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20 Healthy and Low Calorie Foods to Lose Weight

by Georgia Ede
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The best healthy foods for weight loss

In this post we are going to explain the best food combinations to achieve a balanced menu to lose weight, because generally when we go on a diet it is difficult for us to follow a complete menu that most of the time is unappetizing; with simple dishes , little elaborate and that fall into monotony.

With this type of light dishes that provide us with all the nutrients our body requires to work correctly while providing few calories, we make it easier for us to achieve our goal and lose weight .

We must maintain healthy guidelines to avoid consuming empty calories in the other meals of the day, but basically maintaining our daily diet we can lose weight easily, effortlessly and with dishes that are a pleasure for our palate although they provide us with few calories and fat. .

How should be the meals to lose weight?

The key to success is to bet on a healthy cuisine with seasonal products in which the basis of our diet is basically represented by fruits and vegetables combined with meat, fish, legumes and cereals.

It is about correctly distributing the ingredients to prepare healthy dishes that are low in calories but that satisfy us and allow us to nourish our body in a healthy way.

What foods should I choose?

We must choose foods rich in nutrients, that do not provide us with large amounts of calories and that produce satiety to control our appetite. To do this, we can look at the calories in food or even its glycemic index to choose healthy foods when preparing our healthy meals.

Remember that it is important not to use sauces, processed foods, fats, sweets and products that add calories to our dishes, we must bet on a healthy kitchen without fat.

Healthy food recipes to lose weight

Here we offer you 10 healthy low-calorie meals to lose weight in a healthy and balanced way without having the feeling of being on a diet.

Take note because all of them are easy to prepare and delicious foods .

These light meals can be combined with the best healthy breakfasts to lose weight and with light dinners that will allow you to lose 5 kilos in 10 days . If you combine these dishes, you can achieve your goal in a healthy way and recover your figure.

Chicken skewers with pineapple

The chicken skewers with pineapple are a great idea to eat, you can accompany them with a little brown rice with curry, a flavor that enhances the contrast with the pineapple and is delicious.

It is a quick dish that is easy to prepare and very rich. We also take advantage of all the benefits of pineapple , a diuretic fruit that helps us purify the body quickly, eliminating fluid retention . In addition, chicken gives us protein without fat since it is a lean meat and in combination with pineapple we will get a low-calorie meal to lose weight quickly .

Quinoa with vegetables and chicken

A sautéed vegetables with quinoa can be one of the most complete and lightest meals that we can make, giving our body everything it needs for proper development. A light meal, low in calories with very little fat that make this dish a delicious and very interesting dish to lose weight .

It is a complete meal that helps us lose weight , and very easy to prepare , to which you can give your special touch depending on the spices you use to make it. It provides us with fiber , which contributes to faster digestion.

The combination of cereals with vegetables will fill our body with energy and essential nutrients for proper functioning. They also provide us with few calories , and a high fiber content that will help us lose weight and have easier digestions that prevent constipation.

It is a light meal that we can accompany with some salad, or mount the burger with whole wheat bread and the ingredients that we like the most.

Quinoa Burgers

Although quinoa is not very widespread, we can say that it is a very complete cereal that gives us few calories , making hamburgers with it may be the best option to start consuming it.

It is very simple, we will only have to cook the quinoa and sauté it with vegetables. Then we will add an egg and we will form these delicious hamburgers that we can finish browning in the pan or in the oven.

Vegetable salad

The salads of vegetables and cooked are a very good alternative to eating vegetables because they are very healthy, and provide us with vegetable proteins that benefit our body providing all its benefits without adding fats that give us the vegetable stews.

In this case, this lentil salad combines perfectly with all kinds of vegetables, with a little canned tuna, and the dressing is a vinaigrette that gives it a very special touch. It is a very easy meal to prepare, a healthy and delicious dish that gives us few calories .

Hake with sautéed vegetables

Fish is essential in our diet because it provides us with proteins and essential fats such as omega 3 acids , hake is an easy fish to cook , which combines well with all kinds of vegetables and that we can grill quickly.

It is a healthy food to lose weight in a balanced way, since it provides us with quality nutrients with few calories .

Pasta with prawns and eels

These spaghetti with prawns and baby eels are a good option to eat pasta without adding many calories , if the pasta is wholegrain much better, since it gives us more fiber.

Prawns and baby eels provide us with low-calorie protein, which is why they are an interesting food when we are on a diet. The flavor that the prawns and the eels provide means that we do not need to make any sauce that will fill our plate with calories. For this reason, for light meals, bet on foods with a lot of flavor that with a basic dressing satisfy us without using fats such as cream or stir-fries that make the dishes have more calories.

