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Kosher Diet ➜ Food List and Menu

by Georgia Ede
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What is Kosher? What does it consist of?

Kosher means suitable or adequate in Hebrew and with respect to food it refers to all those foods that can help provide physical and spiritual well-being , since everything we eat is part of our body and our mind. This diet follows the guidelines of the Kashrut, the Jewish dietary laws included in the Leviticus book and that explains to its practitioners what are the foods they can consume and in what way they should do it, it is a diet basically practiced by Jews but that every time is taking more followers because it is a healthy diet.

There are two reasons why it has more and more followers: on the one hand, it is a healthy diet since it does not include saturated fats in the diet , and on the other hand, its respect for animals, since the way in the slaughter of animals is done with the greatest delicacy, consideration and respect so that the animal suffers as little as possible.

That is why a large part of the people who defend animal life and do not want to be vegetarians or vegans because they consider that they need the contributions that animal protein offers us; They do the Kosher diet because it respects and takes care of the animals until the day of their death, trying to make it as quick and painless as possible. They also consider that the blood should not be consumed, so they carry out a very exhaustive bleeding process of the animal.

If you want to know more about the Kosher diet, do not miss all the information that we have here prepared for you.

How do I know that a food is kosher?

Previously, it was difficult to carry out this type of diet outside of a Jewish environment, since most of the packaged and processed products do not comply with kosher regulations , but as the Jewish community has expanded and expanded, they have had to adapt to be able to follow their dietary guidelines without problems.

Countries with the largest Jewish population have designed a badge and are marked with a stamp that represents a K surrounded by a circle , although we must say that it is still difficult in some countries to find this badge. Although it is true, the big brands do indicate it in their products in order to cover a larger market.

Who can do the kosher diet and why should they do it?

This diet used to be practiced only by the Jewish population, and for them the dietary guidelines are a mandate from God, but more and more people who do not practice this cult follow the Kosher diet because it is healthy and out of respect for animals .

In addition, according to the quality of kosher foods and their low handling and degeneration, they make us stay healthy and help prevent diseases. This is why the public that knows that kosher foods are healthy , despite not being Jewish, increases.

The purpose of these nutritional guidelines for Jews and non-Jews is that it is known that we are what we eat, as we have been saying for a long time, and that is that everything we eat ends up being part of us and therefore will also affect our feelings and attitudes, according to Judaism.

Following the Kosher diet is, for believing Jews, a way to feed their soul and body and for those who are not, it can be a dietary alternative based on a healthy, healthy and balanced system that makes them feel good because it preaches with healthy lifestyle habits .

Kosher Food List

They can be consumed:
  • Meat from animals with cloven hoofs (split) and ruminants, such as cow, lamb, goat, sheep, bull …
  • Fin and scale fish.
  • Poultry meat (except scavengers).
  • Fruits, vegetables and greens (always free of insects).
  • The only fat allowed is olive oil.
They should NOT be consumed:
  • Rabbit, pork, or horse meat.
  • Shellfish
  • Carrion bird meat and raptors.
  • Fats

Kosher diet guidelines

The way of consuming these foods is also very particular as well. There are forbidden combinations , meat and dairy . For example, you cannot consume dairy and meat at the same time, you have to wait a minimum of six hours, but with fish it does not require this rule. The idea is not only that they do not mix in the act of food but that they do not get to mix in the stomach

Another aspect to take into account is that the kitchen utensils used for fish and those used for meat should not be mixed , for this they usually use red badges for meat and blue for fish.

There are those who use green for fruits and vegetables, it is nothing more than a hygienic standard that guarantees a higher quality of product preparation.

The Kosher diet in defense of animals

For a meat to be suitable in the Kosher diet, it must meet a series of standards that guarantee minimum animal suffering and the quality of the resulting product.

In the first place, the animal must be perfectly healthy before killing it and it must be done in a way that suffers as little as possible , so its death must be as quick and painless as possible.

Then, in the kosher diet, a series of guidelines must be followed for processing, handling and preserving food. The prohibition of consuming the blood of animals (except that of fish) stands out. For this reason, the meat must be salted and washed to avoid blood residues.

How can processed foods that meet kosher quality be identified?

In most countries it can be quite difficult to follow the Kosher diet since, according to the regulations of one country or another, the requirement to detail all the ingredients is stricter or less.

You can find other different diets based on different religious beliefs such as the diet of the Tibetan monks , the diet of the Shaolin monks or that of the Brazilian monks, each with its different nutritional guidelines applied to their religion.

From TakeDiets.com we always advise you to combine a healthy and balanced diet with regular physical exercise to achieve a healthy lifestyle that keeps you in top shape.

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