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How to lose 5 kilos in a month

by Georgia Ede
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Losing 5 kilos is one of the most common purposes. While this should not cost us a lot, it is something that we sometimes resist. Perhaps because they are the most important 5 kilos to lose, because they are the ones with which we are going to see ourselves in our ideal weight or because when we move by 5 kg up or five down, they cost us more to take them off.

These five kilos that keep us awake are going to stop doing it.

Getting the challenge is easier than we think. With just a few tricks that we are going to offer you below, you will see your dream come true. Next we are going to give you a tip for every kilo we want to lose .

  • First of all ; one of the secrets is to change dishes .

We are going to use the smallest plates of our tableware to eat.

Salads and steamed vegetables can take up the flat plate used in meals.

We will present meat and fish in dessert dishes, as well as pasta or rice.

The sweets will be taken in a coffee plate or a single coffee glass.

The measures are simple, because without even realizing it we will have reduced our rations by half.

  • Second ; we will aim to walk at a brisk pace for at least 45 minutes a day. Either taking our pets for a walk, or with the children of the family, as a couple, on the beach, in a park wherever except shop windows because the pace is not constant and we will make too many stops. If we do any other type of exercise , the better and if it is aerobic, better than better.
  • Third ; the daily menu will consist of five daily meals spread throughout the day. Breakfast and lunch being stronger than snack and dinner.

We will base the diet on the consumption of seasonal vegetables, greens and fruits. Basically white and red meats only veal (beef). White and blue fish without exceptions.

We can eat all kinds of seafood. Maximum 4 eggs a week.

We will restrict the use of the oil to two tablespoons a day, for dressings or stews.

We will restrict rice, legumes, and pasta to once a week.

We will eliminate fried, battered, sauces, sweets, pre-cooked meals, etc. from our diet.

  • Fourth ; We will try to change certain behaviors related to nutrition and our habits . We will try to eat slowly , chewing each food well.

We should not ingest a lot of water during meals, it is better to hydrate before and after each meal and outside of them.

We will eliminate all carbonated drinks from the diet.

We will try to be less sedentary, move our skeleton. Nourish our body with healthy products of good nutritional quality, etc.

  • Fifth , and not least, we must rest well. Sleep for at least 8 hours a day. Rest is essential for the body and makes it function properly in all aspects.

Get rid of that weight that you carry because those five kilos will bring you happiness. Cheer up, apply yourself and get it, you can !!

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