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Dieta Hamptons

by Georgia Ede
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 What is the Hamptons Diet?

The Hamptons diet is one of the diets that involves a change in mentality and eating habits when it comes to eating.

Some included it in the well-known miracle diets, in the wrong way, since with it a gradual weight loss is achieved , in a healthy, effective way and without starving .

Normally, diets that do not involve changes in habits towards healthier behaviors are pigeonholed into miracle or unhealthy diets that generally lead to the rebound or yo-yo effect. But this is not the case with the Hamptons diet followed by a large number of popular people, as is the case with Sarah Jessica Parker . Who, as we have been able to find out, has been following this diet for many years to always stay online.

The Hamptons diet is very similar to the Mediterranean diet although with some differences, although it is true, it is a very simple diet with very clear guidelines in which there is no room for doubt. That is why it is easy to do, since the premises are clear and it is a diet with a wide menu of foods to choose from and that we can cook in multiple ways to make them to our liking.

It is not a strict diet that is boring due to the variety of products , which is preferable, since diets that limit the intake of many products are easily abandoned when we feel like some of the prohibited foods.

Take note of the premises of the Hamptons diet as you must take them as the 10 commandments :

  • 1. We will eliminate sugar from the diet (we will use sweeteners to sweeten coffees or infusions)
  • 2. We will avoid precooked or processed foods that contain trans or hydrogenated fats. As well as fermented or high-fat cheeses.
  • 3. We will preferably use olive oil as it does not contain polyunsaturated fats. We can also use walnut or macadamia nut oil (monounsaturated fats)
  • 4. We must reduce the intake of simple carbohydrates , we will prefer slow-release carbohydrates that provide us with energy throughout the day, not suddenly like glucose or fructose, or the hydrates present in white rice or pasta, and white bread. . We will replace it with rice, bread and pasta made with whole wheat flours. We will also limit the consumption of very sweet fruits such as custard apple, bananas and grapes.
  • 5. Do not consume oils rich in Omega-6 , such as sunflower or corn oil.
  • 6. Increase the consumption of oily fish , rich in healthy fats such as tuna, salmon, sardines or mackerel.
  • 7. Your main dish should be greens and vegetables .
  • 8. You should eat legumes, nuts and grain cereals, always whole grains, in a moderate way.
  • 9. Eat fruits and vegetables in season .
  • 10. Hydration is very important , drink about 2.5 liters of water a day, you can also drink it in infusions. We must eliminate alcohol from the diet and reserve it in small quantities for very special occasions.

Some final recommendations :

  • This diet advises dividing the day into small meals, around 6 and at least 4.
  • Do not abuse the portions, if it is useful you can serve your meals on small plates, to get used to the small portions.
  • We will limit the consumption of pasta and rice to twice a week, always at lunchtime, never at dinner. And legumes in a moderate way, although better in salads than in stews once a week.
  • Eat lean meats, turkey and chicken are always better, veal.
  • Avoid lamb and pork eat only the lean parts.
  • Eat plenty of fish and shellfish, a source of minerals, vitamins and essential acids and free from fat. Bet on simple cooking without fries, batters, fats, and sauces.
  • Steaming, sautéing and grilling will be your greatest allies.
  • The fruit is preferable to consume in the morning, mid-morning or mid-afternoon than for dessert or after an important meal. Well, really after a meal we already have the necessary nutrients and the necessary energy. On the other hand, as a snack it is better because it fills us with energy during the gaps between food and food.

Go ahead and switch to a healthy diet that will make you stay in your line definitely.

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