Chicken skewers with seasonal vegetables

These chicken skewers with vegetables are ideal for both winter and summer. These light meals for the summer can also be combined with a piece of fruit and eaten cold with a homemade yogurt sauce that does not give us fat.

On the other hand, in winter we can choose to make them with seasonal vegetables such as artichoke that give it a special touch, and they are also very healthy. As a light food for the winter, we recommend grilling it with vegetables such as zucchini, onion and artichoke to benefit from all its properties, and we can combine it with a defatted vegetable soup or a vegetable cream.

Depending on which vegetables we use, we can make them both in winter and in summer and consume them both hot and cold.

Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breasts

These breasts are very easy to make and with some grilled vegetables they can be a light and tasty dish to lose weight. The fact of filling the meat with vegetables makes the flavors catch more intense, which makes us enjoy the food more, in this case, we can fill them with all kinds of vegetables but we have chosen spinach, which we can combine with a little light cheese or with some raisins, which give it a special touch.

It is important that we innovate a little when it comes to cooking food in multiple ways, since this way we will enjoy more light and healthy food that will also help us lose weight in a healthy way .

Tofu with vegetables and brown rice

This dish is a low-calorie dish , which provides us with all the nutrients our body needs to work properly, and you can also substitute tofu for meat or fish, such as chicken or turkey cubes, or tuna tacos, if we don’t like tofu.

We must emphasize that tofu provides us with protein of vegetable origin , which is very beneficial because it does not provide us with fat, and in combination with vegetables and brown rice make this dish a healthy , light , low-calorie and very complete meal that it is also quick and easy to prepare. It is a suitable dish for vegan or vegetarian cuisine .

Lemon soup with chicken

The lemon soup with chicken, to which we can add some pasta like the one in the image, is a very complete dish that helps us lose weight .

As you already know, the properties of lemon are many and very diverse, but it helps to detoxify our body as it cleanses itself correctly, helping to eliminate possible retained liquids .

This low-calorie meal provides us with liquid, which is very interesting for our body and also helps us to be satisfied more easily, and providing few calories .

Salmon skewers with zucchini and asparagus

These skewers are ideal for consuming fish in a different way, and they give a special touch to a dish, which we can combine with a little steamed quinoa, or steamed brown rice.

They can be made with another type of fish, or even meat as we have seen previously. They are also an ideal dish to consume for lunch or dinner, as it provides us with essential nutrients with few calories .

Pasta with natural salmon

A perfect combination, the pasta and the protein that salmon gives us will satisfy us for a long time, it also gives us omega 3 that is very healthy and healthy fats. We can spice it with dill that gives it a special touch.

A simple recipe that will be enough to take advantage of the substance of the fish so that it has a delicious flavor and is a healthy dish , if we like creamy sauces we can add a little milk, or vegetable milk.

Zucchini pasta with tomato

Perfect idea to substitute carbohydrates for some vegetables, zucchini allows us to make delicious spaghetti with a natural tomato sauce, a healthy and delicious recipe. Remember not to overcook the zucchini to keep all its nutrients intact. It provides us with few calories and a multitude of vitamins and minerals .

You can make a light sauce, with hardly any oil and with vegetables or accompany it with natural tuna or textured soy. You can make it with the sauce you prefer, zucchini combines well with many foods. Unleash your imagination in the kitchen, you will be surprised.

Sauteed vegetables with legumes

vegetable stir fry is a very healthy option and also allows us to recharge our energy in a healthy and economical way, we can include all kinds of vegetables so we can vary the recipes as much as we want, thus experimenting with new spices or foods. In this case, if we accompany the vegetables with legumes, we will get a balanced dish, which provides us with vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and proteins of vegetable origin . A luxury for our health.

Zucchini Quinoa and Seed Burgers

This type of hamburger is one of the ways to consume vegetables just without realizing it, it comes in handy for those people who eat few vegetables because they dislike the taste or texture of vegetables, but in this way we can mask the flavor with other foods, as is the case of quinoa or spices that we can add to the recipe and the texture will seem to us that of a real hamburger.

These vegetarian burgers are an outlet for new nutritional trends such as vegans , or vegetarians, but they are also a good option to increase the consumption of vegetables and complement them with superfoods and seeds that provide us with more nutrients such as chia, the that you can know everything you need to know here .

These fast foods that do not get fat are the solution for those who want to take care of themselves and lose weight without having the feeling of being on a diet, since this produces a certain rejection, or they do not have enough willpower to maintain a strict menu. You can carry it out within a balanced diet .

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