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Maple syrup diet

by Georgia Ede
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Actually, this diet is one of the so-called miracle diets .

The diet is carried out for 10 days divided into three phases. During the first three days we will only ingest a dilution of maple syrup in water with lemon (it can also be with orange).

From the fourth to the seventh day (both inclusive) we will carry out a purely vegetarian diet with only brown rice. And the last three days again we will only ingest the dilution of maple syrup with lemon or orange.

And what is Maple Sap Syrup ?

Maple syrup is a natural sweetener that comes from maple sap whose nutritional content is minerals (calcium, potassium and zinc), protein, low fat and carbohydrates .

It is an alternative product to sugar as it has half the calories of white sugar. It is generally used to accompany pancakes (pancackes) because it is a natural and nutritious sweetener. But these are the properties treating it as a sweetener, not as the basis of a diet, meal replacement , etc.

The dilution is 14 to 16 tablespoons in 2 liters of water and lemon . Consumption is stipulated for each day of the diet.

During the first day at least half a liter will be consumed, on the second we will increase to three quarters of a liter, and during the third day at least one liter.

During the four days of a vegetarian diet we will consume at least half a liter of the dilution per day.

During the eighth day we will consume a liter, the ninth three-quarters of a liter, and the last day half a liter.

Myths and realities of the Maple Syrup diet

Apparently it is a regime that is not complicated at all, it is easy to assume the guidelines. The difficult thing is to be able to do a semi- fasting diet , since it drastically reduces the consumption of calories  that we were consuming previously.

It is an unbalanced diet that can cause disorders in the body due to a lack of nutrients , vitamins, hydrates, essential fats, etc.

These types of diets known as miracle diets do not modify eating habits, nor do they try to introduce healthy behaviors such as exercise or the consumption of certain healthy foods.

Excessive consumption of a miracle product is simply encouraged , which supposedly will make us lose weight quickly given the low energy intake .

It is not indicated for people with low blood pressure, of course not for diabetics, pregnant women or children. Nor can it be sustained over time, as it is already quite aggressive, performing it for only 10 days; and it can produce imbalances in the body.

According to supporters of this diet improves cell function , but there are no scientific studies to support this claim. As well as claim that drainage detoxifies our body  and directly attacks fatty deposits .

It promises a weight loss of 5 to 8 kilos in 10 days , but it is very likely that you will regain that weight as soon as you start eating all kinds of foods at the end of the diet.

Last but not least, we must value that it is a diet that is quite expensive , because only in the miraculous product we will spend around 80 euros.

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