile acids, facilitating transit and thus avoiding constipation . In addition, as it is a slow-release carbohydrate, it keeps us satiated and provides us with energy throughout the day.

  • It is anticancer

There are many studies that have been done in this regard, concluding that certain phytochemicals in oats help us protect ourselves against cancer , hence it is highly recommended to consume it daily, its antioxidant agents fight against free radicals.

Does oatmeal work for weight loss?

Its high fiber content makes it promote bowel movements, and promotes rapid digestions avoiding constipation and facilitating the proper functioning of the digestive system  (here you can see the foods richest in fiber ) .

Generally, oats provide us with few calories, yes, we must be careful that it is not sugary or sweetened; since there are variants of oatmeal flakes for breakfast that are prepared and sugary. We should always take natural oat flakes .

On the other hand, the high fiber content, and being a complex carbohydrate with slow release and easy digestion, make it a food with high satiating power , which helps to fill us up quickly and for a long time.

We can say that it provides us with excess calories, but it is not a low-calorie food either, so it is of medium contribution and high fiber content that helps us control our appetite , which helps us lose weight .

In addition, if we consume it with water, it helps us hydrate the body, preventing fluid retention and keeping us satiated.

When and how to consume oatmeal water?

First, we can start by taking a glass of oatmeal water on an empty stomach, and substitute for breakfast or accompany it with a piece of fruit. The amount is necessary to keep us full and energetic throughout the morning.

To complement the diet you can drink a glass before meals, and you will be satisfied and eat less of the rest of the food.

If you accompany the consumption of oatmeal water with a balanced diet, you will lose weight in a faster, healthier way and you will be able to maintain your weight if you establish the consumption of oatmeal water as a habit .

The cinnamon also adding an exotic touch to the oatmeal water acts as a fat burning food because it speeds up your metabolism and helps us fat burn , so it is a great help water oats to lose weight .

You can also try ginger water to lose weight or aubergine water , both preparations help us recharge our body with energy and lose weight due to their infinite properties.

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