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Metformin for weight loss is it safe?

by Georgia Ede
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What is metformin and what is it used for?

Metformin is a drug from the group of antidiabetics that is used to treat this pathology when increased exercise and the modification of healthy habits are not enough, together with insulin, to control the disease.

The problem is that it has currently been prescribed to non-diabetic patients to lose weight , because according to what they report, metformin is capable of making you lose weight, control appetite and reduce high blood glucose levels.

This drug is used to reduce high blood sugar levels without causing hypoglycemia, said so it seems to be a smart drug since it reduces blood sugar levels to normal values, but never to values ​​lower than normal. that could put our organism at risk.

What exactly is metformin?

Well, as we have mentioned, it is a drug used to reduce hyperglycemia in the blood, without endangering our health from suffering from hypoglycemia .

Years before the drug was synthesized, it was discovered that rue, a wild plant, possessed this antihyperglycemic property, which is why they dedicated themselves to synthesizing the active principle that rue goat had , scientifically known as Galega officinalis .

The result was optimal, since it can be taken orally and is easy to obtain. This medicine was welcomed in the sector because it can be used in cases where other treatments fail or insulin does not achieve the desired effects.

Metformin for weight loss, why is it used?

In addition to helping to lose weight , metformin is able to control and reduce appetite, since it increases the cellular uptake of glucose, increases the transduction of insulin signals and decreases the synthesis of fatty acids and triglycerides .

It also increases the oxidation of fats . Which translates into an increase in the conversion of fat to lean tissue, that is, fat is converted into muscle more easily without affecting the pancreas and helping to prevent diabetes.

Said, roughly the benefits of metformin to lose weight we wonder:

Is Metformin Safe For Weight Loss? Can you buy it without a prescription?

Well, according to the scientific basis, metformin will only be prescribed to a patient in three very specific cases, although it can be purchased without a prescription.

In the first place, it is prescribed for patients whose main indication is necessary, that is, for patients who need to reduce their blood glucose levels, patients who suffer from a process of insulin resistance , or other treatments have not worked. For this type of patients, it should be noted that metformin has proven benefits in preventing the development of the disease, as well as in the development of coronary problems .

Another of the patients to whom it is usually prescribed is women with polycystic ovary syndrome , since it improves fertility and ovulation.

It is also used in patients with obesity and hyperglycemia , as it helps to stop the cardiovascular complications suffered by these patients. Another of the cases to which this drug is prescribed is in patients with steatohepatitis (non-alcoholic) due to its relationship with the production of insulin.

In some cases, it is used as a prediabetic drug for people at risk of suffering from this disease, since it has a preventive agent for diabetes. These are usually patients with significant weight gain, or even obesity , who are recommended when the specific diet and exercise practice to control the evolution of blood glucose in the patient has failed.

The indications that we have described are justified, but outside of them, taking metformin can be a serious mistake, so we can say that this substance is effective for its indications but should NOT be consumed by healthy patients who want to lose weight without having been evaluated by a physician as appropriate.

Is it effective to lose weight?

In diabetic patients we know about the efficacy of this drug in their cases, but what happens if a non-diabetic patient takes it?

Well, the fact is that although there are studies, people with obesity can also benefit from metformin treatment when losing weight, it is usually effective to a greater extent when signs of insulin resistance appear . Therefore, we can say that it can be effective to lose weight or control weight , but what price should we pay for it?

The fact of having a drug available, cheaply that allows us to achieve what we want can be positive, but if we take into account the consequences and risks to which we are subjected when we take a drug without a prescription or off medical indication, The consequences can be fatal , even more so when time has not allowed, at the moment, to carry out long-term studies on the consumption of this drug for such purposes.

What is the problem with metformin?

The problem is that as this drug is normalized, and as it has a low cost , its use has become more common than normal and is being used by people who want to lose weight without any type of disease or pathology.

We also have another problem and that is that people, when they use a drug for a purpose other than that indicated, do not take into account the necessary dose to achieve effects, so that sometimes there are overdose problems, which can become truly complicated.

Side effects of metformin

Metformin is a drug that, as we have explained previously, has its indications and if we do not take it correctly, in its doses, or we take it without being a patient indicated for this treatment, we can suffer side effects such as: stomach pain , diarrhea, and other effects secondary such as headache , malaise , nausea …

Also, metformin can cause a problem known as lactic acidosis syndrome , which is a build-up of lactic acid in the blood. This can cause us nausea, muscle weakness, cramps, malaise, and in the worst case a coma or even death. Although only 9 out of 100,000 people suffer from lactic acidosis, this complication is even more remarkable when it is taken without the knowledge of the doctors.

We must bear in mind that after lactic acidosis, mortality is between 50-80% of cases, which means that it is a significant figure.Contraindications of metformin

Like any drug, metformin is contraindicated in many patients, it is the case of people with a higher risk of suffering from lactic acidosis, that is, patients with kidney , liver or lung diseases .

Nor is its use recommended in those patients in whom it may alter kidney function, such as by performing diagnostic tests with contrast .What is the dose of metformin?

The initial dose starts at 500 mg distributed throughout the day in a couple of doses, or three and can be progressively expanded, reaching a maximum of 2,000 mg daily divided into two or three doses throughout the day.Is it worth taking metformin to lose weight?

No, and absolutely not, if you do not suffer from any of the pathologies for which this drug is indicated.

If you want to lose weight, forget about diet pills , and start changing your habits towards a healthier lifestyle and choose the diet that best suits your needs.

This will allow you to lose weight in a progressive, constant and sustained way over time, which means a healthy and effective weight loss without taking risks that could compromise your health.

After all, the most important thing we have is health, is it worth putting it at risk? NO, and indisputably NO.

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