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Leptin A hormone for weight loss?

by Georgia Ede
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What is leptin?

The leptin , also known as OB protein is a hormone produced by fat cells (fat cells), which in many other functions, regulates appetite . Its main function is to inhibit food intake and increase energy expenditure, to keep body weight constant. Leptin is responsible for sending signals of satiety to the brain and for this it stimulates an area in the hypothalamus, warning about the existence of sufficient adipose tissue. Thus, it causes a reduction in food intake, which is why we can affirm that it is a key element in the development of obesity.

This hormone is synthesized by adipose tissue in an amount proportional to the body’s fat mass. The more fat, the more leptin and although it may seem contradictory, obese people tend to have high levels of leptin, but its explanation is simple, since having more body fat generally produce more leptin although, although it is true, most of obese people have problems in the synthesis of leptin or have problems with the hypothalamus detecting these signals produced by leptin, which is why the relevant caloric intake brake is not produced.

Below we explain everything about the functioning of leptin in our body, as well as if it is the solution against being overweight . Read on and discover leptin in detail.

What functions does leptin have in our body

Leptin has different functions in the body, among them it intervenes in fertility, and in the development of diseases such as diabetes or obesity. We highlight below the functions that are associated with weight management:

  • It inhibits the production of hormones and peptides that increase appetite and desire to eat.
  • Stimulates insulin production.
  • It intervenes in the energy balance (between consumption and caloric expenditure), promoting caloric expenditure due to its action on thermogenesis and the production of other hormones that accelerate metabolism, such as thyroid hormones.
  • Regulates the appetite and stimulates the feeling of satiety.

How to increase the presence of leptin in the body naturally

The leptin levels can be altered by several factors, among others, the proportion of fat in the body. However, if what we want is to avoid weight gain, control or maintain our weight, we must know that there are factors that alter the synthesis of leptin and the body’s response to its signals. The nutritional habits are very important to maintain stable all analytical values Mustra the health of our body, it is noteworthy that diets are very restrictive,notably reduce leptin levels. Therefore, we must know that it is not advisable to reduce food intake as much as possible, since leptin levels will fall, increasing hunger, reducing satiety and the activity of our metabolism. We also do fast diets and lose weight drastically as a consequence, the fat mass will be drastically reduced and the body will not have been able to get used to the change and alerts will jump by reducing leptin levels , thus affecting our appetite and daily caloric expenditure will be reduced. Also, as a consequence, we will gain weight.

On the other hand, physical exercise , although it can produce a decrease in fat in the body, it has been shown that with the practice of physical exercise, leptin sensitivity increases ; For this reason, physically active people have a greater feeling of satiety, have a higher caloric expenditure and better control the intake of necessary calories. Instead, stress  reduces leptin levels , producing more hunger and reducing energy expenditure.

Therefore, if we want to activate our body, we must act by carrying out a healthy diet with a balanced diet , practicing moderate physical exercise and we must also get rid of stress, which damages our health so much. To do this, here is an article about What can I do to eliminate stress?

Is leptin the solution against being overweight?

Obesity is a disorder in which both genetic and environmental factors intervene, that is, the one who has extra kilos is because he eats more than he spends (which does not mean that he eats a lot in all cases, it may be that his body spend little) therefore obesity or overweight cannot be solved with pills or natural remedies.

Obesity is a pathology for which we have to determine its causes, which can be many, and try to solve it with a diet that suits us and our particularities, combining it with physical exercise. If you want to know how to avoid hunger attacks you can read this post .

With all these data, it is not strange to think that the “cure” for obesity was to treat overweight or obese people with leptin, but as we have commented previously, the levels of this hormone in obese people are normal or even exceed normal.

It has been proven that those who suffer from obesity develop resistance to the signal of this hormone: that is, despite the fact that high levels of leptin are detected in the blood, the body does not respond to the signal as we mentioned before, these are problems in detecting the signals or body response problems. From what it appears to be, it is not as easy as we think to solve obesity problems.

There are people who have clearly lost weight with a leptin supplement, without altering their nutritional habits and there are other people who have not noticed a difference, therefore, there is no conclusive evidence that leptin makes them lose weight but it is true that certain patients have noticed an increased feeling of satiety.

However, the safety of the consumption of this substance has not yet been clearly determined, and there are many issues that have not yet been demonstrated and we should wait for them to be resolved before generalizing its use.

We advise against buying medicines or dietary supplements online since there is no guarantee of their composition with the consequent possibility of health risk as we already commented in the post about diet pills .

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