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Lose a lot in a short time

by Georgia Ede
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Is it healthy to lose a lot of weight in a short time?

The keys to be able to do it without putting our organism at risk

The truth is that there are many diets that promise to lose a lot of weight in a short time , but is it really possible? truly   yes , it is possible but it is at least dangerous if a balanced diet is not carried out and it is combined with physical exercise.

The problem with most of the diets that we find on the net, is that they promise to lose a lot of weight in a short time and of course; effortless. This should make us reconsider and think that we can be before a regime that makes us lose a lot of fluids but not lose body fat .

We will recover the liquid the day we stop this type of regimen, because the body is dedicated to storing all the liquid it lacks and the reserves it has lost.

Whether they are liquids or carbohydrates, which they also tend to eliminate from fast diets to notice an almost instantaneous weight loss, but nothing effective.

Such diets, threatening our health are usually diets dissociated or diets protein of low caloric intake with which we should not test for more than a couple of days.

There are also those that are called purifying or oxygenating diets , which are based on consuming products that purify the digestive system , but which hardly provide useful nutrients for the body. And to put at risk , even more so if possible, our body are the so-called cleansing fasting diets. Which consist of fasting every other day, or only consuming liquids and preparations to drain the body without ingesting any solid.

These types of preparations to drain and purify what they do is satiate you , but they do not nourish, so the body can be seen in a phase of malnutrition and even dehydration since the liquids we consume are prepared to combat fluid retention and disappear soon of the organism.

In short, we must value that to lose weight we must eat in a balanced way even if it costs us more in time and what without a doubt must be taken into account is that to lose weight quickly it must be combined with physical exercise, at a high level, which implies a physical effort for the body to start burning fat stores.

Exercise is essential when it comes to losing weight, since through it we manage to burn the excess energy present in our body, either from the caloric intake from fats or carbohydrates, or the energy that our body has in the form of fat deposits.

To achieve a weight loss, we have to take into account two aspects, mainly we must restrict or reduce the consumption of fats and carbohydrates, although not eliminate them completely, since both are essential for the normal development of the activities of our body.

On the other hand, we must increase physical activity and make it well so regularly , to be the exercise to regulate and stabilize the relationship between i ngesta of calories and energy consumed. If this relationship is practically stable, we will ensure that the body does not accumulate energy in its reserves in the form of fats , and as a consequence we will lose weight .

Basically food and exercise are what make us lose or gain weight, there are no miracles or explosive combinations that make us transform in seconds.

You can also help yourself with natural supplements for a specific problem such as fluid retention , swelling, etc. Always consult it before with a specialist.

In short, we do not believe the hoaxes, the miracle diets that promise us so much, without effort. Because losing weight requires a change in diet, physical effort and motivation.

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