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Mango Smoothie to lose weight and lose weight

by Georgia Ede
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A delicious natural Mango Smoothie, rich, rich!

The smoothies are a slush juices too consumed in hot weather because nourish and refresh the body . They also help us lose weight , because increasing the consumption of fruits in the diet makes us feel full and we do not consume other foods with a higher energy load instead.

We can consume the smoothie at mid-morning as a snack or in the afternoon as a snack . Try making them with the fruits that you like the most, as long as they are not excessively sweet , and if so, combine them with more acidic fruits . We can add a milk base, accompanying them with milk or yogurt. If we freeze the fruit beforehand, we will make it creamier and more bound than if we add ice to the fruit.

This smoothie will be more loaded with pineapple than mango, since the properties of pineapple are much more interesting for losing weight , although the mango flavor will stand out for being more powerful .

The pineapple is highly diuretic, digestive , is high in minerals such as iron, iodine, manganese, zinc and magnesium. A 85% is water which helps to moisturize and drain the body .

It is a fruit with little caloric intake , it is a powerful  fat burner . It fights anemia as it causes iron to be properly assimilated.

Its high fiber content helps us fight constipation and the high potassium content makes it highly diuretic because it makes it easier to eliminate fluids and cleanse the body of toxins , which make us bloat, therefore preventing swelling. .

On the other hand, the  mango , which although it contains a high percentage of  carbohydrates and therefore high caloric value, we are going to add a little to the smoothie to make it a little sweeter and give it a tropical touch .

The handle is high in vitamins of group A and C . It is a powerful antioxidant and anticancer .

It is very good for the body as it strengthens the immune system , improves the appearance of the skin, hair, nails and eyesight. It is very digestive due to its high content of magnesium and fiber , which also reduces appetite .


How to make this smoothie?

Given the high calorie content of mango, we are not going to add a dairy base in the smoothie, it will be 100% fruit. We will take half a mango, and more than half a pineapple, ice and a few drops of lime (lemon, if we do not have lime) which will intensify the flavor of the mango.

We will beat all this until it is homogeneous. We can freeze the fruit beforehand and it will be more bound.

Try it, it is pure liquid gold for the body.

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