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The mysterious Diet of the Monks of Brazil

by Georgia Ede
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The Diet of the Monks, a mysterious diet …

Have you ever heard about the Diet of the Monks of Brazil ? Here we explain what this diet consists of in some places known as the ” Diet of rice grains “.

In the first place we must say that it is an effective diet according to its defenders but it also seems to be a mysterious diet, not scientifically proven and linked only to faith.

Secondly, it must be said that it cannot be considered as a diet proper or what we understand by diet or regimen , since it is not based on choosing the foods to be nourished in the most appropriate or healthy way possible, but rather based on some kind of magic trick or leap of faith.

Regarding its origin, it seems somewhat mysterious to be an ancient diet with thousands of years of existence that was found written in an ancient Mayan Temple in the Brazilian jungle , and apparently, at that time in Brazil rice was not yet known.

In conclusion, the diet of the Brazilian monks seems to be a mysterious diet , some people defend that it works but it seems that in this diet Faith is very important. Therefore, it is a diet not suitable for skeptics and that will only work for those people who have faith in it.

In case you are still interested, we are going to explain the rules to follow this diet:

It is a short diet, lasting 3 days and must necessarily start on a Wednesday;


1. Put in the morning in half a cup or glass of water, the number of grains of rice corresponding to the number of kilos you want to lose.
2. Do not put more grains than you need because those kilos will never get back.
3. At night, drink the water, leaving the grains and then refill the cup halfway.


In the morning on an empty stomach, drink all the water leaving only the rice grains and refill the cup halfway with water.


In the morning on an empty stomach, drink all the water along with the rice grains.


1. Keep the cup covered throughout the procedure.
2. Hand out copies of this diet according to the pounds you want to lose.
3. Begin the diet on Wednesday not before all copies have been distributed.
4. You can distribute the diet to anyone.
5. Do not diet even if it is incredible, DOES IT WORK?


If you do it as indicated, you respect everything and do not put 70 grains of rice but 5 or 7, a logical number, from already in a month according to the organism, you lose those kilos without even realizing it.

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