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What is My ideal Weight ➥ and how to get it

by Georgia Ede
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Staying in shape, the ideal weight is the one that makes you feel good

Achieving your ideal weight can be a costly task, choosing a diet that suits you and changing certain lifestyle habits are the basis for achieving your goal, but it is not always easy.

Have you tried a thousand diets and you no longer know what to do? Below we offer you all the information you need to know to achieve your ideal weight, but not before explaining how to know how to stay at your weight in a healthy way.

First of all, we will explain how to know your ideal weight , what healthy habits will help you achieve it and how to maintain it with little tricks and aids that will avoid the rebound effect.

What is my ideal weight?

There are many systems to calculate the ideal weight. One of the best known systems is the BMI (Body Mass Index) also known as the Quequelet Index .

This index shows us a reference of whether your weight is correct according to your height but not according to its composition; In other words, it does not make a distinction between the percentage of water, muscle, fat or bones, so it is not very precise in that regard, although it is valid for both men and women.

The result of the BMI is a value that establishes a scale that frames us in a specific nutritional situation (malnutrition, ideal weight, overweight, obesity … etc). It is the simplest method to diagnose excess weight, although it does not take into account the complexion of the individual, which makes it, sometimes, inaccurate.

On the other hand, we find reference tables of weight by percentiles that you can consult here . These tables are indicative and show us what we should weigh according to age, sex, height and physical complexion.

Currently there are scales that, through a current impulse, indicate the percentage of each element that makes up our body, that is, it gives us the percentage of fat, water and muscle that our body has; With these data and our height we can also have a reference of our ideal weight.

The anthropometric studies made by doctors and nutritionists are also one of the effective ways to meet our ideal weight, these studies take into account our main physical circumstances and combine all relevant data needed to develop a personalized study of the patient.

Now that you know how to know your ideal weight, we are going to explain how to stay in shape. Remember that your ideal weight is the one that makes you feel good about yourself and guarantees a correct state of physical and mental health; that’s your ideal weight .

How to get my ideal weight?

Food is vital to be able to maintain your weight, and as we have explained on other occasions, a correct balance between the calories ingested and those burned by our body guarantees us to remain at a correct weight, since weight gain occurs when we consume more calories than we consume and these accumulate in the form of fat in the body.

On the other hand, exercise is a regulator of caloric consumption , so it is important that we practice physical exercise on a regular basis, even if it is moderate, such as going for a walk, swimming, tennis, running, dancing, etc.

The correct balance between what we eat and what we burn will help us maintain our ideal weight. If we want to lose weight we must make a caloric readjustment to eat fewer calories and burn more accumulated fat and thus achieve a weight loss.

How to maintain the ideal weight?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle , taking care of food and practicing physical exercise we will guarantee the correct balance, but we know that sometimes it is not easy and we skip that of “eating healthy” so there are strategies to compensate for excesses and  maintain the line .

For this we can choose to do cleansing days or shock days in which we eat fewer calories to compensate for the excess calories from previous days. These types of strategies work very well after the Christmas season in which excesses are common or after an event, vacation or any party in which excesses occur at a nutritional level.

On the other hand, another way to maintain weight is by increasing the load of physical exercise. This works, and it always works, the higher the exercise load we will burn more calories, which will compensate for the excess calories , managing to maintain the ideal weight. A maintenance diet , along with some caloric compensation (either following a hypocaloric diet or increasing the exercise load) will be enough to maintain your ideal weight.

Finally, you can make use of nutritional supplements that help you maintain the line, such as draining, fat capturing or fat burning, as well as herbal teas, teas or other natural products that help you keep your body in shape.

It is important that you take care of your diet and combine it with healthy lifestyle habits in order to maintain your weight because if you eat a very restrictive diet and then abandon it, the rebound effect will appear ; In other words, you will regain the lost weight.

Here we explain how to avoid the rebound effect , know everything you need to know.

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