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Montignac Diet: Explained Step by Step!

by Georgia Ede
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The Montignac diet is not a diet

Those who created it are the same who affirm it, the Montignac system cannot be considered as a diet since with a diet people understand that it refers to the way in which we eat according to the amounts of food, prohibiting some of them during a determined duration, in addition the Montignac plan is a plan in which we change the lifestyle adapting it to our needs.

While on a diet, we have the notion that it lasts and then we will start eating regularly. Let’s say it is a nutritional plan to change our lifestyle, making it healthier to lose weight and maintain our ideal weight.

How does the Montignac method work?

Montignac, with his method, tries not to restrict nutrients quantitatively , but instead seeks a balanced diet .

The quantity is not as important as the quality of the products we eat and as a consequence the nutritional quality is the basis of its system.

Its main function lies in choosing, for each type of macronutrient, the best foods, those that provide us the most, the healthiest, with the lowest caloric intake so that we do not gain weight, but with high nutritional value , that is the key value. nutritional value of the food we eat.

But … How are they chosen? According to their physical-chemical qualities, their nutritional quality and studying which foods cause weight gain, as well as which ones reduce the risk of suffering from different diseases. These are the main criteria to determine which foods interest us the most

After a good choice of food, the Montignac method affirms that ” Your health will be improved ” and you will wonder why? Well, very simple, health will improve by reducing the chances of suffering certain pathologies if you follow the diet, due to the rigor of studies and experimentation that have been carried out during these years, the diet is infallible.

The main guidelines of the Montignac system

First rule: Change your eating habits , guiding them to carry out a healthier diet that allows you to reach your goals. Depending on what you want to achieve, you will have to guide your nutritional plan in one way or another. Recommendations to carry out a weight loss diet, this can help you.

Second rule: The importance of the glycemic index of foods.

What is the glycemic index? Here we explain it in depth with another alternative diet to lose weight.

To do this, in the first place, Montignac affirms that we must forget to focus only on the calories we eat, a great mistake in nutrition that has passed into our food culture, especially since nutritionists put this premise as the most important of all.

We must ensure the necessary nutrients for the correct activity of our body. What interests us is the glycemic index of foods to choose them.

Foods with a high GI are prohibited (such as potatoes, wheat flour, sugar, cooked beans, cooked carrots, honey, etc.

Foods with a medium GI such as whole wheat pasta, brown rice, can be consumed as long as we do not consume them combined with saturated fats. Better to accompany them only with vegetable sauces although it can also be taken with fish or poultry without skin.

Here is a list of low glycemic foods that can be of great help.

The choice of lipids is based on the type of fatty acids. Unhealthy or saturated ones should be avoided. They are found in meats, butter, etc.

The healthy or unsaturated are those that will be consumed, both omega 3 and omega 6, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated that we find in fish, avocado, among others.

The choice of proteins is basically based on their neutrality or activity in metabolism , as well as on their animal or plant origin. They have to be proteins that provide us with little fat to prevent us from gaining weight, that do not cost to digest or assimilate in the body.

Phases of the Montignac method

• First phase of weight loss
: Ask yourself the question: How much weight do you want to lose? Its duration depends on your answer, since the first phase will end when you achieve your goal.

It is important to correctly choose carbohydrates with a very low glycemic index , as well as quality proteins and healthy fats. The purpose of this phase of the diet is to promote insulin secretion as little as possible, because this would not store lipids in the body through lipogenesis.

• Second phase: stabilizing the body and preventing weight gain:
The second part of the Montignac method consists of gradually incorporating foods with a higher glycemic index than the previous weight loss phase, but always in moderation.

From time to time, you can indulge in any fad, even those with a high glycemic index, but always on an occasional basis.

What can I eat with the Montignac method?

During the first phase you will not be able to eat sugar, its derivatives, bread, potatoes or alcoholic beverages. We will have to drink water outside of meals, as we will not consume fruits for dessert , but on an empty stomach. This diet is recommended for diabetics, always with medical supervision.

If you are diabetic you may also be interested in the following diet for diabetics .  People with cholesterol should prioritize unsaturated fats over saturated ones.

During the second phase they increase the group of foods that we can consume , although bad carbohydrates, as the doctor calls them, will never be allowed.

During this stage it is allowed to indulge in a whim, which they call a deviation, but we must always compensate for it before deviating. That is, if we want to have a croissant for breakfast, we must have compensated for it the night before eating it.

Allowed foods

All kinds of meats (avoiding very fatty meats) fish, pasta and brown rice (without mixing them with fat), fruits, vegetables, dark chocolate (+ 70% cocoa), eggs, legumes, quinoa, cheese, carrots (only raw ), milk, yogurt (better if they are skimmed, since the GI is lower), avocado, fructose, nuts, decaffeinated coffee, tea and infusions and wine (in moderation), whole wheat bread (only at breakfast).

Forbidden food

Sugar, classified by the method as a poison. (You can find out in depth here about the sugar in certain products ) , white bread, potato, corn, refined flours, cooked carrot, refined pasta, white rice, honey, beans, pumpkins, raisins, melon, beets, alcoholic beverages, dough, palm oil, sauces, maltodextrin , modified starches, and any source of trans fat.

Other recommendations and conclusion about the Montignac method

To combat excesses, it is advisable to exercise regularly to help us, together with the method, to maintain our weight line, balancing caloric expenditure always taking into account the glycemic index of food, not only its calories.

But it states that you will only lose weight if you do it regularly for more than 40 minutes in a row, exercising is not essential to lose weight with the Montignac method.

In conclusion, Michel Montignac is one of the first dietitians who proposed to his community to use the GI and similar metrics for people who want to lose weight fast , as a solution to end western obesity , and for now, the effects are positive since people who try this diet lose weight in a sustained way over time because they learn to eat correctly .

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