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Marine magnesium What is it and what is it for?

by Georgia Ede
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What is magnesium?

Magnesium is a fundamental mineral for human life, let’s say it is the key that opens the door to obtaining energy from our body, it also intervenes in the proper functioning of different work chains of our body.

Lately the consumption of magnesium has become fashionable to achieve a greater recovery in less time of the muscular structures , so its use has spread among athletes, also so much so that new forms of naturally extracted magnesium have emerged, as is the case of marine magnesium , which we will talk about below.

We will also explain the properties of magnesium , the recommended doses and what foods provide us with this mineral, as well as its possible side effects .

Do not hesitate and read on because magnesium is one of the minerals that most intervenes in the different processes of the body and we must keep it at its correct levels for optimal body function.

Magnesium properties

Magnesium reduces tiredness and fatigue , provides an electrolyte balance in the body , stabilizes the nervous system, is energizing, increases the creation of proteins, helping muscle and bone regeneration.

It also relaxes the muscles, and maintains dental health, as well as helps control blood glucose levels and improves skin elasticity. It is also used as a mild laxative .

In addition to having these one of the fundamental minerals for cell reproduction , it promotes cell division.

On the other hand, it is a precursor of energy production in the body and provides a constant heart rate thanks to its properties that relax muscle tension and regulate electrical function. With a good daily dose, the muscles are more relaxed and ready to work, so it is also used for a correct and more productive physical training .

Lack of magnesium, what symptoms do you have?

A large part of the population suffers from magnesium deficiencies, generally more women, and this produces symptoms such as tiredness , fatigue , headache , cramps , exhaustion … etc. In addition, the magnesium deficit causes the chains that provide other minerals to break, so it is vitally important to control magnesium levels so that this does not happen.

One of the symptoms that most appear in the absence of magnesium and that sets off alarms is excessive or constant sweating , in athletes or people who perform physical overexertion it is quite common, but in people who do not perform physical activity it is a change that usually alarms.

Like the rest of the minerals, magnesium is eliminated from the body through sweat and urine, in fact, when very excessive sweating occurs due to intense physical activity, it also leads to a magnesium deficit, the good thing about This situation is that it is relatively easy to restore the mineral since it would be enough to take a magnesium supplement to balance it.

Another factor related to magnesium deficiency is stress and anxiety, which makes a decrease in magnesium in the body more common as a result of the release, by cells, of the mineral into the bloodstream. The greater the anxiety, the greater the loss of magnesium.

And what is marine magnesium?

The marine magnesium is a pure seawater extract and the result of a process about 5 years extracted naturally.

During the first year, sun exposure and the evaporation of the Mediterranean marshes cause the water to evaporate and the salt crystals that are collected to make salt for human consumption remain on the surface, the remaining liquid from said extraction is still not crystallized. It moves towards other marshes for a second cycle of evaporation, during the next two years salt crystallizations continue to be produced, which is successively collected.

After the fifth year, the water with magnesium chloride that has remained there will be allowed to evaporate for two more months and due to the presence of the chloride it will no longer crystallize. This residual seawater is transferred to tanks where it will evaporate and the chloride will be eliminated so that it crystallizes in its entirety and after a final dry purification phase the product will turn into a white powder of approximately 60% pure magnesium.

The composition of marine magnesium will be as follows: magnesium oxide 88%, magnesium hydroxide 5%, magnesium sulfate 3%, magnesium carbonate 3%, magnesium chloride 1%.

Why use marine magnesium?

Marine magnesium offers all the benefits of chemically extracted magnesium with the particularity of being natural and offering better tolerance in the body.

It has all the properties of magnesium and offers us all its benefits naturally , which is why its consumption has become widespread in recent years.

What is the recommended dosage?

Generally the recommended magnesium dose is 350 mg daily. This amount is what is estimated as adequate to avoid deficits.

With a higher consumption, unwanted side effects could appear although the weight and height of the person and their level of physical activity must always be taken into account, as well as the daily consumption index in the usual diet to adjust a dose.

Magnesium foods

There are many foods rich in this mineral. These are mainly green leafy vegetables, mainly and fruits since they use it to produce chlorophyll.

Among the most common foods we highlight bran, pumpkin seeds, watermelon , cocoa powder, sesame and flax seeds, sunflower seeds, Brazil nuts, almonds and cashews; also coriander, parsley, mint and chives.

Magnesium side effects

Like any supplement, magnesium can cause us unwanted side effects such as gastrointestinal discomfort, mainly due to the laxative properties of magnesium, to avoid it we must consume it with meals.

People who suffer from hiatal hernia, heartburn or other gastric problems should take precautions when consuming some types of this mineral as they could increase symptoms.

It is a fairly safe and risk-free supplement, but we must bear in mind that if it is consumed in high doses it can also cause significant damage such as heart rhythm disturbances or shortness of breath.

  • We must consult with a doctor before taking any supplement.

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