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Diet of the mind, an increasingly necessary diet

by Georgia Ede
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Although it is true, more and more people are becoming aware of how important it is to take care of their body, but also to take care of their health. As was said in ancient times “mens sana in corpori sana” , we are becoming more and more aware of how important our mental health is for the general health of our body and even more so when life expectancy continues to increase.

This diet is the latest in diets, it does not promise to lose 10 kilos in two weeks, it does not promise the detoxification of the organism, or anything like that; it simply promises to preserve your mental health and reduce the incidence of diseases of the mind, which is why it is known as the mental diet or the diet of the mind.

If you want to know what it is about, today we put the diet of the mind to the test and we also offer you a list of the 10 best foods to take care of your mind . Do not miss it, this diet can help you more than you imagine.

Can diet help prevent disease?

Yes, food is the key to the health of the body and as you already know “we are what we eat” and in part it is true that food does a lot for health. Studies carried out in the USA confirm that the diet of the mind is effective in reducing the incidence of Alzheimer’s by 52%. Which is not bad at all.

The diet of the mind is a diet combined with the Mediterranean diet , which has already been shown to reduce the incidence of certain diseases and, due to its high antioxidant content, makes it better to preserve our mental health, and a diet that slows down hypertension . We offer both types of diets in depth by clicking on the link.

In this case, this combination gives us better results and offers us more benefits for our health, as confirmed by the studies that exist in this regard.

How to do the diet of the mind?

The diet of the mind bases its effectiveness on largely ingesting foods that protect our brain structures and prevent premature aging. This is the case of green leafy vegetables, nuts, legumes, berries and whole grains, poultry, olive oil and fish, as well as wine.

It is not based solely on consuming these foods, as we will see below, but it does place special emphasis on eliminating from the diet , or at least occasionally consuming the following foods: red meat, butter, margarine, cheeses, sweets, cakes, convenience foods or fast food, fried foods, processed foods , etc.

With a correct nutritional balance and avoiding certain foods that are harmful to health, we are able to reduce inflammatory levels in the body, thus preventing diseases such as dementia .

With the diet of the mind you lose weight?

It is not a diet to lose weight but the fact of eliminating these foods from the diet and switching to consuming foods rich in nutrients, healthy and real, will make us lose weight clearly. Although it is not a specific diet to lose weight , you may lose weight by improving the nutritional quality of the food you eat, and therefore reducing your calorie intake.How is the weekly menu of the mind diet?

It is very simple, every day we must consume 3 servings of whole grains , 1 mixed salad , vegetables and a glass of red wine. (Although alcohol consumption is not recommended, a glass of red wine during the meal is totally recommended and beneficial for health). To cook we will use olive oil , but we will not fry the food we will prefer to use the iron or the steam or oven cooker.

Between meals, or as a snack we can take nuts , avoiding other less healthy snacks.

Every two days you should consume legumes , as a reference measure we can take approximately one cup. At the least twice a week should eat poultry and poultry natural berries. At least twice a week we will consume fish . If you want to know what type of fish to choose, click here.What does the success of the diet of the mind lie in?

It is a different diet in which the daily calorie intake is not limited, simply the important thing is to consume those foods that are healthy for the body and reduce those that may be harmful to the brain.

With this change you will also improve many aspects of your health. In addition, this lifestyle will favor your general health and will not give you the feeling of “being on a diet” since it is based on simple changes in nutritional habits .

Not only will it improve the health of our brain , but also, as I have said, it helps us lose weight, to improve the condition of our skin, hair and nails, so the benefits are many.Top 10 Foods for the Mind

  • Extra virgin olive oil and avocado:

Due to its content of polyphenols (antioxidants), it is the most beneficial oil for your health. Its regular consumption will increase your ability to think and your speed, as well as when it comes to learning.

We have started with healthy fats that maintain the elasticity and plasticity of brain structures because they provide the necessary nutrients for this. In the case of avocado, its consumption is recommended due to its antioxidant content (polyphenols) and for all its properties that you can consult in the link.

  • Broccoli:

It is known as the best representative of vegetable calcium , but it not only gives us that. It is a highly healthy food that provides us with a large amount of nutrients, especially minerals such as zinc, sulfur, beta-carotene, as well as vitamin C, K, Calcium, Iron, Potassium and Selenium. It is a powerful antioxidant that will keep your brain health in check.

  • Fruit:

Especially tangerines, bananas and apples are very interesting fruits for the body. The tangerines to the like oranges give us vitamins and minerals that improve memory, logical reasoning and also help absorb other nutrients.

The apple , as you already know, is very healthy and it is said that if you consume it daily, it dramatically improves your health by staying away from the doctor. They provide quercetin, an antioxidant that protects brain cells, as long as we consume it with skin.

On the other hand, the banana provides us with tryptophan, thus helping to synthesize serotonin, necessary to improve concentration and also to be in a positive mood.

  • Vegetables:

It is one of the forgotten foods in the diet because we associate legumes with very caloric stews, but one thing has nothing to do with the other, legumes can be eaten in a thousand ways without providing hardly any calories and also providing very healthy vegetable proteins for the organism. If you want to know more about proteins of vegetable origin, click here.

  • Dark chocolate:

Eye, BLACK. Not just any chocolate is valid , the cocoa has to be at least 80% pure in order to stimulate the production of endorphins, provide us with antioxidants and caffeine and theobroamine that stimulate brain and neuronal connections. In addition, endorphins improve mood.

  • Wild fruits and nuts:

Berries and red fruits are powerful antioxidants and help reduce damage caused by free radicals, protecting brain cells from oxidative stress, thus improving memory status, preventing memory loss; as well as improves concentration.

The nuts interest us for its vitamin E and also because they help to reduce the incidence of cognitive loss caused by cellular aging. They contain healthy fats that protect our brain and are very healthy, especially walnuts, almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, cashews and peanuts, that are natural, without roasting or frying and of course without seasoning.

  • Blue Fish:

Its omega-3 content contributes to improving memory and learning capacity. It is important to consume a lot of fish to have high amounts of omega 3, if you do not consume enough you can take a supplement that helps you reach that amount.

  • Tomato and beetroot:

The tomato , meanwhile, is very interesting because it contains lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that protects your brain premature cell aging and keeps it more agile and alert. Lycopene has greater properties when we cook tomatoes.

The beets helps you regulate heart rate, thus improving oxygen supply to brain cells and all the cells in general. If we oxygenate the neurons correctly, the thought is more fluid, the memory is more persistent and clear, which is why it improves our brain and neuronal conditions.Exercises for the mind

While it is true that diets are accompanied by exercise to obtain greater results, this diet does too. In this case the exercise comes in handy to keep assets but also we exercise our mind exercises for memory , retention games and activities to keep our brains agile.

Remember that it is very important to maintain an active attitude and a correct state of mind to ensure correct mental health.

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