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The Kim Kardashian Diet with which she lost 32 kilos

by Georgia Ede
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Kim Kardashian’s diet, a safe bet

The well-known celebrity Kim Kardashian reveals the best kept secrets of the diet that allowed her to return to her ideal weight after the pregnancy of her second child. As you already know, after pregnancies, women tend to stay with some weight, and as time goes by it costs more to get rid of those extra kilos.

According to her comments, during her first pregnancy, she increased her weight by 27 kilos, while in the second she gained 32 kilos, so to recover, she decided to carry out a strict diet with a training plan to regain her figure in record time.

Here we reveal the basic rules of the diet and the training plan that Kim has followed to lose 32 kilos and regain her silhouette and show off a heart attack body again.

What is the Kim Kardashian diet?

First of all, we have to say that after the first pregnancy the celebrity decided to carry out the Atkins diet , she actually stated that she had very good results with it, so we leave it in the link for you to find out in depth.

We explain below the main bases on the diet, so that you achieve your goal as Kim did.

Given the success achieved during the first pregnancy, the celebrity decided to repeat this eating plan to achieve her ideal weight. He also decided to carry out a personal training plan to lose weight more quickly. Thus converting this diet into a healthy system to lose weight, since it modifies habits towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

The main bases of the diet are the following:

  • A reduction in carbohydrates.
  • An increase in protein consumption.
  • A representative consumption of healthy fats in the diet.
  • Eliminate processed and precooked products.

Why does the Kim Kardashian diet work?

  • Carbohydrate restriction

Mainly it works because it is based on a restriction of carbohydrate intake.

Actually, this restriction contributes to a rapid weight loss since we contribute fewer calories and since we consume an excess of carbohydrates if we establish control over them and choose those that benefit us the most, we will achieve a weight loss.

For this we will take as a reference the glycemic index of foods, of which you have here a list with the foods and their GI . To understand how this value works and how it can help you lose weight, you can see the low GI diet or the Montignac diet .

This is a commonly used measure to lose weight, and that is why we have a multitude of diets that are based on this rule, you may also be interested in the Low Carb Diet , a low carbohydrate diet.

  • Increased protein consumption

The increase in protein consumption , although they provide us with calories if we choose low-fat proteins we will achieve a higher level of satiety so we will be able to eat less, thus providing a lower amount of calories, thus motivating weight loss .

You can find out here about how to choose protein , and we also offer you a list of the best protein-rich foods to lose weight without losing muscle mass.

You may be interested in diets with a higher protein consumption such as the protein diet that offers great results and wisely compensates the consumption of carbohydrates so as not to cause damage to the body caused by excessive consumption of protein, which can cause kidney overload, halitosis problems ( bad breath), and even circulatory problems due to increased cholesterol , as well as increased uric acid in the blood producing hyperuricemic processes (known as gout).

  • Choose healthy fats

If you still do not know how to differentiate them, we advise you to inform yourself in depth in our post about good and bad fats, how to choose them?

It is important that fats have a representation in the diet since they provide us with energy for the body, they also satisfy us and this makes us notice less the restriction of carbohydrates.

  • Eliminate processed and precooked products from your diet. 

This is the star measure of the diet since it leads us to consume healthier fresh products that provide us with fewer calories and that offer our body the nutrients it needs without providing empty calories , which we have already talked about in many other articles. that this type of industrial food is loaded.

It is one of the most successful measures since it eliminates unhealthy products from our consumption and also provides us with calories.

  • The importance of exercise in the Kim Kardashian diet

This is not one of those diets that promises rapid and significant weight loss without exercise. Kim Kardashian has carried out a comprehensive fitness training plan that has helped her lose weight faster.

In fact, it has been considered too strict and almost a paramilitary plan, a daily training plan for two hours and with a lot of aerobic exercise and many weights to get to define all the muscles of the famous.

Here are some exercises to lose weight , lose weight and burn fat . Exercise should be taken as a regulator to adjust caloric intake and expenditure. If we increase physical wear and tear, we will be able to burn more calories, in addition to maintaining our faster metabolism causing more energy to be consumed.

How does the diet work and what should we control?

The diet works with the bases that we have commented, and on which we will highlight the following rules:

We must consume slow-free carbohydrates during the first hours of the day, never after lunch or at night, since our body will not have time to burn that contribution and it will be stored in the form of fats.

We will increase the consumption of fresh fruit, vegetables, vegetables, eggs, meat and fish, as well as natural proteins and healthy fats such as olive oil or avocado .

We will eliminate from the diet all processed and precooked products that fill us with empty calories and we will bet on an active lifestyle in which physical exercise predominates as a regulator , which in fact will make us feel better and give us greater vitality.

We must control that the contribution of hydrates is just and necessary, not eliminate them completely since this can cause us serious health problems and also increase the rebound effect of the diet, making us regain weight in a short time.

  • The recommendation is to carry out a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle that allows you to be at your ideal weight.

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