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SHIRATAKI, The Kónjac pasta or noodles ideal for losing weight

by Georgia Ede
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Shirataki, the pasta of diets

If you have not yet heard of these Japanese noodles, it is because you are not in the latest fashion when it comes to healthy eating and this Konjac pasta does not provide us with carbohydrates or  hardly any calories and has become An ally of diets because it also has a high satiating power that will make us consume much fewer calories and therefore help us lose weight .

In addition to not providing us with hardly any calories and not containing carbohydrates, they are very versatile and can be prepared with any type of sauce, since they have a fairly neutral flavor and are also very convenient and quick to prepare , which is appreciated in this society. in which we live, in which we do not have time to prepare great elaborate culinary recipes.

But you may wonder, what are they made of? What are they made with? Where can i buy them? How can I prepare them? All these questions and other questions will be resolved if you read this article about the pasta of the future, the pasta to lose weight, in short the Shirataki ; or Konjac root paste (also known as konnyaku , in Japanese cuisine). Below we offer you all the information you need …

What is Konjac?

Konjac is a root widely used in traditional Japanese food , this root is like a tuber, similar to a beet but larger, since it weighs between 3 and 4 kg and is grown mainly in the highlands of Indonesia and Japan.

Although in the western world, konjac may be a great unknown, in Asia it is as common a food as for us potatoes or rice; so much so that they use the cooked root in the same way that we cook potatoes as a garnish. Also with this they prepare desserts, pancakes and other sweets.

Although we speak of konjac as an unknown food in the West, it should be noted that in the world of sports nutrition it is not so unknown, since many athletes use it under the name of glucomannan , which is an extract of Konjac root and that is used for weight loss, and as satiating , mainly.

If you want to know more about glucomannan or Konjac root and its properties, we invite you to read this article where you have everything very well explained.

What does Konjac’s Shirataki bring us?

Konjac, also known as Konjac gum, is a tuber that belongs to the family of soluble fibers , these fibers are called glucomannan;  that is why it is also known by this name. This fiber is capable of retaining a lot of water, so it becomes a very absorbent food that is capable of keeping us satiated for a long time.

Glucomannan is capable of absorbing more than 100 times its volume in water, forming a thick and viscous gel that, when ingested with plenty of liquid, has a satiating effect  as indicated. It does not provide carbohydrates and it is a very low calorie product, it does not provide fat .

Shirataki benefits

The Shirataki Pasta , brings us multiple benefits for health among which:

  • It is a powerful regulator of intestinal transit , which due to its absorption of water makes stools more voluminous and soft, facilitating defecation. So if you suffer from constipation , shirataki can be of great help to your gastrointestinal problems. It is a mild laxative, which does not cause intestinal damage. If you want to know more information about natural laxative foods, here we leave you everything you need to know.
  • It is also very satiating , as we have commented previously, regulating the appetite so that we will eat less amount of food.
  • Helps reduce cholesterol and high triglyceride levels . If you suffer from any of them, click on the link.

Where can I buy Shirataki from Konjac?

Since it has become very fashionable for being the alternative to pasta when we go on a diet, you can find it in large stores such as hypermarkets , but also in specialized nutrition stores or herbalists .

There are two varieties, one dry and the other preserved in liquid. From our point of view, and for convenience, we recommend the dry ones, since they are less perishable, that is, the expiration date and the conservation are longer, but the effects are the same.

Cooking the Konjac Shirataki

Konjac shirataki noodles are transparent or whitish and gelatinous in appearance, generally they have little taste, so they combine well with any sauce since they perfectly absorb the flavor of the food with which we mix them.

There are different ways to market them, some that do it dry and you should cook minimally ; and others that are preserved in liquid and that are ready to be heated or sautéed in the pan with the accompaniment that you are going to make, and ready for consumption.

Its preparation is very fast, it will be enough to cook for a minute, or sauté directly with the rest of the ingredients, which gives it great comfort when cooking quickly and healthily .

It is an ideal food if you carry out low-calorie or low-carbohydrate diets such as the Low Carb Diet and the zero carbohydrate diet .

It is commonly used in the menus of the Dukan Diet , and that is why we find a wide variety of kónjac products marketed under this brand.

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