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The Liquid Diet to lose weight fast

by Georgia Ede
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A detoxifying diet with which to lose weight:

Losing weight is not an easy thing and although we believe that everything is invented, new things appear every day, new methods that help us lose weight, this is the case of the liquid diet.

This diet is a detox diet  that has become so fashionable because many celebrities, such as Angelina Jolie , have claimed to carry it out on many occasions throughout their lives, in fact, it is a very simple diet .

The basic rule of this diet is easy: you will only eat food in a liquid state , among which we highlight: juices, smoothies, creams, teas and yogurts. Although the premise is clear, we are going to reveal all the secrets of this diet that is causing such a sensation on the web.

How much weight can you lose with the liquid diet?

With this diet they are able to lose around 3 kg a week , and you will wonder how? Well, very simple, generally the foods that we eat in a solid form provide us with more calories than in a liquid form. Either because of the way they are cooked, or because of other factors that we explain below.

What foods are allowed in the liquid diet?

In the first place, it should be noted that not only liquid foods are consumed since those that are not we process them to make them liquid. This is the case of vegetables, meat or fish that are so important in our diet, as well as legumes.

We can consume soups, creams, broths, juices (natural), teas, smoothies, jellies, yogurts, popsicles (ice cream) and puddings .

Generally, to consume a food, not raw, in a liquid state we must cook it and crush it, for this we will add cooking water. This means that we are satisfied earlier and contribute fewer calories to our body. Since water does not provide calories and also keeps us hydrated. In any case, we will only do this with vegetables, lean meats and fish. We will consume legumes a couple of times a week and always at lunchtime, never at dinner.

Forbidden foods of the liquid diet

The consumption of rice, pasta and cereals is not allowed . As it is a liquid diet, it goes without saying that we cannot eat fried or battered , because they are not in a liquid state.

How long does the liquid diet last?

The maximum duration of the diet is one month . The body needs to consume carbohydrates, which are restricted in this diet. With the restriction of carbohydrates we are able to produce in our organism the state of ketosis that makes us begin to consume the fat from the fat deposits housed in our body. Therefore, we will begin to lose accumulated fat.

What are the benefits of a liquid diet?

The benefits of this diet are many since we will consume many crushed fruits and vegetables , which provide us with a large amount of vitamins and minerals and antioxidants . They do not provide us with hardly any calories, they are healthy foods, without fat.

The consumption of fruit and vegetables regulates intestinal transit and makes us eliminate waste substances correctly, thus avoiding constipation and bloating .

We will also keep our body hydrated, which will make us eliminate fluid retention , our body will work perfectly, which we will notice in healthy hair, skin and nails.

We will lose weight by eating healthy fruits and vegetables, eliminating less healthy products such as sweets from the diet.

What is the key to the liquid diet?

Actually, there is not much mystery, since when consuming food in a liquid state we avoid the least recommended ways of cooking and we also stop consuming certain foods that harm us; such as frozen, precooked and processed foods, as well as industrial pastries, bread, sweets, etc.

By incorporating water into food to change its state, we make it give us fewer calories . And we avoid extra calorie consumption by steaming or boiling them.

It is important, and in fact also a determining factor in the result of the diet, that the juices are natural since the packaged ones have a large amount of sugars that we should not consume and that are not healthy.

On the other hand, the more liquid the food we eat, the better, and by that I mean that if we add creams (cream, cheeses) we will be increasing the calories of said food. The creaminess equals fat . So the more liquid the better , the fewer calories, the more weight we will lose .

Does the liquid diet have a trick?

Of course yes, like all diets you must choose the foods well and the less fatty they are, the better since  the diet will give us greater results .

People say, great if I let the ice cream melt it turns into liquid. All day to eat ice cream and I will lose weight. NO.

Let’s face it, we can consume ice cream, if it is made from natural fruit better than better, but we cannot eat ice cream and more if it is creamy because it is not that we will not lose a gram, but that we will gain weight and also we will not be well nourished. We will lack vitamins, minerals, and we will have excess carbohydrates and fats.

The same happens with dairy , if they are skimmed much better, since otherwise we will be consuming excess fat. Alcohol consumption, even liquid, is not recommended.

Advantages of the liquid diet:

Provides adequate hydration to our body.

It is easier for weight loss to occur, since liquid foods are usually less caloric than solid foods.

It limits the work of the digestive system so, like the soft diet , it is ideal after surgery or convalescence period.

Better functioning of the digestive system due to the detoxification that occurs if we choose good foods such as lemon .

Psychic improvement when dieting, because people feel better after making this type of sacrifice.

Disadvantages of the liquid diet:

It does not provide all the necessary nutrients that make up a balanced diet, so it is recommended that the period of time of the diet is not very long.

If the diet is very poor in nutrients, especially in proteins or calcium, it can lead to the appearance of discomfort or trigger any disease.

It is not recommended that it be carried out by problems with previous diseases, nor by children or pregnant women, because in these cases it is necessary to try to make the diet as balanced as possible.

If you try to do it for a long time, hunger can increase stress levels and the person can be forced to binge on food at the end of the diet which would be counterproductive and a large number of toxins would be released again.

Some detractors of this diet claim that detoxification is not real and that it is not scientifically proven.

To get an idea of ​​what we can eat, we provide you with a daily menu that you can vary as you please.

Orange, carrot and celery juice with lemon and a skimmed yogurt.
A varied fruit juice with skimmed milk.
Vegetable soup with chicken (shredded) and a fruit jelly.
Mid afternoon
A tea, a natural fruit ice lolly or a fruit smoothie.
Minestrone soup and a skimmed drinkable yogurt.


You already have all the information, encouragement and… to drink!

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