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How to lose weight after Christmas

by Georgia Ede
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After the excesses of the Christmas season, it’s time to get fit and lose weight!

After Christmas is over , we realize all the excesses to which we have been subjected. Generally, there is talk of an increase  of between two and four kilos in weight.

Those in charge of this increase are usually the typical sweets of the holidays, the many traditional meals, dinners and meetings of this time, which are based on eating, eating and eating more. We also add the consumption of alcoholic beverages for all kinds of celebrations. If to all this we add that we abandon any healthy habit we had, such as going for a run, classes in any sports discipline, or going to the gym; This makes the weight gain even greater.

During these dates we consume products that are higher in fat than generally, sweeter, more sauces, more of everything, less healthy, so the attack plan begins by eliminating all these products from the diet.

The plan is very simple, you just have to set one day as the limit, that day will end your Christmas, so think about it because from that day on, sweets, fats, and Christmas products will disappear from your life.

Plan Post-Navideño

This post-Christmas plan consists of 3 phases that are the following:

During the three phases we will follow the same pattern: We will eat five meals throughout the day, the most powerful being breakfast and lunch.

The breakfast will consist of a portion of cereal or bread, milk and a piece of fruit. If we consume bread, we can accompany it with a protein part such as cooked ham or fresh cheese. At midmorning we will consume a piece of fruit and an infusion.

During the meal the first course will always be salad or defatted broth or vegetables. The second meat or fish and for dessert a piece of fruit.

In the afternoon, in the afternoon, we will consume a yogurt and at dinner we will opt for lighter dishes. The difference between the phases will be the introduction of food progressively as explained below.

First phase:

The first phase will be made up of the first two weeks of the diet, it is called ” from all to nothing “; In other words, we will do without any food rich in fat, no sweets, no sauces, precooked products, etc.

Now we will base our diet on healthy products, we will increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables, we will cook everything sautéed, grilled or steamed , the meats must be lean, and we will have to increase the consumption of fish.

During this phase we will not consume carbohydrates, more than those we consume for breakfast .

We will eliminate for two weeks bread in meals, pasta, rice and legumes, as well as potatoes.

We will incorporate physical exercise for at least one hour a day, at least three days a week.

The type of exercise, the one that you like the most, even if it is going for a walk.

Little by little you will increase your pace and resistance.

Second level:

During the second phase , we will begin to introduce  a pasta or rice dish once a week , always at lunch, never at dinner.

This phase will last as long as you deem necessary, as we will follow the plan until we lose the weight we regained at Christmas or until we reach our ideal weight . The rest will be the same as in the previous phase.

Third phase:

The third phase is maintenance, we can consume pasta, rice or legumes twice a week and we will have a day off, in moderation, to celebrate the challenges achieved.

Set a weekly goal and if you reach it, Sunday will be a good day to eat whatever you want in moderation. This phase can be extended in time as long as you want. Follow the rest of the guidelines in the same way and you will see how well you maintain your weight.

To help you, you can do a day or two a week of shock .

A healthy way to get back to your weight after Christmas, follow it to the letter and you will see how good you feel when you regain your figure.

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