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Does mango make you fat? – Your calories in the diet

by Georgia Ede
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Losing weight is not an easy task, but at a point where we try everything and we no longer know what works for us and what does not. What is very clear and proven is that the diets we do by eating reluctantly or going hungry have a very serious end. of course, the disaster.

The diets very restrictive or where we eat food we do not like do not work, because you really lose weight quickly but recover quickly when you begin to eat as before, which does not work .

Therefore, it is about changing habits to eat healthy, for this we are going to include healthy foods, that we like, to make the meal time a pleasant time, not an ordeal.

This diet is not a diet in which we only eat mango , these diets do not work, we will eat mango and many other things, because it has to be a balanced diet ; But if you don’t like mango, you can stop reading and look for another diet that is more suited to your needs and tastes.

This diet takes advantage of the nutritional properties of mango to lose weight, but it is not exclusive to mango because this would produce many deficiencies for our body, because although mango is a fruit, from a nutritional point of view, very healthy; it would not meet all of our expectations, because there is no single food that meets our nutritional needs 100%.

That said, can I lose weight eating mango? Of course I can; let’s see how.

Does eating mango make you fat?

I love these types of questions, let’s see: no food makes you lose weight or make you fat . Everything is in the measure, in the quantity . If a person says that he only eats French fries and does not get fat, would you believe him? Can be.

If you spend all day with 30 French fries, surely you are not fattening, because you are not ingesting the necessary calories for your body, but is that healthy? absolutely NO .

Well, that is why it is not so important what we eat if not the quality of what we eat, when we eat it and in what way. Therefore, we are going to see the properties of the mango.

Mango properties, what does it give us?

What does mango give us? Mango is a tropical fruit, unknown to many, as is the case with papaya (which you can learn about here about its benefits to lose weight) and it is very healthy.

In addition to having a delicious taste , it has antioxidant properties, it is rich in tryptophan , so it will help you fall asleep and keep your immune system strong.

Mango has weight loss properties since it is a powerful natural fat burner that you can find out about here . These foods act by accelerating the burning of fats so we burn more calories when they are consumed.

On the other hand, mango is a fruit that keeps our intestinal tract free of toxins since it facilitates digestion and healthy evacuations. In other words, the mango acts against constipation, which prevents fluid retention due to the presence of toxins, something that will help us deflate, and look healthier and flatter stomach.

The handle , depending on the degree of maturity, gives us about 60 kcal per 100 grams so we can say it is not excessively caloric food so it helps us lose weight.

– You can check here the calories of the main fruits .

It has a very valuable power that is the satiating power , that is, it decreases our appetite and that helps us lose weight, and above all to have the feeling of satiety that we need so as not to peck.

– You can see here the properties of the African mango , very interesting to lose weight .

How to lose weight eating mango?

I know that is the star question, but it is possible, that is true. You have to know how to combine foods to get healthy meals and that is what I am going to explain to you next in the guidelines for the mango diet.

As we have previously commented, this diet is not exclusively for mango consumption but we will combine it with foods from all nutritional groups to make a balanced diet that takes advantage of the health benefits of mango.

First of all, we are interested in 3 main aspects of mango to lose weight:

  • Its satiating power that will decrease our appetite and our desire to snack between meals.
  • Its digestive property that, due to its fiber content, will promote rapid digestion and will also help us eliminate toxins, as well as being a diuretic .
  • And thirdly, for its fat-burning properties that help us lose weight through greater and faster caloric combustion.

Lose weight in a delicious way, eat mango

We are going to distribute the meals in 5 doses in which we will combine the consumption of mango in the following way.

At breakfast we will opt for a coffee with milk and a toast of whole wheat bread with sugar with a natural mango smoothie with skim milk or water. If we consider too much food, we can have the smoothie in the mid-morning snack accompanied by a piece of mango.

At lunchtime we will always have a salad or vegetable broth and grilled fish or meat. Two days a week a plate of rice or vegetables. For dessert a piece of mango.

In the afternoon we will have a skimmed yogurt with mango and dinner will be light a vegetable cream, a natural fruit salad or a grilled fish with vegetables, etc.

Remember that in your main dishes you can add mango to increase the duration of satiety , for example you can add mango to your salads, or accompany a chicken breast with two pieces of grilled mango.

We use the mango especially in meals or snacks to satisfy ourselves for longer.

Combine the menus to make them to your liking adapting to your needs and priorities, here you can see healthy dinners .

You must remember that you should avoid in the diet processed and precooked products, industrial products, pastries, sweets, snacks and fats.

Avoid sugar consumption so as not to load the body with calories without useful nutrients for the body, if you want to know how to eat healthy click here .

It is not allowed to fry food or batter, since this increases the caloric intake of food and is also not good for health, so we will choose to cook on the grill, in the oven or steamed; a healthier kitchen with fewer calories.

You should drink around two liters of water a day , you can accompany it with infusions or sweetened teas . Use the fruits in the mid-morning and in the afternoon as satiates and avoid eating them for dessert.

If you are interested in fruit diets, click on the link to see the watermelon and peach diet . If your favorite fruit is the banana, here is the solution to your extra kilos, find out about the banana diet to lose weight.

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