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Tea of ​​the 3 years, Kukicha or Bancha, still do not know?

by Georgia Ede
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Kukicha tea, or tea of ​​the three years a drink full of benefits

Almost all the teas we are talking about have a multitude of properties but we must emphasize that not all are the same, we must take into account our circumstances when choosing a tea, especially if we are going to consume it on a regular basis.

The story tells that the branches and leaves of the plant are collected for three different years and then roasted, which causes the theine to be almost completely lost, which is why it is known as the three-year tea. According to Japanese tradition, it is a poor man’s tea because it is made from the branches that are wasted but it turns out to be the healthiest part.

There are two varieties of this tea, Bancha Tea and Kukicha , the first contains the leaves and the second only the branches of a plant called Camellia Sinensis . Brancha tea is more aromatic and stimulating than kukicha, which, for example, does not contain theine, one of the reasons why people decide to consume this tea.

Here we explain all the benefits of this tea and its most outstanding properties. You cannot miss all the information that we put at your disposal.

What does Kukicha Tea give us?

Its high content of tannins and catechins help us eliminate toxins, clean and tone the intestinal area.

Its main property is alkalizing and has the ability to reduce heartburn , thus reducing the incidence of stomach ulcers in people prone to it.

Taking at least three cups of tea daily can be the solution to the digestive problems of this type of people who suffer from this pathology that increases with excessive consumption of meat, dairy and unhealthy fats.

It also helps in kidney problems and heavy digestions.

It is a tea with a high concentration of minerals that give it one of the most valuable properties since kukicha tea is rich in calcium, fluoride, selenium, magnesium and zinc, among other minerals and also provides us with many vitamins and antioxidants, mainly vitamins of the group A , C , E and B as well as flavonoids.

If you are in a time of convalescence, it can help you enormously to replenish your mineral levels and regain your vitality. The flavonoids and antioxidants that we have told you that tea has make the body naturally neutralize the presence of free radicals, which gives it an anti-cancer power.

As we have mentioned, it has a large amount of minerals , calcium in its highest concentration gives it properties for the care of bones and teeth as well as helps us prevent diseases as common as osteoporosis, of which there is an increasing incidence even in young patients and athletes.

The catechins , besides its antioxidant power are anti – inflammatory and anti – cancer.

Kukicha or Bancha tea for weight loss?

It is not a proper tea for weight loss due to its properties, that is, it does not have specific properties to lose weight, such as other varieties of tea that have fat-burning or diuretic properties that make us lose weight; This is not the specific case of this variety of tea, but it is true that if we consume tea we help the body to stay hydrated and cleanse itself of toxins that reduce swelling and retention, which can help us to lose weight slightly. .

There is no evidence but there are those who consume it and do refer that it helps to burn fat, we have to say that Pu-Ehr tea is one of the most effective for weight loss, which you can find out about in this post about « the properties of tea by its color «.

Also to lose weight you can consume green tea , here we offer you all its properties and how to prepare it to help you lose weight. You can not lose this.

In the case of wanting to lose weight, other drinks such as ginger water and eggplant water can help you , as well as the properties of water with lemon and its combination with ginger that gives it greater benefits.

How to make the 3-year-old tea?

If you buy the tea that is commercialized, it will be enough to bring water to a boil for approximately 2 to 4 minutes, the recommended amount is usually one tablespoon for every half liter of water, but this depends on the intensity of flavor that we prefer. Then we must let it rest for 10 minutes.

We must bear in mind that the longer the tea rests, the more bitter it becomes.

If what we want is to collect it, we will have to do it for 3 consecutive years and roast it so that it loses the theine in the roast.

We can sweeten it since it is a tea that, being toasted and made with the branches and leaves collected so far in advance, can be a bit bitter.

As sweeteners we can choose stevia , or honey , we can also do it with Agave Syrup or any sweetener of our liking. We can also combine it with citrus zest to give it a different touch, or with ginger .

Contraindications of Kukicha Tea

It is not a tea that has many contraindications since its theine content is very low in Bancha and null in Kukicha, but its consumption is not advisable if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, children under 12 years of age, if you have major heart disease or if you suffer from anemia , as it can decrease absorption

It is not recommended to take it before meals because it can interfere with the assimilation and absorption of iron and it is recommended to do it at least half an hour after eating.

You can see the foods rich in iron in this post .

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