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Delicious Juices to Burn Accumulated Fat

by Georgia Ede
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🔥 Juices rich in antioxidants and vitamins, which will allow you to burn fat more easily

The juices to take care of your health and lose weight without losing the taste for savoring the best combinations of fruits and aromas.

Juices are an alternative to consume between meals , mid-morning or at a snack. You will provide few calories and all the benefits of fruit and vegetables , both to lose weight and for your body.

Below we offer you different types for you to try, the multiple combinations. Although we recommend that you unleash your imagination and combine the ingredients that you like the most, thus creating new recipes to your liking.

What do juices give us?

The juices provide us with all the nutrients present in the fruit and vegetables that we add to our delicious preparation.

It is a way of consuming fruits and vegetables in season , they can be combined with vegetable or animal milk , which will also provide us with proteins of animal origin (if we add cow’s milk) and proteins of vegetable origin (if we add soy milk or other legumes) .

It is a way of consuming healthy products that provide our diet with the necessary nutrients to carry out daily activities.

When made with fruits and vegetables they provide us with all their benefits , and it is also a very comfortable way to consume fruits and vegetables, in addition to the speed of preparation because when consumed in liquid texture we eliminate possible problems that we may have when consuming. fruits or vegetables because we don’t like their textures.

We must bear in mind that the fiber content of some fruits is reduced, because in many of them the fiber is present in the skin.

To solve this problem, we can make smoothies in which we incorporate the skin, such as apple, pear or even cucumber.

Types of fat burning juices

There are totally natural juices from fruits and vegetables that help us burn fat due to the properties of the foods they include, and other types of juices to which we add certain natural substances to enhance fat burning effects , as is the case with those juices. to which spirulina algae is added ( see more info about spirulina ) which causes an acceleration of the metabolism and as a consequence we burn more fat.

There are also juices or shakes that we call detox , which have properties to detoxify our body and cleanse our body of toxins.

These types of juices or shakes are increasingly fashionable to help us lose weight quickly as well, since they manage to deflate us and eliminate the liquids retained in our body.

Here we offer you green detox shakes to lose weight .

In addition, there are other types of energizing juices that provide us with the necessary energy to develop the metabolic activity of our body, and that provide us with all the necessary nutrients for our body, they are ideal for breakfast, since they provide us with everything necessary to face the day.

You can find recipes for the different types of juices in the following post about the juice diet to lose weight . A diet that is very fashionable among celebrities for its fantastic results.

Another well-known diet, also fashionable by celebrities around the world, is the diet of juices to lose weight  where you can find other varieties of juices to lose weight.

Juices provide us with a large amount of vitamins , minerals , antioxidants and also few calories .

Basic Fat Burning Juice Recipes for Weight Loss

First of all we find the watermelon and blueberry juice , which we will make with 250 grams of watermelon and 150 grams of blueberries (either fresh or frozen).

To prepare it, peel and chop everything, add some mint leaves and everything in the blender until it is very fine. You can also add melon to this juice, as it combines perfectly.

Second, and betting on the salty, we have a tomato, cabbage and pepper smoothie that we will make with half a cabbage, 4 tomatoes and a pinch of pepper.

Wash the tomatoes well and chop them as well as the cabbage, removing the parts closest to the center as they are harder. You can separate the leaves and blanch them a little in boiling water. Then blend everything and add salt and pepper to taste. You can also put a splash of vinegar if it is to your liking or a clove of garlic .

Third, we will try an orange, papaya and cucumber juice .

For its preparation we will use three oranges, a baby papaya or half a large papaya and a cucumber. Pass everything through the blender or blender, you can add a splash of lemon . It is a highly digestive and  diuretic juice .

If we prefer something salty, we can try the fennel and spinach smoothie , which we will make with some fresh spinach leaves, a piece of fennel, an apple with skin, and a carrot . We will clean all the ingredients well, and we will liquefy it. If it is too dense, we can add the juice of half a lemon and two oranges to the smoothie. gives it an exceptional touch.

Another alternative is the apple and pineapple juice that we will make with 1 kilo of apples, 400 grams of natural pineapple, 2 carrots, and a lemon. You can mix different types of apples. You must chop everything and blend at low power, because carrots sometimes remain pieces. The lemon prevents it from oxidizing and gives it a special touch.

And the star of the salty juices to lose weight is the juice of cucumber, lettuce and parsley .

Made with half lettuce, a cucumber, and a little parsley to which we will add the juice of a lemon when blending everything. This juice is highly diuretic , purifying and draining . We can add mint if we like it or green apple .

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