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How to make homemade yogurt?

by Georgia Ede
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Natural yogurt, you can easily make it

The yogurt is one of the dairy products most used and known throughout the world, and it also offers us many beneficial health properties. Yogurt is a very complete and versatile food that serves us as breakfast, dessert or as a garnish in salads or sauces.

Before explaining how to make yogurt at home, we are going to explain what exactly it is and what benefits its consumption brings us to the body. We will also explain some of its uses and the best recipes to make it at home.

If you like yogurt, you don’t have to be very handy in the kitchen to make it, so read on and you will discover how to make 100% natural yogurt in a traditional and homemade way, and you can also adapt it to your tastes (thickness, sweetness, etc.) All this taking into account that you are going to make a yogurt that will be very economical, within the reach of any pocket because we will do it without any type of special machine. A luxury that you cannot miss.

What is yogurt?

Also known as yogurt , yougurt, yogurt, yougurth or yagurt, it is a dairy product obtained through the bacterial fermentation of milk. Although it is true, its origin is Turkish although some attribute it to Asians, the word has its origin that comes from a term in Bulgarian “jaurt”, so we can say that it is typical of the Balkans and Turkey .

The beginning of its consumption dates even earlier than the beginning of agriculture, so we are talking about a product with centuries of history and on which it has already been studied in depth as one of the probiotic foods par excellence.

  • If you still do not know what probiotic and prebiotic foods are and how they work, here we leave you all the information.

Yogurt has been used in a multitude of different cuisines and each one has been modifying it according to their needs, as is the case with Greek yogurt , a thicker yogurt with a higher fat content, since it contains cream.

Another product similar to yogurt is kefir , which is made through dairy ferments and of which we fully inform you in this article on ” How to make milk kefir ” and of which we have an alternative in case you cannot take lactic ferments, it is known as water kefir , a probiotic food with multiple health benefits and that we also teach you to make at home.

What benefits does it bring us?

Yogurt is made from fermented milk and this produces a series of good bacteria that are very healthy for our digestive and defense systems, among them we can highlight some bacteria such as lactobacillus or bifidubacteriums of which we better know as L-Casei or Bifidus, present in most of the dairy products we consume.

Yogurt provides us with multiple health benefits, such as that it strengthens our immune and defense systems, favors digestive processes by balancing our intestinal flora , which will ensure proper absorption of nutrients. Due to its high calcium content, it helps maintain strong bones and teeth.

Nutritionally, depending on the type of yogurt and with the milk with which it is made, it will provide us with but its greatest contribution is protein . Depending on whether it is skimmed or not, it will provide us with more or less fat, for this we must monitor the labeling of the yogurts we consume.

The calories that a yogurt gives us also depends on whether or not it is skimmed and on the amount of added sugar. It can range from 35 kcal to 250 kcal in the case of Greek and creamy yogurts.

How to make natural homemade yogurt?

Yogurt is obtained by transforming the milk with the help of bacteria and a little heat, enough for the bacteria to proliferate, but not excessively because they would end up dying. The controlled fermentation that occurs makes the milk coagulate, forming a creamy product with high nutritional value.

Yogurt can be made only with milk or flavored and include nuts, cereals or fruits according to the taste of each one. It can be made with all kinds of milk, and an infinite number of flavors.

Once the yogurt is made, remember that you should keep it in the refrigerator , since the room temperature would continue to produce more ferments and make it go bad. Homemade yogurt can keep for about a week.

What do I need to make homemade yogurt?

To make four cups of natural yogurt you need about 65 grams of natural and creamy yogurt. (We need the yogurt to get the bacteria that will ferment in our new yogurt.) Half a liter of natural milk and a tablespoon of powdered milk.

It is advisable to have a kitchen thermometer to control the temperature of the milk since it is important that it does not boil, and we will also need a few cups with a lid.

The milk is heated with the teaspoon of powdered milk without boiling. Always checking with the thermometer and when it reaches 90ºC we remove it from the heat. It must be tempered and lowered to a temperature of 50 ºC, so that the heat of the milk does not kill the bacteria in the yogurt.

It is then when we add the natural yogurt and it is stirred so that everything is homogenized. It should be stirred well and covered with a kitchen cloth so that condensation from residual heat does not form. Let 4 hours elapse and after that time we will put it in individual jars with a lid, you can also cover them with aluminum foil or plastic wrap, the fact of covering them is so that they keep a continuous heat at about 25ºC for 6 hours.

After that time the milk will have already fermented and will be curdled, that is when we will introduce it in the refrigerator and it will be ready for consumption. The yogurt will have an acid touch that we must correct if we want with sugar or sweetener.

Yogurt to lose weight?

Numerous studies support that yogurt can be used within a healthy diet if we carry out a weight loss plan, that we must ensure that they are always  skimmed yogurts , since they provide us with less fat. If possible they are not sugary, preferring those sweetened .

Here we offer you an alternative to lose weight in which yogurt has a significant weight, the yogurt diet , in which you will not only eat yogurt because it is not healthy to eat only one food but yogurt has a significant weight.

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